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Overtime fee will be charged when rental duration exceeds 12 hours, or past 23:59 on each rental day. This add-on can only be paid directly to the driver.


Out of Town Usage fee will be charged when traveling outside the specified city/region. Use outside the specified Out of Town zones is subject to additional fee determined by the car rental provider, payable to the driver directly. Please refer to zone map for more details.


Out of Town Pickup/Drop-off fee will be charged when your pickup or drop-off point is located outside the specified city/region.


This add-on covers all the essentials to make your travel easier: fuel and driver’s meals throughout the rental period. This add-on is not applicable for out-of-town use.


Driver’s Accommodation fee will be charged to cover driver’s overnight stay during out-of-town trips.

Popular Destination in Manado

If you are ready to take a trip to Manado by car means you have to understand which destination will be visited. Here are some lists of tourist objects in Manado that you can visit with a car rental:

1. Bunaken Marine Park

Your vacation in Manado will be not completed if you have not had time to visit Bunaken Marine Park, the UNESCO world heritage site that has been recognized since 2005 as a haven for divers.

Here you can satisfy your desire to hunt photos, snorkel and dive. There are at least 30 spectacular diving spots in Bunaken Marine Park. At these points, you can see breathtaking views of fish and colorful coral reefs. The distance from the city center to this place is about 19 kilometers.

2. Siladen Island

You can also find the beautiful, breathtaking view at Siladen Island. Only driving a car about 1 hour from the city center, you can relax enjoying the waves and the beach breeze in this tourist attraction.

Siladen Island is suitable for those of you who are looking for attractions that are not too crowded. You can also spend the night at this island as there are many options of very cozy accommodations.

3. Tandarusa Tourist Park

When in Manado, try going to the Tandurusa Tourist Park. This tourist destination offers a variety of local Sulawesi animals that will make your holiday even more exciting. You can find tarsiers in this tourist park. The distance from the city center is quite far. It takes about 2 hours by a rental car to get to this place.

4. Kasih Hill

There are various options of religious tourism that you can find in Manado. One of them can be seen on Kasih Hill. This tourism object is so exotic because you can find five houses of religious worship in this place. There is also a pentagon monument called Tugu Toleransi (Tolerance Monument). To reach this tourist location, you need to travel about 55 kilometers from the city center.

5. Waruga Sawangan

Waruga Sawangan is a mainstay of tourism in North Sulawesi. Waruga is a traditional Minahasa cemetery. Here, the bodies are traditionally buried by placing them in a container made of stones or called by waruga. To reach Waruga Sawangan, you also take a car about 45 minutes from the center city.

6. Mount Tumpa

You can see not only the beach, in Manado you can also enjoy the beauty of the earth through Mount Tumpa which can be visited by a rental car about 1 hour from the city center. In addition to relaxing, you also can get a lot of cool objects on Mount Tumpa. The best time to visit this place is at late afternoon because the view of the sunset on the mountain is outstanding.

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