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Additional Information for Schengen Area

  1. Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican have opened their borders with; but aren't members of the visa (free zone).
  2. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland are associate members of the Schengen Area; but aren't members of the EU.
  3. The Azores, Madeira, and the Canary Islands are special members of the EU and part of the Schengen Zone; even that they are located outside the European continent.

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Traveling Around Europe With Full Protection Through Schengen Visa Insurance from Traveloka

Everyone must be happy to have the opportunity to tour Europe. However, some of them are not when planning trips across continents. The thing that usually makes people think twice about going there is definitely a matter of long preparation.

To be able to get around Europe, we are not only required to have sufficient funds. There are various other administrative requirements that we must fulfill and to deal with them often require a long time. One of them is of course a visa.

Fortunately, there are 26 countries in the European Continent that are members of the Schengen region. This area is a number of popular European Union international travel destinations that eliminate passport policies and control of border areas. The regional agreement makes tourists able to get around the European Union countries, such as the Netherlands, France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain with only a Schengen visa.

When arranging a Schengen Visa, tourists must equip themselves with travel insurance. Travel insurance is very important to provide protection as long as you are in this country. Without adequate travel insurance, your Schengen Visa application will be refused.

Speaking of security, travel abroad certainly requires more attention. Many unexpected things might happen. We cannot even anticipate it quickly and easily like when in our own country. Things like canceling a flight abroad can cause significant financial loss if you are not covered by insurance. Not to mention if your luggage is lost in a foreign place, or you have an accident and need medical treatment at the hospital.

For this reason, Traveloka is ready to be your protector when traveling around Europe. After completing your international trip with various flight features, Traveloka now presents sales services for Schengen Visa Insurance. This latest service is available directly in the latest version of the Traveloka App, precisely on the "Travel Guide & Add-on" menu.

The presence of Schengen Visa Insurance at Traveloka certainly makes planning trips throughout Europe more practical. After buying an airplane ticket, completing flight and airport services, booking a hotel room, or buying a ticket to a top tourist attraction, you can directly purchase Schengen Visa travel insurance without having to change the site or application.

The purchase process of Schengen Insurance at Traveloka is as easy as when you use the best range of services at this one online travel agent. With only the touch of a finger, without using the old method such as the troublesome procedure of filling out a long list of forms.

Regarding prices, Traveloka always guarantees the best prices for its services. Schengen Traveloka Visa Insurance comes with a complete package at an affordable price. Although it comes in affordable prices, the benefits of protection provided are very comprehensive. Insurance credibility is guaranteed because Traveloka only offers products that have received recognition from official visa centers such as VFS and TLScontact.

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