National Day 2022


Singapore’s National Day, commemorating the country’s freedom from Malaysia in 1965, is celebrated annually on August 9. The celebration is remarked with a speech from the Prime Minister of Singapore, followed by a massive fireworks display that lights up the iconic Marina Waterfront. Spectators are expected to fill in the streets and nearby establishments to enjoy various entertainments such as music performances and military parades.

Speaking of the parade, to have a close view of it requires you to have a ticket, which is not sold. Citizens of Singapore or permanent residents can ballot in May for a seat at the parade.

So the question is: where will you be enjoying the festivity when the national day arrives?

Marina Bay is the Way

One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Singapore is Marina Bay. The name has been known throughout the world and it has become a must-go spot in Singapore. Marina Bay boasts lines of an urban skyscraper that protrude from the land of Singapore, a futuristic and unique experience. Not only that, Marina Bay hosts multiple 5-star hotels that can help accommodate tourists who want to experience a luxurious break. One of the top-notch hotels on the roster is the Marina Bay Sands, famous for its infinity pool facility that can provide you with a scenic view of the country.

If that is not enough to blow your mind away, Marina Bay also hosts Gardens by the Bay, notably the biggest park in Southeast Asia. The park becomes home to different plant species from all over the globe and the tallest indoor waterfall. Moreover, there is Sands SkyPark (further information down below) that boasts a 360-degree view of Singapore from 57-story high – certainly a bird-eye experience.

Needless to say, you might want to go to Marina Bay, especially to comfortably enjoy the parade and the fireworks. Now have you booked a ticket yet?

Easy Way for a Holiday in Singapore 

What is the most difficult thing about planning a holiday? For some, it can be the budget. But for some others, it can also be the planning itself. Whether you are a traveler or simply somebody who wants to take a short break from your office routine, there are always a few steps you need to take to ensure that the holiday experience you will have is the experience that you wish to have. But worry not, because Traveloka is here to help you plan your next adventure.

So where are we going during National Day?

The best bet is still Marina Bay. Traveloka offers a good package that is affordable and full of good experience, allowing you to enjoy one of the most iconic buildings in Singapore – the Marina Bay Sands. In it, you can enjoy Singapore from above at the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck. The sky deck is located 57 levels above ground, so it is definitely not a place for the faint-hearted. But if you are not afraid of heights, you get to see the cityscape from above, along with the Supertree Grove vertical garden. When the night comes, you can also get to witness a Spectra light and water show that takes place at the foot of the building. All for an affordable price that you can get only in Traveloka.

But if you are not into gazing at the city landscape, or if you are too scared to hang and chill some 50 floors above the ground, Traveloka has numerous other recommendations. You can try the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, in which you get to explore art and its creative processes. You can enjoy the art and science that constitute society. Located at Marina Bay, the lotus-shaped Artscience Museum features 21 gallery spaces that host international and permanent exhibits. The 6,000 square meters museum will certainly provide a different take on spending your time on a holiday.

Alas, these are available to you in Traveloka with only a few clicks. With a lot of convenient products from flights to hotels and a great number of discounts, you should not fear losing a wonderful Xperience because we are here to help you plan for a worry-free holiday. Whenever you’re ready! We are.

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