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Cheap flights to Timika (TIM)

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Interesting Places in Timika

Timika is a city located on the southern coast of Papua. Timika was born on August 3, 1983 and became the capital of Mimika Regency. Mimika Regency itself is the operational base of PT Freeport Indonesia which is well-known as the largest copper, gold and silver mining exploration company in Indonesia.

The presence of Freeport Indonesia company makes Timika so developed. This city has become one of the centers for industry and services in Papua because many national companies are present to support the business and social ecosystem of Freeport Indonesia's operations.

The operational influence of Freeport Indonesia also makes the majority of the population in Timika classified as migrants from various regions in Indonesia and other countries. Migrants who enter and exit from Timika are accommodated through the presence of the International Airport Mozes Kilangin. Currently, flight tickets to Timika are available from Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Sriwijaya Air, Airfast Indonesia and Susi Air.

The Most Popular Destinations in Timika City

Many people buy airline tickets to Timika with the main purpose of working. When arrive in Timika, they can take the time to enjoy this city, especially in the following leading destinations:

1. Kali Pindah-pindah

Location: Jalan Trans Timika – Nabire, Papua.

The name is very unique, describing the conditions of the times where the flow of water often changes and moves. The refreshing atmosphere of clear water in the middle of the forest, plus beautiful views of rocks, pine trees, and a cluster of Sudirman Mountains are attractions that makes people willing to travel more than an hour from the center of Timika to approach it.

2. Kali Iwaka

Location: Kuala Kencana, Papua.

The Iwaka River is within the PT Freeport Indonesia area. Visitors can reach it by driving around 30 minutes from the city center. Usually, there are visitors during weekends and holidays. The Iwaka River is not wide, but the condition is very clean, beautiful and refreshing. Visitors can also play as much as possible without fear of drowning.

3. Taman Nasional Lorentz

Location: Distrik Sarwa Erma, Kabupaten Asmat, Papua.

Lorentz National Park covers an area of ​​2.4 hectares, making it the largest national park in Southeast Asia. This nature conservation center has also been recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This park features hilly natural exoticism with giant rocks. Interestingly, Lorentz National Park provides special hiking trails that are long, surrounded by stunning panoramas.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Timika City

Some types of food that are popular in Timika include seafood, Makassar cuisine, Javanese cuisine, and Manado cuisine. Recommendations for the most popular delicious places in the city are:

1. Kuala Oriental Restaurant

Location: Jalan Budi Utomo 88A, Kwamki, Mimika Baru, Papua.

Open every day, 10:00 - 22:00 WIT.

Kuala Oriental Restaurant is one of the most crowded eating places in Timika. This restaurant offers a variety of Chinese, Indonesian and Western cuisines, with prices that meet the best quality. This restaurant is quite spacious so it is often becomes a location for big group meals. The atmosphere at night is more comfortable with the twinkling lights in a form of lampion.

2. Resto Jangkar

Location: Nawaripi, Mimika Baru, Papua.

Open every day, 10:00 - 22:00 WIT.

Located on the edge of a big road, with a striking signboard, of course Resto Jangkar is very easy to attract the attention of passersby. This restaurant offers a very fresh and delicious main menu of seafood. In addition to seafood parties, visitors can also feel the taste of Papeda and Papuan Yellow Fish here.

3. Coto Makassar Toddo Puli Timika

Location: Jalan Hasannudin, Irigasi, Mimika Baru, Kamoro Jaya, Papua.

Open every day, 07:00 - 21:00 WIT.

Coto Makassar is one of the favorite foods of the Timika people. This shop offers the best sensation of eating Coto Makassar in Timika. Reviews of visitors who come here certainly praise the delicacy of the typical Soto Sapi Makassar. Besides Coto Makassar, make sure to order the Sop Konro which also delicious.

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