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Without Driver Vehicle Options

Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Avanza (Matic)
Starting From
Rp.299.000 / Day
Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Avanza (Manual)
Starting From
Rp.299.000 / Day
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Rp.389.000 / Day
Traveloka Rental Mobil -  Avanza
Grand New Innova (Manual)
Starting From
Rp.389.000 / Day

With Driver Vehicle Options

Car Rental in Jogja General Requirement

Without Driver General Requirement


  • Insurance for car and passengers
  • Use for up to 24 hours on each rental day


  • Fuel, pickup/drop-off out of town, and insurance claims

Pickup Location

  • Free pickup and drop-off at the airport and in town.

Required Documents

  • Original ID card/passport, driver’s license, and personal or family’s credit card (a photo of your family card (KK) or marriage certificate must be shared with our car rental partner before pickup to verify your family member’s credit card)

Note: Social media accounts and selfies with ID cards are required for rentals. Suppliers will require additional forms of verification if social media account is unavailable. Please be advised that suppliers will contact you for the above requirements. Check the Terms & Conditions to learn more

With Driver General Requirement


  • Use within Yogyakarta area
  • Use up to 12 hours or up to 23:59 on each rental day


  • Fuel, parking, toll fees, driver’s meals, and tips
  • Excludes driver’s accommodation in case of out of town use
  • Use outside Yogyakarta (additional fees may apply)

Pickup Location

  • Free pickup and drop-off are included for the following areas:
  • Inside Yogyakarta
  • Adisutjipto International Airport

The driver will contact you 12 – 24 hours before the pickup time. For same-day rental, the driver will contact you as soon as your booking is confirmed.

Car Rental Partner in Yogyakarta

Add-ons (Optional)


Overtime fee will be charged when rental duration exceeds 12 hours, or past 23:59 on each rental day. This add-on can only be paid directly to the driver.


Out of Town Usage fee will be charged when traveling outside the specified city/region. Use outside the specified Out of Town zones is subject to additional fee determined by the car rental provider, payable to the driver directly. Please refer to zone map for more details.


Out of Town Pickup/Drop-off fee will be charged when your pickup or drop-off point is located outside the specified city/region.


This add-on covers all the essentials to make your travel easier: fuel and driver’s meals throughout the rental period. This add-on is not applicable for out-of-town use.


Driver’s Accommodation fee will be charged to cover driver’s overnight stay during out-of-town trips.

Welcome to Yogyakarta

The word "istimewa" in the full name of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta or Yogyakarta Special Region is not without reason. The provincial-level autonomous region on the south of Java Island is unique because the peak of the leadership is held by the Sultan as the descendant of the royal family from the time before the proclamation (while the Governor leads other provinces within the Republic of Indonesia).

Yogyakarta also has a special place in the hearts of many people because this region had been the capital of the Republic of Indonesia from January 4, 1946, to December 27, 1949. The date of January 4 then set as the anniversary of the area that known as the Kota Pelajar.

The privilege of Yogyakarta did not stop there. All sides of Yogyakarta always make people admire it. The local culture, friendly locals, natural splendor, culinary delights and the variety of tourist destinations, are all things that people always miss from Yogyakarta. About cost, Yogyakarta has affordable of living, so it is suitable for anyone especially for backpackers.

Tourism of Yogyakarta Special Region continually progressed. In 2017, 4.7 million domestic tourists and more than 390,000 of foreign tourists had recorded visiting Gudeg City as well as this Batik City. The several destinations such as Malioboro, Keraton Complex, Mount Merapi, and Mount Kidul Region are still the key of attraction. Likewise with various mainstay events such as ArtJog, Malioboro Street Performance, and Jogja International Heritage Walk.

The most of Yogyakarta's priority tourism destinations are very suitable for families. Therefore, many family tourists come to this city and rent a car for days to be free and satisfied getting around the city.

The Most Popular Destinations in Jogja

Yogyakarta has many choices of tourist destinations. Among a hundred names, add these tourisms object on the list:

1. Malioboro

Malioboro main attraction is a row of street vendors who sell a variety of handicrafts and typical food of Yogyakarta, as well as the excitement of various street art performances. In the evening, the area is getting more colorful with a variety of food stalls, angkringan, and local artists.

