Hotels in Balok

Kuantan, Malaysia · 25 hotels available

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Popular hotels in Balok

Residence Inn Cherating

Lot 826, Mukim Sungai Karang, Cherating, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

8.5 / 10

Very Good

eRYA by Suria Cherating Beach Resort

KM 32.5 Jalan Kuantan / Kemaman, 26080 Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia, Kuantan, Malaysia

7.8 / 10


De Rhu Beach Resort

152, Sungai Karang, Beserah, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26100

8.6 / 10

Very Good

The Legend Resort Cherating

Lot 1290 Mukim Sungai Karang, Kampung Baharu Cherating, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

7.9 / 10


Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Cherating

Lot 1303, Mukim Sungai Karang, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

8.2 / 10

Very Good

Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Kuantan

2656-2657, Mukim Sungai Karang, Balok Beach, Beserah, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26100

8.4 / 10

Very Good

Royale Chulan Cherating

Kampung Cherating Lama, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26100

Samsuria Beach Resort & Residence

Jalan Sungai Ular Damai 1, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

8.3 / 10

Very Good

Swiss-Garden Resort Residences Kuantan

Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman, Mukim Sungai Karang, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26100

8.1 / 10

Very Good

Le Village Beach Resort Kuantan

Lot 1260, Sungai Karang, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26100

6.9 / 10


Sanctuary Resort

Lot 342 Mukim Sungai Karang, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

7.0 / 10


Lis Na Ree

Lot 2615, Jalan Kuantan Kemaman, Kampung Sungai Ular, , Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

6.8 / 10


The Kasturi

KM 32.5, Jalan Kuantan / Kemaman, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

Holiday Homes at Samsuria

Jalan Sungai Ular Damai 1, Balok, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

Eastville Residence

Lot 17192, KM13 Jalan Kuantan Kemaman, Sungai Karang Pantai, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

Ku Mimi Cablet

Lot PT 3674, Jalan Kemaman Kampung Cherating Lama, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

Eastern Pavilion Boutique Resort & Spa

Lot 1303, Mukim Sungai Karang, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

Riverside Beach Chalet

Lot 1284 Cherating Baru, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080

The Courtyard Cherating

Km 34, Jlan Kuantan - Kemaman, Kuantan, Malaysia, 25200

Impiana Resort Cherating

KM 32 JALAN KUANTAN/KEMAMAN,, Kuantan, Malaysia, 26080



Pantai Balok or Balok Beach is one of the many beaches on the East Coast of Malaysia. It is in the district of Kuantan within the state of Pahang, Malaysia.

Pantai Balok is around 50 to 60 minutes’ drive from Kuantan Pahang where you will pass by Cherating to get to this beach. It is around 30 km north of Kuantan on Peninsular Malaysia's East Coast.

Balok is in one of the states in the east coast of Malaysia. Generally all the locals speak in Bahasa Melayu however they have their own dialect where it may be quite different than what is spoken in the other states of Malaysia. However they can always switch to the formal Bahasa if they are speaking to a non-local.

How to Get There

By Plane

One may take a flight to Kuantan and land at the Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport from Kuala Lumpur. Then one may continue their journey via taxi or by renting a car to Balok.

By Car

One may take the East Coast Expressway and head to the east coast. It will take around 5 hours to reach to Kuantan. Then maybe add another hour to reach to Balok. However the drive will definitely be worth it once you see the view in sight.

Tourist Attractions

Eastern Pavilion Boutique Resort & Spa Cherating

Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA) is 40.85 km away from this hotel. It is located in the town of Cherating which is accessible to Balok. This hotel has many great reviews therefore it is recommended to enjoy the spa offered as well as the food made at their restaurant.

There is a Recreational Centre here in Balok. It offers a lot of excellent facilities that can be used by the visitors. The best part of it is that the place is free of charge. Therefore, visitors may come and use any of the facilities on site. Some of the facilities and activities that can be done here is camping, praying area, netball court, kite – flying, Caravan Park and a few others.

With the strong wind on this beach, there are a lot of locals who fly their kites here. They don’t only fly small ones but also big ones that are handmade by themselves.

Since this place is in the east coast, therefore it is a must to try the fish crackers. It is the main produce of the fish crackers to the whole of Malaysia. Besides that, the food here may be a little different than the one in the Peninsula. Therefore any restaurant nearby is definitely a must since you will be enjoying good food with a great scenery with the people accompanying you.


Suria Cherating Beach Resort

This hotel is located 48.34 km from Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA). It is actually located in the town of Cherating. It is close by to Cherating Turtle Sanctuary, approximately within 1.94 km and Teluk Cempedak Beach within 39.03 km. It may not be so close to Balok Beach, however it is still accessible via car. It is very affordable and is highly recommended based on the guest review.

Riverside Beach Chalet

This hotel is also located in the town of Cherating. It is not very well located as the distance from Teluk Cempedak Beach is 32.61 km. However this hotel has its own restaurant that may cater to your appetite.

Residence Inn Cherating

This hotel is 44.54 km from Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA). It is only 2.05 km from the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. It is located in an area that is closed to the public facilities. It is also a suitable place for a romantic getaway for couple who wish to have a retreat.

Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Kuantan

This hotel is located in the area called Beserah. It is one of the resorts near Teluk Cempedak Beach which is around 10.98 km away while 22.99 km from Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport(KUA). There are many fun activities that can be done at the area such as outdoor tennis, beach volleyball and table tennis. Guest gave very good reviews to this hotel.