It’s the end of the year and the bells are ringing and Santa is coming. Joy is in the air. Indeed, the spirit of Christmas is always one to cherish by those who celebrate it and even by those who don’t. For the latter one, it’s probably due to the fact that Christmas always comes at the end of the year and it is, by all reasons, the perfect time to set out for a vacation.

In Singapore, Christmas is widely celebrated as one-sixth of the population is Christian. This means that the country is not short on churches – some are only a few blocks away. Therefore, you can easily attend an evening service on Christmas Eve. When the service ends, traditionally you are to enjoy a feast, be it at the church or at home. Singapore recognizes multiple cultures, hence it is easy for you to find famous Christmas dishes that originated from the West such as eggnog and gingerbread. If you don’t go to church or you don’t feast at home, worry not. Restaurants normally provide Christmas themed menus to accommodate the occasion.

There is, however, one thing that is a little seasonal to Christmas and that people all over Singapore seem to enjoy it much. The shopping-vaganza. December sales, or more specifically the Christmas Eve sales, has been one of the most anticipated events, and, previously, it was always full of people. Some major shopping malls in Orchard, Marina Bay, or Sentosa Island tend to stay open for a little bit longer than usual to cater to the needs of the shoppers. With the pandemic, it still maintains such rhythm, only more oriented towards online shopping activity.

Find Something Christmas-y

Christmas is celebrated throughout the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is always synonymous with joyful events, where people feast and party. Now that Christmas is going to hit the floor on December 25, you might ask what events are on the horizon. Here are a couple of things that you can check out if you plan to participate in the joyous celebration:

  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral plans to display a real-size manger where Christ was born, along with hosting church services, tours, and multiple performances.
  • Tong Building Plaza will host mass caroling on Christmas Eve.
  • Tanglin Mall offers a winter experience with an ice-skating rink, a venue for both adults and children.
  • Gardens by the Bay will display a flower-themed light sequence, along with its numerous landmark attractions.
  • All Singapore’s museums will give free admission to all people on Christmas Day.

If the five above fail to attract you, here are a couple of in-depth descriptions of some events that are going to take place during Christmas.

Gardens by the Bay will always be a spot to visit while in Singapore and when it comes to Christmas, the place casts magic. Gardens by the Bay will present the annual Christmas Wonderland, a year-end celebration in which you can enjoy not only Christmas carols but also open markets. Since its debut in 2014, the yearly event has brought millions of visitors every year. This is not only for adults but also for kids.

The event is going to be held in an enormous fairground the size of eight football fields, in which the organizers have prepared Yule-themed galore. Stunning luminary sculptures by Italian Craftsmen with white wood from Tuscany are set to make a return this year. This is guaranteed to get your attention. But in case you are traveling with kids, Santa’s workshop inside the forest snow globe will help you entertain the little ones as they get to see Santa Claus and his elves wrapping Christmas presents for the other kids. Once you are done with those, be sure to take pictures in the Walk of Peace, a 50-meter illuminated tunnel, and the fully decorated Mistletoe Alley. You will have one for the album, for sure.

Now if you have visited Gardens by the Bay one too many, perhaps it is time to start considering a new destination. Worry not, because Singapore has plenty.

Enjoy the North Pole experience at Universal Studios Singapore. You can ask your kid to help Santa prepare for Christmas at Elf Town, or you can surprise your special other with an adrenaline-pumping activity such as Revenge of the Mummy ride. If the two of you are not a fan of thrilling rides, give a shot at the 4-D Adventure.

Needless to say, Singapore is full of events and attractions on the year-end, particularly during Christmas. Now if you ever question how to get access to all the fun, the answer to that will be Traveloka, a one-stop platform that can help you experience the most joyous holiday experience. Log in to Traveloka and discover multiple benefits from discounts to recommendations. You don’t need to worry about having to fight for a better price or having Christmas should be fun and Traveloka is here to help you get rid of the difficulties.

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