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Cheap flights to Pontianak (PNK)

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Interesting Places in Pontianak

The name Pontianak is remembered as one of the cities in the country which is passed by the equator line. This uniqueness makes it called as the "City of the Equator". Besides that, Pontianak is also known to have an unique culture. Its multicultural life is very well maintained in a tolerant society.

Pontianak plays a significant role as the capital city of the West Kalimantan Province. The city covering an area of ​​107.82 km2 is divided into three regions separated by three rivers, namely Sungai Kapuas Besar, Sungai Kapuas Kecil, and Sungai Landak. The official symbol of Pontianak City includes the rivers which playing an important role in the people’s life.

Pontianak is connected with other cities through air transportation. The city has Supadio International Airport located in Sungai Raya District, Kubu Raya Regency. Some of the major cities connected through this airport are Jakarta, Batam, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Balikpapan, Kuching, and Kuala Lumpur. People can easily buy airline tickets to Pontianak due to online sales services. Traveloka is one of the service providers that promises a fast, easy and safe process, with affordable prices.

The Most Popular Destinations in Pontianak City

Pontianak is considered as one of the tourist centers in Kalimantan Island. During holiday season, flight tickets to Pontianak are in great demand by people who want to enjoy the distinctiveness of this city. Most tourists visit the following popular places:

1. Tugu Khatulistiwa

Location: Jalan Khatulistiwa, Pontianak Utara.

A visit to the City of Equator must be completed by visiting the Equator Monument. The best time to visit is between March 21-23 and September 21-23. During that period, the sun was right on the equator so that all the shadows disappeared and the eggs could stand upright. Various of arts and cultural events were held to welcome the moment called the The Culmination of the Sun.

2. Rumah Betang Radakng

Location: Sungai Bangkong.

This is where people can see the uniqueness of the Kanayatn Dayak tribe's traditional house. The house is often called a long house because of its shape that extends to 180 meters. The majority of Pontianak tribal house has around 50 rooms and is said to accommodate up to 100 family members. By exploring it, people will understand the Dayak Tribe's cultural philosophy more deeply.

3. Taman Alun Kapuas

Location: Jalan Rahadi Usman, Tengah, Pontianak Kota.

Local residents called this green open-space park as the Korem Park because of its location right in front of the XII / Tanjungpura Regional Military Command Office (KOREM). Local residents and tourists from various regions love to gather in this park to enjoy popular entertainment accompanied by views of the Kapuas River. Enjoying this is perfect at night because the panorama is romantic with dim lights and fountains. Also try visiting Taman Alun Kapuas when there are regional festival events.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Pontianak

Pontianak has a variety of unique foods that have been proven to give a deep impression in the minds of many people throughout Indonesia. When going to Pontianak, don't miss the chance to taste the following eating places:

1. Ou Kie Bakmi Kepiting

Location: Jalan Tanjung Pura number 256, Benua Melayu Laut, Pontianak Selatan.

Open every Wednesday - Sunday, 06:00 - 18:00 WIB.

The eating place looks very simple, in the form of a small shop on the edge of the road. However, the crab noodle taste is one of the best. The enjoyment of Crab Ou Kie noodle does not only come from the various toppings, but also the crab flavors that are very tasty and fragrant, even to the strands of the noodles.

2. Kwetiau Apollo

Location: Jalan Patimura number 63, Darat Sekip, Pontianak Kota.

Open every day, 14:30 - 01:00 WIB.

This restaurant may have spread its branches to various areas outside Pontianak. However, the most authentic taste must be enjoyed in this first shop that opened since 1968. The uniqueness of this legendary food lies on its soft, chewy quintessence, combined with a mixture of beef and beef innards that taste delicious. The portion of Kwetiau Apollo is very large so that anyone who comes here will definitely feel satisfied, and addicted to it.

3. Kwecap Veteran

Location: Jalan Veteran nomor 37, Benua Melayu Darat, Pontianak Selatan.

Open every Monday - Saturday, 05:30 - 11:00 WIB and 17:30 - 22:00 WIB.

Up until now, people still call this place as the number one food stall in West Kalimantan. Kwecap is a Pontianak style of soup contains fried pork skin and rice flour similar to kwetiau in a shape of square. The specialty of Kwecap Veteran is in its contents completed with choices of meat, meatballs, innards, pork ribs, paprika, meatballs and beancurd.

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