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Hotels in Mukah

Sarawak, Malaysia · 5 hotels available

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Mukah is in Sibu Sarawak and it is an old trading and fishing port thanks to its strategic location by the Mukah river. This quint town is known being rich in culture of the Melanau tribe and their main festival, the “Pesta Kaul”. Some of the other attractions here includes the Sago Factory Chimney, The Lamin Daty and the Pasar Tamu. Do also check out the great Mukah hotels for the best night stay.

Popular hotels in Mukah

EXTERIOR_BUILDING Kingwood Hotel Mukah
Lot 1004, Block 68, Mukah Land District, Bahagian Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia, 96400
Impressive - 8.5 / 10(36)
EXTERIOR_BUILDING Kingwood Resort Mukah
Lot 96, Block 17, Mukah Land District, , Bahagian Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia, 96400
Convenient - 7.8 / 10(12)
30-31, Tingkat 1&2 , Bandar Lama Mukah, Jalan Lintang, Bahagian Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia, 96400
BEDROOM Highway Inn
No. 15-18, 1st Floor, new lots 1134-1137, Mukah Newtownship, Bahagian Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia, 96400
Lot 46 Jalan Orang Kaya Setia Raja, Bandar Baru Mukah, Bahagian Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia, 96400

Most commonly asked questions in Mukah

What are the most popular landmarks in Mukah?

The most popular landmarks in Mukah are Mukah Airport (MKM), Tanjung Manis Airport (TGC), Medan Mall Mukah

How many hotels are listed in Mukah?

Currently, there are around 5 hotels that you can book in Mukah


Mukah is an ancient trading and fishing port which situated at Mukah River adjacent to the South China Sea. Mukah is famously known for the “Pesta Kaul” festival due to its Melanau culture. There are places and attractions here at Mukah like Pasar Tamu which has a lot of stalls selling local produce such as tebaloi, belacan, fish crackers and sago pearls and a cultural Melanau centre which is called Lamin Dana and many more. During the 2014 election, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has announced that a new airport will be built for Mukah and serve as a short take-off and landing airport (STOL).

Historically, the town was an outpost of the Sultanate of Brunei and it became part of Sarawak in 1861. In November 1862, Rajah Mudah or Captain Brooke rescued several civilians from the Moro Pirates after a naval battle off the coast of Mukah. During the fighting, Brooke's steamer named Rainbow sank four prahus and damaged by cannon fire. Over 100 pirates were killed or wounded in the engagement while Brooke, the Bishop, and their Sarawakian followers mostly safe.

The majority of the people here is Melanau. Other ethnicities are Chinese, Iban, Malay and other minor races. The community here use Malay with Sarawak dialect and also other languages such as Chinese, English and Tamil.

How to Get There

By Plane

From Kuala Lumpur International airport at Sepang, you can take flights by using Malaysia Airlines to Mukah by using Malaysia Airlines. It takes around 4 hours to reach Mukah airport and once you arrive, there are taxis and cars to rent which available for visitors.

By Car

Once you reach the airport, there are taxis and cars to rent which available for visitors. You can drive using the Mukah-Selangau road which connects Mukah town and other major towns in Sarawak via the Pan Borneo Highway. There are also express buses to Bintulu, Sibu and Miri that available around the town.

Tourist Attractions

Sago Factory Chimney

This chimney is located along Jalan Pasar in Mukah, just down the road from the wet market. It has become a historical landmark of Mukah town. Mukah's Sago Factory Chimney is a 20 meters high brick structure situated by the side of the Batang Mukah's river banks in the developing town of Mukah. This is the remains of history of Mukah.

Lamin Dana

Lamin Dana is a cultural boutique lodge in the Melanau heartland of Mukah, Sarawak. The Melanau, who make up about 7% of the Sarawak population is the oldest ethnic group found in Central Sarawak. Lamin Dana is a combination of visitor’s lodge and cultural centre situated beside a small river. It is also the centre of cultural revival, training local people in traditional arts and crafts and providing useful extra income for village families. Lamin Dana is built in the style of a traditional Melanau tall house, using only authentic materials and provides authentic Melanau meals, as well as offers activities such as boat trips, mangrove tours and bicycle rental. It is now the centre of Melanau culture, and the Kaul Festival, celebrated by the local fishermen in April to appease the spirits of the sea, is one of the major events of the Melanau calendar.

Eating Umai and Pasar Tamu

Mukah is known not only for its Melanau culture, it is also known for its food and delicacies. One of the most popular traditional Melanau delicacy is umai which is raw fish salad prepared with thinly sliced onions, chillies, salt and lime juice, and consumed with sago pellets. Umai are widely sold both in the wet market, cafes and seafood restaurants.Umai also can usually be found at the market as well. The main produce of Mukah is a fish and makes Mukah known for their fresh fish from the sea and fish is their primary export. Among the exotic fish offered and available are a large ikan landak and small sharks. Pasar tamu has a lot of stalls selling local produce such as tebaloi, belacan, fish crackers and sago pearls. Other local favourites include sago worms, lameh and caterpillars.

Visitors from Malaysia must possess valid passports or travel document with minimum validity of six months beyond period of stay. Guests from other countries required to have a visa and passport to reach here.


Kingwood Hotel

Kingwood Hotel, Mukah has opened since July 2008 and since then, there are 200 rooms in this business hotel. It is located at Mukah Land District which is the new town are here in Mukah. It is just a few minutes' walking distance to the bus terminal and the mosque and less than 10 minutes walking distance to the 10-storey Mukah Divisional Administrative Centre, Menara Pehin Setia Raja. This hotel has been the most popular hotel in Mukah and it offers facilities such as free access WiFi, shuttle service and every room provides coffee and tea making machine and complimentary toiletries.

Permai Hotel

The Permai Hotel is located in the Pekan Sibu, district of Sibu, within 10-minute drive of Sibu Centre and just 15 minutes from the airport. This affordable hotel is next door to Permai food and has been favourite dining options for guests. There is a variety of local shops and amenities nearby this hotel. This hotel offers WiFi throughout this place and provides basic facilities such as 24–hour security and daily housekeeping as well as airport shuttle.

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