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Cheap flights to Belitung / Tanjung Pandan (TJQ)

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Interesting Places in Tanjung Pandan

Tanjung Pandan is in the Province of Bangka Belitung. Located on the south side of the island of Sumatra. In terms of demographics, the majority of the population in Tanjung Pandan is Chinese and Malay. Tolerance between tribes in this city is very strong and very harmonious.

The status as the capital of Belitung Regency automatically makes Tanjung Pandan the center of business and the economy of the surrounding area. The city has 12 urban villages spread over an area of ​​378.4 km2. Tanjung Pandan is also the largest city on Belitung Island.

People can visit it with cheap flight tickets to Tanjung Pandan from the cities of Jakarta, Pangkal Pinang, and Singapore. Flights to and from Tanjung Pandan are served by H.A.S Hanandjoeddin International Airport.

The Most Popular Destinations in Tanjung Pandan City

Tourism in Belitung is one of the main attractions of Sumatra Island. These are the popular destinations that contribute the crowd:  

1. Pantai Tanjung Kelayang

Location: Sinar Baru, Kecamatan Sijuk, Sungai Liat, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung.

The location is quite far from the city center, which is about 27 kilometers. However, the charm is so mesmerizing with the clear sea and exotic granite rocks is always able to make anyone want to stop by. Tourists can relax by sitting on giant rocks, swimming, snorkeling, exploring the island, and sunset hunting here.

2. Eco Wisata Gusong Bugis

Location: Desa Juru Seberang, Jalan Gusong Bugis, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung.

This new Tanjung Pandan destination provides a comprehensive ecotourism experience with the main attraction of Gusong Bugis Beach and mangrove forests. Interesting activities offered by this place are mangrove trekking, visiting pandang towers, watching the sunset, playing rowing boats, and culinary tours in a ship-shaped restaurant.

3. Danau Kaolin Belitung

Location: Desa Air Raya, Perawas, Belitung, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung.

This attraction displays the exoticism of the former kaolin mining area which is now a blue lake with white land. Uniquely, unlike other former mining lakes, visitors can swim safely here. Lake water containing kaolin is even very good for the skin.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Tanjung Pandan City

Belitung's special food is famous for its delicious taste. Some of the best-selling places to eat in Tanjung Pandan invite you to enjoy regional cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, order a flight ticket to Tanjung Pandan immediately to be able to do it.

1. Ruma Makan Belitong Timpo Duluk

Location: Jalan Lettu Mad Daud 22, Kampung Parit, Belitung, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung.

Open every day, 11:30 - 21:30 WIB.

Cuisine in Ruma Makan Belitong Timpo Duluk offers authentic Bangka Belitung flavors from legendary past recipes, which are said to have existed since 1918. This popular restaurant is in an old house designed with a classic theme. The interior of the room is full of typical Belitung cultural ornaments that seem to tell about Belitung in the past.

2. Mie Belitung Atep - Tanjung Pandan

Location: Jalan Sriwijaya 27, Parit, Belitung, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung.

Open every day, Island at 08:00 - 20:00 WIB.

This legendary food stall serves the main menu in the form of Belitung noodles speciality. A bowl of yellow noodles with shrimp broth, with fresh toppings in the form of cucumbers, potatoes, bean sprouts, cooked shrimp, and chips ready to provide freshness. The excitement of Mie Belitung Atep has been a favorite since it opened more than 35 years ago. Some people often refer to this store as Mie Artis because of the many important artists and figures who often eat here.

3. Kong Djie Coffee

Location: Jalan Siburik, Belitung, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung.

Open every day, 6:00 - 00:00 WIB.

This shop, which opened since 1943, is the oldest Kong Djie coffee in Bangka Belitung. Until now, the Kong Djie coffee shop still looks simple and small. Every day, this shop is crowded with locals and tourists from various regions. They are looking for the fun of a cup of Belitung coffee that is brewed in various ways and mixed. As a friend to drink coffee, there are also snacks such as fried foods, toast and donuts, to several foods, including the legendary Belitung Noodle.

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