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Luxury Hotels in Pulai, Johor Bahru


Pulai is a small town located in the district of Johor Bahru, Johor, along the Skudai-Pontian Highway. The small town is divided into five zones, each being named based on the alphabetical orders, from A to E. Each zone having more than 50 families and houses. The first two zones are located on the higher part of the area, while C and D zones are on the south side of the road while zone E is along the main road with most businesses such as markets and shops are located. As among the earliest settlers of the area were Southern Chinese, most of them were Chinese with Hakka dialect, thus making the best local communication there is still Hakka.

How to Get There

By Car

Driving from the city centre of Johor Bharu to Pulai will take approximately 22 minutes via the Skudai-Pontian Highway.

By Bus

From the city centre of Johor Bahru, there is a city bus service that goes to Pulai and return back. The first bus starts as early as six in the morning from Pulai, and an hour later from Johor Bahru while the last bus leaves Pulai at nine at night and an hour later from JB. The service is available every 30-45 minutes with the maximum fare, from one end to another, just RM 4.40 per person.

By Plane

Flying into Senai International Airport in Johor. From the airport, it will take about half an hour driving to reach Pulai.

Tourist Attractions

Pasar Malam Pulai

As Pulai is rather small town, one of their big, weekly activities is night market, something that is rather common throughout Malaysia still has a unique local vibe to it. This night market in Pulai is once a week activity, on a Saturday night with a very short stretch of 20 to 30 metres worth of stalls. There are some typical items you may see selling there such as foods and clothing, with the food is uniquely Pulai and Johor’s cuisines. The night market lasted only three and half hour, from six in the evening until 9.30 at night. It is one of the best way to socialize and mingle with the locals.

Puteri Harbour Theme Park

Located half an hour away from Pulai, this is one of the newly opened indoor theme parks in Malaysia. Unleash your inner child as here you can find two kids’ attractions, the Sanrio Hello Kitty town and Thomas town where they have characters from Pingu, Barney and Friends and the namesake, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Though these two indoor theme parks are built with kids under eight-year-old to enjoy, adults can have the same fun too. In Sanrio Hello Kitty town, the main attraction is an interactive experience called the Black Wonder – a game where visitors team up with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel characters and solve a kidnapping case. There is also an indoor playground, and stage where the Hello Kitty appears for shows and parades. In the upper floor where it houses the Thomas town, the main attractions here are a few street games such as basketball, and mini-shows by the characters. The third floor, this is where rides are located. Visitors can choose to play with Thomas train ride – which is actually a bumper car ride, an adrenaline-inducing crane drop ride and others. Older kids may not be enjoying this as much as younger kids and toddlers, but it is still a fun place to go. The ticket for Sanrio Hello Kitty and Thomas town will cost RM68 (for MyKad holder) each but if buying the ticket together, the price will be at RM100 each person for both towns.


Pulai Spring Resort

Just ten kilometres out from the centre of Pulai, this is a hotel favourite by a lot of its visitors. It is a nice vacation place with a strategic location, close to the airport and some attractions in Johor Bahru. Each room comes with free breakfast and free Wi-Fi connection. The greenery surrounding the hotel is also what makes this place a great choice to relax while in Johor Bahru.