The best way to explore Malioboro is on foot. If you want to travel farther, take a short trip to the Keraton Complex, a home-based batik center, or bakpia industrial center for using becak. While at Malioboro, do not forget to visit Beringharjo Market to get a variety of beautiful batik at affordable prices.

2. Taman Sari Palace

Taman Sari is a historical site. For 1765 to 1812, Taman Sari was formerly the garden of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace. With an area exceeding of 10 hectares, there are 57 buildings which consist of buildings, mosques, bridges, water canals, bathing pool, artificial lakes, artificial islands, wells and underground passages.

Nowadays, Taman Sari Water Palace is a cultural heritage, and as well Yogyakarta's mainstay tourist attraction. The main attraction of this palace is the unique ancient architecture that still very well maintained. The grandeur of the palace surrounded by this artificial lake also makes it a perfect photo model.

Taman Sari Water Palace is situated in the center of Yogyakarta, approximately one kilometer from Kidul Square. This cultural heritage is open every day from 08:00 to 14:00. The entrance fee starts from IDR 5,000 to Rp25,000 per person.

3. Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

The Palace of Yogyakarta Sultanate is famous known as "Keraton". Until this moment, the Keraton is sultan residence with all his sultanate traditions.

Beside functioned as Sultan Palace, Keraton is also a top tourist attraction with many museums that holds Sultans collection. Some of the museums consist of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX Museum, Painting Museum, Batik Museum, and the Train Museum. The museum is open every day from 08:30 to 14:00, except when there are cultural ceremonies. The entrance fee is IDR 5.000 to 15.000 per person.

4. Fort Vredeburg Museum

Locally referred to as "Benteng Vredeburg Museum", this cultural heritage was an old fort which became a museum with a diorama of Indonesian history. The museum has many digital collections to make tourists understand its history easily. Dutch colonial-style cafeterias are also available as supporting facilities. The beauty of the architecture is very pampering for photography lovers.

Benteng Vredeburg Museum is open every Monday – Sunday (except Tuesday), 08:00 – 16:00. The admission prices are IDR 2.000 for children, IDR 3.000 for Indonesian adults and IDR 10.000 for the foreign visitor. The location is very close to Malioboro, precisely on Margomulyo Street No 6.

5. Kampung Gudeg Wijilan

Yogyakarta offers gudeg as its culinary wealth. The tourist who wants to taste this traditional dish has to stop for a moment to Kampung Wijilan or Wijilan Village. The village located in the middle of the city has long been known as the center of gudeg culinary in Yogyakarta.

Rows of gudeg stalls looked neatly lined up along this village road. Warung Gudeg Bu Slamet is the oldest gudeg stall that was established in the 1940s. The price is very affordable, starting from IDR 10,000 to 110,000. Tourists can eat on the spot or wrap it as a gift.

6. Alun-alun Kidul

This palace field is located in the Keraton complex, precisely on the south side or behind the Sultan's Palace. In the past, this town square is formerly used by Keraton's army to practice ride a horse, archery, tiger fight and concentration. Among these various activities, concentration exercise or well known as "Masangin" become the most famous ritual mostly did by tourists.

Alun-alun Kidul also offers fun activities to spend the night. These include tandem bikes, odong-odong, mini becak, various games, and various local snacks. The place is located near Malioboro, which is only 15 minutes by becak ride or horse cart.

7. Parangtritis

Local people more often call it “Paris”. As a tourist destination, Paris Village offers beach charm on the edge of the Indian Ocean and Parang Wedang hot spring baths. This destination is located approximately 25 kilometers to the south of the downtown. Therefore, you should take advantage of rental car services to reach and getting around Paris.

Beaches in Paris are always coming first when talking about the natural maritime tourism of Yogyakarta. The two most famous beaches here are Parangtritis Beach and Parangkusumo Beach. About the facilities, Parangtritis Beach is far more complete. There are available accommodations, culinary centers, souvenir centers, air sports venues, even ATV rentals, traditional horse cart, and horse riding.

8. Prambanan Temple

Officially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prambanan Temple saves the charm of Hindu culture. The temple, which is also popularly known as Roro Jonggrang Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia with a total of 240 temples. The grandeur of temple architecture characterized by its tall and slender structure makes Prambanan become one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia.

The location of this cultural site is unique administratively because Prambanan Temple is included in the Bokoharjo Village, Sleman. Meanwhile, the entrance itself is included in the administrative area of Tlogo Village, Klaten. The location is around 45 – 60 minutes by car from the center of Yogyakarta.

