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Cheap flights to Muna / Raha (RAQ)

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Interesting Places in Raha

Raha is a city in Southeast Sulawesi Province. This city of 47.11 km2 runs the role as the capital city of Muna Regency which is located on the coast of the Buton Strait. Throughout its history, the Dutch colonial government founded this city in 1906 and made it the capital of The Muna Kingdom.

Although the area is fairly small, Raha city has complete facilities and infrastructure. The city has dozens of hotels and numbers of shopping centers. Access to the city can be through air transportation which is centered on Sugimanuru Airport. The airport is in Kusambi District, which is about 25 kilometers from Raha City. Flight tickets to Raha City are now widely available, especially for direct flights from the city of Makassar.

Most Popular Destinations in Raha City

The position which is located on the coast of the Buton Strait makes the Raha City become one of Sulawesi's flagship marine tourism destinations. This is evidenced by the popularity of the following tourist attractions:

1. Pantai Meleura Raha

Location: Desa Lakarinta, Lohia, Kabupaten Muna.

With the beauty that is said to resemble Raja Ampat, this hidden beach managed to make a lot of people hunt for plane tickets to Raha. Stone hills that spread around the crystal-clear beach indeed make it look no less beautiful than the tourist paradise in Papua. Fun activities are ready to make visitors do not want to leave this hidden beach such as snorkeling, boat riding, jumping from the top of a rock in the middle of the sea, until taking pictures.

2. Danau Napabale

Location: Desa Lohia, Kecamatan Lohia, Kabupaten Muna.

The lake that lurks at the foot of the hill offers a breathtaking natural freshness. There are two lakes that are so charming with clear and refreshing water located in one place. Visitors usually enjoy thel natural freshness by swimming, snorkeling, and diving in this lake. During low tide, visitors can rent a Pincara boat from local residents to explore the natural tunnel to the open sea in the Buton Strait.

3. Danau Ubur-ubur Lohia

Location: Desa Lohia, Kabupaten Muna.

Playing water in the city of Raha always feels different. One of them is at Lohia Lake. This beautiful lake is one of the three lakes in Indonesia which become a jellyfish habitat. Tourists invade this place to kill their curiosity, feeling the fun of swimming with jellyfish in a lake which is located in the middle of the wilderness. The jellyfish does not sting and tourists are allowed to swim with them. However, visitors should take care the nature by not touching or disturbing the jellyfish.

Most Popular Places to Eat in Raha City

By purchasing an airplane ticket to Raha City, anyone has the opportunity to taste the memorable culinary experiences in the following top destinations:

1. Pusat Kuliner Tradisional Pelataran

Location: Jalan By Pass Kota Raha.

Open every day, 17:00 - 00:00 WITA.

Pelataran By Pass is always become a culinary paradise in Raha City. This place is the main destination for everyone who wants to eat a variety of Muna specialties. Simple stalls here offer natural flavors that comes with affordable prices. Foods like Coto Ikan Parende, Kasuami, Kapusu, hingga jajanan tradisional seperti Kabuto, Hogo-Hogo, Katumbu, Kambose, dan Lapa-lapa Coto Parende, Kasuami, Kapusu, and Lapa-lapa can be easily found here.

2. Tempat Pelelangan Ikan Raha

Location: Dekat Pasar Laino, Jalan By Pass Kota Raha.

An interesting culinary sensation in Raha City can be found at the fish market which is close to Raha Pier. Here, people can buy seafood which definitely very fresh. In order to get a very diverse choices, visit here before 7 in the morning. After collecting fish, squid, shrimp and other sea ciders, visitors can immediately burn it in the fireplace that is available in this place. Visitors can also ask Lapa-Lapa sellers to burn it for free, after buying Lapa-lapa merchandise. Interestingly, this fresh breakfast was also perfect by delicious chilli sauce provided by sellers in the market.

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