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Enjoy the most of your journey by ensuring that you and your trip are covered against unpredictable events, without the extra hassle.

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Traveloka Travel Insurance
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We offer insurance plans that come with extensive coverage and choices of Single-Trip or Annual. Whether you are an occasional or frequent traveller, you can put your mind at ease and minimize any potential worries while you’re on your trip.

Travel Insurance for International Destination

What You Get

Flight Delay Protection

Avoid the stress of dealing with flight delays or even cancelations. Any disruption that happens to your flight plans is covered up to Rp7,5 million.

Personal Accident Coverage

Ensure that you are well-protected should any unwanted events occur before it’s too late! Accidents encountered during your trip are insured up to Rp15 million.

Medical Expenses Coverage

Medical emergencies are no fun, especially when it comes to paying off expensive hospital bills. But no worries, because your medical expenses are covered up to Rp500 million.

Baggage Loss Protection

Arrived safely, but couldn’t find your baggage? No need to panic! Any missing or damaged belongings can be claimed up to Rp15 million.

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Traveling, whether for business, family trip, education, or just walking around, certainly requires careful preparation. This preparation is needed so that we can anticipate various things that might happen so that the trip can take place safely, comfortably, and without significant obstacles.

Although the preparation has been made, there is a chance that problems might happen. There are still a number of things that are beyond our control that might occur. For example, flight delays, damaged or lost baggage, problems with booking rooms, to the worst: accidents.

No need to worry much about this. Moreover, thinking to cancel the trip. Since long ago, there has been a name for a Travel Insurance service that is in charge of providing special protection as long as we travel. This insurance serves to provide protection in the form of financial protection for a number of events beyond our control. Some of the most common, for example: compensation for late or delayed flights, compensation for damaged or lost baggage, and dependents on post-accident maintenance costs.

In modern times like this, you can get the insurance very easily from various sources. No longer having to go to a particular provider, you can even buy travel insurance online with a sophisticated device and a fast internet connection.

This year, Traveloka complements the comfort of your trip with Travel Insurance services. The presence of this service can make you feel more calm and safe to deal with trips because you can buy full protection through a mobile application.

Have a worry-free journey with Traveloka Travel Insurance. Download the Traveloka Application now or update your Traveloka Application to the latest version. This latest feature can be found in the "Travel Guide & Add-on" menu.

There are a lot of reasons to complete your trip with Travel Insurance. This latest service provides comprehensive protection to free you from anxiety because various potential interference effects can be handled as well as possible.

By purchasing Traveloka Travel Insurance, you will get protection for flight delays or cancellations up to Rp. 7.5 million. When an accident occurs, you will get coverage of up to IDR 15 million per person. The cost of medical coverage for emergencies at the hospital is also available up to a maximum of Rp. 500 million per person. Lost or damaged baggage? Traveloka Travel Insurance is ready to compensate up to Rp. 15 millions.

Worry-free trip is now in your own hands. All can be accessed quickly, safely, and so easily with just the touch of a finger. Traveloka Insurance price is of course affordable just as like Traveloka's special treat. Special promos are often available for you to add as a form of more savings when buying travel insurance online from the App.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance has a lot of aspects into it. To make it easier for you to find and fully grasp all of the important information, we have compiled a list of short questions that are frequently asked. This page will be updated periodically to give you the most relevant and comprehensive information.

  1. Download Traveloka App from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  2. Complete the account’s registration process and log in to your account.
  3. Tap the Insurance icon button on the home page.
  4. Scroll down to find the Travel Insurance icon.
  5. Click the Travel Insurance icon.
  6. Select the Coverage Type, Coverage Area, Destination Country, Coverage Start Date, Coverage End Date, and Travelers.
  7. Click Search Plans and select an insurance plan that best suits your need.

Pro-tip: Make sure that you have read and understood the applicable Terms & Conditions including the details of the insurance before you make a purchase.

  1. Download and fill in your claim form, and prepare the required documents as listed there.
  2. Make sure that you attach ALL the required supporting documents that are related to your claim onto your claim form.
  3. Submit your claim request and the required documents within 30 days from the date of the incident to one of the following options:
  4. 021-550-7777 (24-jam)
  5. (Email)
  6. +6288-1109-0888 (WhatsApp)
  7. Pusat layanan Klaim simas Insurtech, coHive Menara Tekno, Jl.KH fachrudin No. 19, Jakarta Pusat, 10250 (Post)
  8. Your claim will be processed within 7 working days and Simasnet will notify you in case of insufficient or incomplete documents.
  9. Payment will be settled in 2 working days to your bank account after the claim is approved by Simasnet.

Claim Inquiries

  1. Insurance purchase is non-refundable.
  2. Only valid for Indonesian residents or foreigners holding a valid identification document such as KTP, KITAS, or KITAP.
  3. The insurance is only valid for trips departing from or to Indonesia.
  4. When purchasing the insurance, you must be fit to travel and are not aware of any circumstances that might disrupt it.
  5. Simas Insurtech is entitled to withdraw the funds that have been paid to you if any evidence of fraud or data manipulation is found.
  6. Coverage lasts from the start date to the end date of the insurance policy unless the trip is cancelled.
  7. For one-way flights, the coverage ends when you have safely landed at your destination’s airport.
  8. In case that you’re entitled to a refund from other parties, Simas Insurtech will only pay the remaining amount up to the maximum amount of your policy limit (not the total amount of loss).

  1. Pre-existing medical conditions and chronic illnesses (e.g. asthma, heart attack, stroke, epilepsy, diabetes, appendicitis, kidney stones).
  2. Outbreak of disease, epidemic, and pandemic. Although some plans cover COVID-19, please check your policy to make sure.
  3. Pregnancy and childbirth (including the associated injuries or sickness), and venereal disease.
  4. Medical treatments or surgeries that can be postponed until you return to Indonesia.
  5. Additional medicines that are not medically prescribed (e.g. balm, ointment, insect repellent, Counterpain and its equivalent, and Betadine and its equivalent).

Using the latest version of Traveloka App, you can purchase travel insurance for almost all destinations worldwide. To make it easier for you to find the necessary information on the travel insurance that we provide for each destination, you can click on one of the following pages:

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Disclaimer: The destinations shown above are only the most popular. We will periodically add other destinations to this page.