9. Mount Merapi

This 2,930 masl mountain is still listed as one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. This mountain is sheltered in the area of Mount Merapi National Park in Kaliurang. Nature lovers often visit the mountain slopes in the morning to get a misty mountain view.

Besides, tourists can also trace the former volcanic eruption area by a dirt bike rental or Jeep car. Simple culinary tours also feel exciting with the many food stalls selling snacks, hot drinks and warm noodles that are very suitable to accompany, especially when entering the night.

10. Mount Kidul

Gunung Kidul regency located on the south side of Yogyakarta is a wealthy tourist area. Here, you can explore a variety of beautiful beaches and explore the beauty of caves, hills, rivers, forests and lakes. Considering the distance is quite far from the city center (around 39 kilometers), it is good for you to rent a car to enjoy all the beauty of this area.

Besides the beach, Gunung Kidul has Pindul Cave which is popular with cave tubing. There is also Jomblang Cave which is often called "the Light of Heaven". Bukit Bintang, Sri Gethuk Waterfall and Maria Tritis Cave are the other options.

The Best Time to Visit Jogja

For the best experience, visit Yogyakarta at the following times:

  1. If you want to enjoy Yogyakarta's favorite tourism destinations more relaxed, come during low seasons. The low season in Yogyakarta are between January and April, also September to October.
  2. The quiet atmosphere can also be enjoyed throughout the fasting month. At that time, Kota Gudeg was very quiet. Malioboro can be deserted at this time.
  3. The right time to enjoy the best weather in Yogyakarta would be the dry season, which is generally from December – February.
  4. The months with the best weather is also available during May – October, during the dry season. If come to visit during these months, you can also watch the Ramayana Ballet directly at Prambanan Temple Open Stage.
  5. Check out Yogyakarta's annual tourism agenda to adjust arrival date with the exciting events being held. In this way, you have the opportunity to travel while enjoying good events in Yogyakarta. The most populous agenda is usually in the mid-year (May to August), such as Kangen Market, ArtJog, Jogja Fashion Week, Prambanan Jazz and Gamelan Festival.

Traveling Around Yogyakarta by Car

Yogyakarta Special Region is an autonomous region at the provincial level. This area consists of 5 districts and cities including Bantul, Gunung Kidul, Kulon Progo, Sleman and the City of Yogyakarta. Each region and city has its tourist attraction. With a relatively wide area and quite a distance, the right way of getting around Yogyakarta is by car, especially if you come together.

To maximize traveling in Yogyakarta, tourists who are on vacation with family or relatives is suggested to rent a car. Traveling will be more be satisfied because car rentals usually provide drivers who already know the ins and outs of the area. Tourists are certainly feeling free to explore the famous places.

Car rental services in Yogyakarta are abundant to serve you and easy to find. Recently, car rental services have been available on online platforms such as Traveloka. Planning a trip to Yogyakarta will become more practical because the car rental service from Traveloka offers a complete choice that is easy, fast, safe and the cost is affordable.

Traveling Tips In Jogja By Car

When you come with your family, use a car to make the trip more comfortable and satisfying. Moreover, not all destinations have access to public transportations. Take advantage of car rental in Jogja by applying the following tips:

  1. Choose the type of car as needed. If carrying children or parent, choose a newer and more important kind of car to ensure comfort and safety throughout the trip.
  2. Consider also the primary purpose for determining the type of car. If you intend to visit mountainous and coastal areas such as Kaliurang and Mount Kidul, choose a large-powered car (equivalent to 1,500 cc) because of the heavy and long distance travel field. If you want to surround various places at once, choose a fuel-efficient car.
  3. Selectively determine the car rental provider. Choose a rental business that has good credibility. Check info on the internet, from other tourists' travel reviews.
  4. Make sure the rental provides a local driver. Local drivers are more aware of various destinations and road terrain. It is not impossible that this driver will provide attractive and affordable destination recommendations.
  5. Confirmation of car rental orders at least twice, a week before or one-day before. Check the package offered by the provider, cost details, and applicable conditions. Do not be fooled or exposed to problems later on.
  6. Take advantage of a complete car rental service provider. Traveloka currently provides these services. The benefits of car rental at Traveloka are the choices of completed car and rental providers, clear cost details, flexible package options, easy bookings and payments, also special promos available.
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