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Candi Borobudur Tickets

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What Others Are Saying

I found the relief sculptures to be very fascinating! Each block tells its own story (there are over 1200 stories). Seriously get a guide or else you’re missing out A LOT of its wonderful history!

Jemima R. M. - Fri, 10 January 2020

Tempat bersejarah yang menyenangkan. Indah jika dikunjungi sore hari

M S. F. - Fri, 19 April 2019

What a nice holiday! Clean area, good weather while going there.

Anne S. - Sat, 27 November 2021

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During the Period 23 June - 2 July 2021, Zone 1 (Page & Temple Buildings) is closed. Visits can only be done in Zone 2 (the park around the temple)
Visit Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the world
Marvel at the temple's grand architecture, dozens of stupas, and thousands of intricately-carved relief panels
See decorated panels revolving around Buddhist imagery and ancient Javanese life
Enjoy beautiful views of the temple's lush surroundings from the top
Good for: World Heritage, Taking Photos, Learning & Development, Culture Vultures


To ensure your convenience, this partner is committed to implementing the following hygiene, health, and safety protocols.

Providing hand sanitizer and cleaning the location with disinfectant regularly.

Requiring staff and customers to have temperature check and wear face masks at all times.

Applying physical distancing, reducing visitor capacity, as well as implementing online booking and cashless payment system for customers.

For more information, please visit our CleanXperience page

What You’ll Experience

A trip to Yogyakarta will surely be incomplete without a visit to the stunning Borobudur Temple. The world's largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur dates back to the reign of Medang Kingdom's Syailendra Dynasty in the 9th century. This UNESCO World Heritage Site will amaze you with its grand structure, intricately-detailed reliefs, and 72 stupas — each containing a statue of the Buddha.

As you ascend the pyramid-shaped main temple, immerse yourself in its richness of history and culture. Look closely, and marvel at thousands of stone carvings depicting Buddhist imagery and Javanese life from thousands of years ago. Go all the way to the top and prepare yourself for a breathtaking view of lush greenery and mountains that awaits you there!

The grand Borobudur Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

See around 72 stupas that each contains a statue of the Buddha

A land above the clouds as seen from the top of the temple


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Candi Borobudur, Jl. Badrawati, Kw. Candi Borobudur, Borobudur, Kec. Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
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Candi Borobudur Tickets

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    More about Candi Borobudur Tickets

    5 Things to Do at Borobudur Temple

    Description: Borobudur Temple is one of Indonesia’s most famous religious and cultural destinations, reflecting the country’s rich Buddhist tradition.

    If you travel to Yogyakarta Province in Indonesia, don’t forget to schedule a trip to Borobudur Temple. Recognized as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and a holy site for Indonesian Buddhists. This centuries-old temple is also one of the most popular travel destinations in the country.

    What Is Borobudur Temple?

    Borobudur Temple was built around year 800, during the ruling time of Sriwijaya Kingdom. The kingdom followed the teaching of Mahayana Buddhism, and the building reflects that. The bird-eye view of Borobudur shows a Mandala shape, and it consists of 10 levels, which reflect the cosmology and teaching principles in Mahayana Buddhism. The walls of Borobudur are full of delicate bas reliefs with amazing details. They depict gods, goddesses, hermits, kings, queens, villagers, plants, and animals. The reliefs also reflect knowledge about local cultures, with the presence of shapes such as traditional houses, palaces, jewelry, transportation means, and weapons. Borobudur is not only important for Indonesians but also the Buddhist populations around the world. Every year, during religious holidays, Buddhism followers flock in Borobudur and conduct massive, beautiful ceremonies. People often visit to see the ceremony and take pictures, although they must always take respectful distances. You can do various activities in and around Borobudur. Here are several common things visitors do when they visit Borobudur and the surrounding areas.

    Chasing the Sunrise and Sunset

    Borobudur Temple is a part of Magelang Regency, with a perfect position to see the sunrise and sunset. You should stand at the top level of the temple to get the clearest view. Another option is to drive for 4km to Punthuk Sutumbu, and hike for 10 minutes before arriving at the hilltop. This spot also gives a great view of sunrise/sunset and the temple itself.

    Riding A Horse-drawn Carriage

    Yogyakarta is one of the few places where horse-drawn carriages (delman/andong) are still common sights. Many of them serve tourists in popular travel destinations, such as Borobudur. You can pay for traveling around the temple area, which can be exhausting enough to explore on foot.  For a more charming local excursion, try traveling to the nearby villages around Borobudur. Enjoy the view and interact with locals to make your trip more memorable. Don’t forget to negotiate the fare before you step into the carriage.

    Having A Pre-wedding Photoshoot

    Borobudur is a popular place to do pre-wedding photoshoot. The temple has beautiful views, especially if you pose at the right time and position. The architectural details and the rural charm make this temple an elegant background for a pre-wedding album. The most popular time to do it is at sunrise or sunset, outside the holiday season.

    Visiting the Ayam Church

    Ayam Church has been rising in popularity among Indonesian travelers after its appearance in a recent romantic drama movie. The abandoned church has a unique architecture, which is shaped like a giant hen’s head (ayam means chicken). Since its rising popularity, the interior has received a number of renovations, including the additions of religious statues, a food stall, and local gift shop. The church is 5-km away from Borobudur Temple. You can drive or ride a motorcycle to this building in five minutes from the temple. Gereja Ayam is also a popular spot to see the sunrise. You can climb the stairs to see the view from inside its “beak”.

    Rafting in Elo River

    The more adventurous souls should head to Elo River to try some rafting. Extending for 10km from Merbabu River, Mount Telomoyo, and Mount Ungaran, Elo River has a stable amount of water debit and free of volcanic materials. This river is perfect even for beginners, but for the sake of safety, you still need to inform the guide if you never raft before. Elo River has several serious rapids and swirls, but the route is ideal for beginners. Make sure you wear proper clothes and footwear and follow the instructions to stay safe during the excursion.

    Borobudur Temple is not an expensive destination. However, there are rich experiences waiting for you in and around the temple area. You can hire a guide to explain the history of Borobudur Temple and make your experience more memorable. Plan your trip and look for the voucher in Traveloka right now!