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Cheap flights to Manado (MDC)
Interesting places in ManadoThe name Manado is not only known as the capital of North Sulawesi Province. This second largest city in the island of Sulawesi is also prominent due to the marine wealth presented by Bunaken Marine Park. The maritime conservation area as well as the tourist destination has indeed been named the icon of Manado pride in the eyes of the world.
The maritime potential of the city Manado is recognized by the world according to the appointed of Manado as the organizer of the World Ocean Conference. The city is recognized as a world-class diving destination as well as a center for marine science research.
Besides the maritime charm, Manado also offers stunning mountain views. This city is also known to have an amazing rich culinary. It becomes perfect with its authentic local culture.
Because of that reason, it is not a surprise that airline tickets to Manado are always in high demand by tourists from various cities. Tourists who came to this city are coming from Indonesia as well as different parts of the world. The tourists enter the city via Sam Ratulangi International Airport. The main airport of North Sulawesi is located about 13 kilometers northeast of the city Manado.

The Most Popular Destinations in Manado City

The enchanting charm of the nature is the main reason why people hunt for flight tickets to Manado, especially when the holiday season comes. When having vacation in Manado, the following three destinations must be included in the travel list.

1. Taman Nasional Bunaken

This conservation area represents the wealth of Indonesia's marine ecosystems. It is located in the Coral Triangle which makes Bunaken National Park a habitat for over 300 coral reef species, fish, marine mammals, molluscs, and other organisms. The area of 75,265 hectares with five main islands, namely Siladen Island, Bunaken Island, Naen Island, Mantehage Island, and Manado Tua Island. Amazingly, the best diving spots in the world are scattered in the waters of the islands.

2. Taman Laut Tumbak

Location: Desa Tumbak, Kecamatan Posumaen, Kabupaten Minahasa Tenggara.Besides Bunaken, Manado also has its best marine wealth in this marine park. Taman Laut Tumbak has a beauty that cannot be found in Bunaken, namely small white sandy islands which will make you feel tempted to go around. The freshness of nature here will be completed when tourists stay at a cottage located in the middle of the beach, which close to mangrove forest. Spend the day in Taman Laut Tumbak by going to mangrove forests, swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just relaxing while fishing.

3.  Bukit Tomohon

Location: Kakaskasen Tiga, Tomohon Utara.For those who not into beach, Manado offers Bukit Tomohon. The destination which takes about 25 kilometers from the center of the city appears as a green hill area that has a beautiful, cool, refreshing atmosphere. In the same area, Tomohon offers many places for relaxation such as Bukit Doa, Danau Linow, Air Terjun Tumimperas, and Puncak Tetetana.

The Most Popular Places to Dine in Manado

Manado restaurants can be spread throughout Indonesia. However, the taste and the most memorable culinary experience from Manado is only in the following places.

1. Soto Rusuk Ba' Ko Petrus

Location: Jalan Achmad Yani nomor 24, Karombasan Utara, Sario, Sario Tumpaan.Open every day, 07:00 - 01:00 WITA.This Soto stall is one of the most famous for non-halal culinary in Manado. Ko Petrus offers a main dish of Soto Rusuk Babi in a soup filled with a mixture of beef. The soto-meat broth is very savory, which made many tourists willing to return to Manado just to taste it again.

2. Kios Tanta Marta

Location: Tikala Ares nomor 71.Kios Tanta Marta offers bamboo shoots as its trademark. Everyone put Kios Tanta Marta as their favorite place to eat because the Manado speciality Tinutuan here voted as the most delicious in North Sulawesi. Here, the Manado Porridge taste delicious and has a thick and soft texture, and also looks fresh. Open since 1962, Kios Tanta Marta is still serving its speciality menu at a very cheap price, some of the menu are not even up to IDR 10,000 per serving.

3. Angel Fish Resto

Location: Paal Dua, Tikala.From its name, it is clear that this restaurant offers seafood as their favourited menu. Although it is just opened in year 2007, Angel Fish Resto has become the most popular seafood restaurant in Manado city. The most-favorited menu in this place is the processed Tude Fish and Yellow Tail Tuna which are Manado speciality. Eating Baked Tude and Tuna Woku Belanga in this restaurant is best without cutlery so your hands can immediately wipe out everything on the plate.

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