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Cheap flights to Jakarta (CGK)
Interesting Places in JakartaJakarta is the capital of Republic of Indonesia. The city is not only the center of government, but also a center of economy, commerce, business, and cultural arts. This is why Jakarta has become one of the busiest cities in Indonesia.

There are many interesting facts about this big city. Jakarta was once named as The City of Malls because of the numbers of shopping centers that are established in this city. In addition, Jakarta is also known as the populous city that has always been flooded with immigrants who want to try their luck in the capital.

Even so, Jakarta also has a lot of charm that invites the tourists. Known as the metropolitan city, Jakarta has popular tourist spots that are too good to be missed. The traffic jam on some roads, is not an obstacle for tourists to explore the city. The city of Jakarta offers outstanding tourist destinations, ranging from historical tours, nature, shopping, culinary, to culture.

One of the most popular tourist sites in Jakarta is the Old Town Area. This cultural and historical educational tourism area was once the center of trade in Asia, built by the Dutch colonial government. Located in Taman Sari, West Jakarta, tourists can enjoy the colonial ambience. Tourists are also able to rent ontel bikes, enjoy the performing arts and music attractions, and visit the various museums that hold historical stories.

In this area there is an old cafe which is perfect to be a place for chilling after touring the Old City. It is Cafe Batavia that will make you feel like a noble in the 19th century. The cafe which is located on Jalan Pintu Besar Utara, Jakarta occupies an old building built in the 1830s with a very artistic interior. The food and beverage menu served are also varied, and makes you stay for a long time.

Holiday to Jakarta is also not complete if you have not pose with the background of the National Monument, which is known as Monas. Located in the middle of Medan Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, Jakarta's pride icon is a monument with a flame of gold at its peak. Here, you can do a historical tour by visiting the Indonesian National History Museum, looking at various reliefs of Indonesian history around the monument, and listen to the voice of President Soekarno reading the text of the proclamation in the Merdeka Room. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the panorama of Jakarta from the top of Monas.

Although known as the metropolitan city, you can walk around frugally by taking advantage of the free Jakarta tour bus. This bus can be found at Monas bus station and will take you through the tourist attractions that become the symbol of Jakarta. One of these attractions are Pasar Baru area, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta, by which are places to hunt for bargains. Chinatown area that has existed since the 1800s is perfect for those of you who wants to look for souvenirs for families at home.

One thing for sure, while visiting Pasar Baru, do spend time to enjoy the delicious bowl of noodles in Bakmi Gang Kelinci. Established since 1957, this legendary noodle stall offers a chewy noodle texture, lightly sliced ​​chicken meat, and a very savory soup. Up to now,  Bakmi Gang Kelinci which is located at Jalan Kelinci Raya No.1-3, Pasar Baru is still crowded by their loyal customers.

However, if you want to relax comfortably while enjoying a variety of delicious food, try visiting the JimBARan Lounge located at AYANA Midplaza Jakarta. This cafe brings the concept of Bali tropical garden style, so the atmosphere feels so cool. JimBARan Lounge is also equipped with an unique interior and furniture which suitable as a background for taking pictures.

There are various transportation options that you can use to reach the city of Jakarta. One of them is the airplane which are time-saving and considered to be more convenient. Moreover, there are many airlines that serve the Jakarta route by offering cheap ticket prices and start the flight schedule since dawn. Not only that, Jakarta also has two airports, namely Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Halim Perdanakusuma Airport as the main destination for tourists to enter the city of Jakarta. The existence of two airports in one city also facilitate the mobility of tourists to get to the desired tourist location.

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