Also known as the Festival of Lights, Deepavali is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. Marked as a religious festival, the day celebrates the triumph of good over evil, as symbolized with light and darkness. The festival has numerous roots; one of the most famous is the story of the homecoming of Lord Rama and his wife to the North Indian Kingdom, after spending the past 14 years in exile. The citizens welcomed their arrival with thousands of lamps, which then transcends to the modern-day festival of lights (more below).

Deepavali is based on the Hindu lunar calendar and typically occurs sometime in the months of October and November. This year, the festival falls on October 24 and is celebrated for a couple of days. So how is it celebrated and what do the devotees do during the day? Hindus from all over the globe place and light up oil lamps (diyas) so that it resembles the welcoming of Rama and his wife. Moreover, they will also clean their house and, in most cases, they will decorate their floor with a type of art called Rangoli. The decoration consists of flour, rice, sand, and other household items and it is made to summon and welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, so that Her blessings are passed on to the family.

Now down to the interesting part. Deepavali is known to host numerous delicacies. What can we expect from the house of somebody who celebrates it? Plenty. There will be a mix of sweet and savory dishes. From curryto sweetflatbread. Guaranteed to appease your tongue.

Join the Festivities on Deepavali Day

Deepavali will not officially start until November 4 this year but the festivity will kick off sooner than that. A few days and even weeks before the day, Hindu families from Little India, an area that lives up to its name, will start decorating the street and set up a festive atmosphere in the neighborhood. This is, from the perspective of tourists and travelers, a stunning sight to be photographed. The cool thing about it is the fact that it will remain there for more than a month – well after the festival ends. That being said, you shouldn’t be afraid of missing out on the fun.  

But Little India is not just about the good views and friendly neighborhoods. You can browse through numerous stalls in it, either you plan to do window shopping or you really mean to purchase some souvenirs. If it’s the latter one, you can literally almost find anything in Little India. From gold ornaments to sari (traditional Indian womenswear). Additionally, you need to know or perhaps experience two other things. Get a henna tattoo (don’t worry, it’s temporary) and have a sip of teh tarik - a tea beveragenormally served with a world-class bartender action.

Moreover, in the spirit of Deepavali, the entire Little India neighborhood will be lit up until December. You can see a lot of colors and bright lights as you walk along the streets. Not only that, you can see a lot of wonderful decorations too, such as the Rangoli art installation. Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced event organizers to alter some of the best-selling events. Last year, the most anticipated Deepavali Festival Village was canceled. There is a bit of hope as the policy starts to loosen up but it is yet to be seen whether there will be outdoor gatherings or not.

Traveloka to the Rescue

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