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Cheap flights to Silangit (DTB)

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Interesting Places in Siborongborong (Silangit)

Siborongborong is the name of a sub-district in North Tapanuli Regency which is included in North Sumatra Province. This sub-district capital is in Siborongborong Market. The name Siborongborong Market itself refers to the local village that functions as a market area.

Although the area of ​​Siborongborong is only 280 km2, this area has quite diverse tourism places. Sisingamangaraja XII International Airport or more popularly known as Silangit Airport is the central airport of Siborongborong City which has always been the entrance for tourists to Lake Toba. Flight tickets to Silangit are generally hunted by tourists whose main purpose is to travel to the largest lake in the country.

Everyday, Silangit Airport serves flights from Jakarta City, Gunung Sitoli, Medan, Padang and Kuala Lumpur. Flight tickets to Silangit are available through Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Batik Air, Air Asia, Malindo Air, Susi Air, Sriwijaya Air and Wings Air airlines.

The Most Popular Destinations in Siborongborong City

As part of North Sumatra Province, of course Siborongborong City has a prominent natural charm. This charm makes the following destinations very popular.

1. Pulau Sibandang

Location: Kecamatan Muara, Kabupaten Tapanuli Utara, Sumatera Utara.

Sibandang Island is the new belle of Lake Toba tourism in the middle of the largest lake in Indonesia. The island is the center of the best mango cultivation in North Sumatra and the Ulos Harungguan craft center known as the king of cloth Ulos. The charm of the nature and culture of Sibandang Island is very interesting, especially due to the beach, the Hoda-hoda ritual, Rumah Kepala Nagari Rajagukguk, and the Tomb of Sorta Uluan.

2. Ambar Onan Runggu

Location: Kampung Sipahutar, Onan Runggu II, Tapanuli Utara, Sumatera Utara.

This tourist spot is located about 10 kilometers from Siborongborong is a freshwater pond. Not only displays natural charm, Amar Onan Runggu is also known to store water that is beneficial to health. Tourists visit this place to enjoy the total freshness of seeing the pool directly overlooking Bukit Barisan.

3. Permandian Air Soda Tarutung

Location: Desa Parbubu I, Tapanuli Utara, Sumatera Utara.

In addition to Lake Toba, this bath is also a reason for tourists to buy plane tickets to Silangit. This soda water pool is the only one in Indonesia and there are only two in the world. Bathing in a soda water pool can totally refresh people because of the natural scenery of Bukit Tarutung's as well. In addition, soda water is also believed to have healing properties, especially for skin, eye, bone and muscle pain.

Most Popular Places to Eat in Siborongborong City

Travel to Siborongborong should be completed with culinary tours in the following best-selling places:

1. Kedai Kopi Piltik Siborongborong

Location: Jalan Sadar, Lobu Siregar I, Tapanuli Utara, Sumatera Utara.

Open every day, 07:00 - 21:00 WIB.

This home-based tavern is the number one culinary destination for Siborongborong tourists. Located only about five kilometers from Silangit Airport, this shop offers a pleasant experience of sipping local coffee in the middle of the countryside. You can choose a seat on the outside terrace to feel more pleasure. For those who cannot drink coffee, taste the Martabe Juice (Passion Tamarillo Juice) which is also refreshing.

2. Kedai Bakmi Panjang

Location: Jalan Siborong-borong - Parapat, Pasar Siborong-borong, Tapanuli Utara, Sumatera Utara.

Open every Monday - Saturday, 08:00 - 21:00 WIB.

The most famous bakmi shop in all of Siborongborong is located on the roadside and not far from the market so it is always crowded. The favourite menu is fried noodles which are known to be tasty and contain lots of meat. In addition, this shop also offers a variety of processed Chinese dishes and coffee. Keep in mind that the food here is not halal.

3. Rumah Makan Hasudungan Khas Batak

Location: Siborongborong I, Tapanuli Utara, Sumatera Utara.

Open every day, 9:30 - 17:00 WIB.

This simple restaurant can be found around 20 minutes drive from Silangit Airport. You can enjoy various Batak specialties in authentic taste here. Main menus such as Ikan Bakar Sambal Tombur, Babi Panggang Karo, and Saksang will definitely make you want to continue eating all day long in this place.

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