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Cheap flights to Makassar (UPG)
Things to Do in MakassarMakassar is a city located on the southwestern side of Sulawesi’s southern peninsula. Although it is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, this city is not inferior to other major cities in terms of tourist destinations. The tourist sights are diverse, each offering its own experience.
One of the things that make Makassar unique is its people, especially the Bugis Makassar tribe, who are widely known as excellent sailors. Many records depict their greatness in wading through the oceans using Pinisi boats. Because of their historical and cultural values, the boats have now become a symbol of pride of South Sulawesi. Its beauty is even recognized as a cultural heritage by UNESCO.
If you plan to visit Makassar, be sure to travel by air. There are many airlines that fly to Makassar on a daily basis, and the travel time is also considerably short. Tourists will land at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport located on Jalan Raya Airport no. 1. From the airport, tourists who wish to go to the city center can use either Damri buses, shuttle buses, or taxis.
Once you step your foot in Makassar, tourists will easily be captured by the charms of the city nicknamed “Angin Mamiri”. Although Makassar is known for its Losari Beach, the city has so much more to offer. Take a look at the captivating beauty of Ramang-ramang, located in the Salenrang Village, Bontoa, Maros Regency. Located about 50 kilometers to the north of Makassar, this resort offers a karst mountain landscape view. In addition to the beautiful scenery combined with the large paddy fields, Ramang-ramang is the second largest group of karst mountains in the world and was named a UNESCO world heritage site.
Meanwhile, the Samalona Island, famous among domestic and foreign tourists, offers such a pretty sight to behold. This prima donna of the Wajo Subdistrict is located approximately 2 kilometers from Losari Beach. It boasts fine white sand, crystal clear sea water, and an exotic underwater world–a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Makassar city.
Once taken by the beauty of the landscape, make sure fit in a good portion of retail therapy to your trip. Souvenir-shopping is made more convenient along Jalan Somba Opu, an area not far from Losari Beach. The street is filled with local merchants offering a variety of souvenirs, including traditional food, Bugis hats, Bugis handmade silk, handicrafts, Pinisi boat miniatures, massage oils, and many more. Most items are priced affordably and open to bargaining.
After checking all the must-visit sites on your list, remember to get a taste of Makassar’s culinary selections. Coto Makassar is the best way to start. It is a soup dish of diced beef blended with traditional spices that make it aromatic and flavorful. Coto is usually paired with rice cakes, also known as ketupat, as well as sprinkles of fried shallots and fresh spring onions. Coto Cagak is a famous destination that serves Coto Makassar, located on Jalan Gagak No. 27, Mariso.
On the sweeter side, be sure to visit Mama Toko Kue dan Es Krim. It is the perfect place for those who love traditional Indonesian snacks. Visitors can indulge in a variety of cakes and pastries, including traditional Bugis bread. The establishment is also famous for its homemade ice cream selection. For a more traditional pick, order their es pisang ijo, a perfect companion to Makassar’s heat. Mama Toko Kue dan Es Krim has two branches, located on Jalan Serui No. 19 and Jalan Bau Mangga No. 9.
When strolling through Losari Beach, also be sure to hang out at Goedang Popsa. The cafe serves a variety of local and international menus with views of the sea. It is a cozy place with live music performances, encouraging its visitors to kick back and relax, while taking in the delicious food and breathtaking view.

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