Boracay Island Hotels

Aklan, Philippines · 439 hotels available

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Popular Boracay Island Hotels

La Carmela De Boracay Resort Hotel

Station 2 Balabag Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

8.0 / 10

Very Good

Fairways And Bluewater Newcoast Boracay

Newcoast, Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines , Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

9.2 / 10


Boracay Travelodge Beach Resort

Station 2 (at the back of Victory Divers), Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5609

7.7 / 10


Boracay Backpacker

Street 2, Balabag,Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

8.9 / 10

Very Good

The Beach Anne Boracay

White Beach Path, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

Alta Vista De Boracay

Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

9.1 / 10


Giulius Boracay Italian Resort

Station 1, Balabag Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

9.4 / 10


Panorama Sunrise Beach Resort

Sitio Bolabog, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

Hotel Soffia

Sitio Hagdan, BRGY, Yapak, Boracay Island , Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

Azalea Residences and Hotels Boracay

Station 2, Sitio Manggayad, Brgy. Balabag Boracay Island Malay, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

9.2 / 10


Starfire Resort Annex

Station 3, Ambulong, Manoc-manoc, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5600

Grand Boracay Resort

Station 2 - Balabag, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Boracay

Diniwid Beach, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

Boracay Tourist's Inn

Station 1 Balabag Malay, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

8.3 / 10

Very Good

Boracay Haven Resort

Station 2, Barangay Balabag Malay, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

8.7 / 10

Very Good

MNL Beach Hostel Boracay

Road 1 A Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

8.7 / 10

Very Good

The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast

Bulabog Beach, Balabag, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

8.7 / 10

Very Good

Henann Lagoon Resort

Main Road, Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

9.6 / 10


Morning Beach Resort

Beachfront, Station 3, Barangay Manoc-manoc, Boracay Island, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608

Mecasa Hotel

1-A Bolabog, Malay, Boracay Island, Philippines, 5608



The small island of Boracay, Philippines, is any summer vacationer’s paradise. Whether you are looking to find the perfect beach to lounge or to seek your next great adventure, Boracay is your next postcard-perfect destination.

At A Glance

Boracay is a famous white sand beach in the Western Philippines that is a top favorite among locals and tourists. With its crystal clear waters, white powdery sand, amazing sunsets and thriving nightlife scene, this amazing strip of island has been internationally recognized as one of the world’s best beaches.

How to Go

By plane


Riding the plane is the fastest way to reach Boracay. From Manila, there are daily flights going to Kalibo or Caticlan from airlines such as Cebu Pacific and Air Asia.  

By boat/ferry


The ideal route if you want to travel on a ferry or boat ride is Manila to Dumaguit port. From Dumaguit, you can take an air-conditioned bus or jeepney to Caticlan, then the short ferry or boat ride.

Another option is a combination of land and sea travel - the “Roll On - Roll Off” or RORO. From Manila, travel to the Batangas Port and ride the RORO to Calapan, Mindoro. Once you’ve reach Calapan, go to Roxas Port to take another RORO ride to Caticlan (Boracay).

By land transportation


If traveling by land, the best route to go from Manila to Boracay would be taking a bus scheduled to go to Batangas port. There, take an overnight ferry to Tablas Island, Romblon province, and get dropped off in the small port of Odiongan. Then, take the jeepney going to the Looc or Santa Fe port, where a boat is waiting to take you to Boracay.

Getting Around

The best way to go around Boracay is by tricycle, which is a motorcycle attached to a closed sidecar. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can explore the island using an ATV (all-terrain vehicle).  

Tourist Attractions

Boracay showcases many interesting sights and destinations that offers unique experiences to every vacationer. Whether you’re a beach lover, naturalist, photographer or an adventure seeker, Boracay lets you cross off your adventure bucket list easily.

You can take a fascinating excursion in the Bat Caves, climb the highest point in Boracay - Mount Luho, or visit the Dead Forest, where the dead tree trunks sticking out of the stagnant water presents a picturesque scene worth sharing on your Instagram feed.

Top Things to Do

If you’re a thrill-seeker, Ariel’s Point should definitely be on your bucket list. Ariel’s Point is referred to the five cliff-diving platforms, which ranges from three meters to 13 meters in height, for to jump off into the beach’s crystal-blue waters. Aside from the cliffs, there are plenty of opportunities to swim, snorkel, kayak and canoe driving.

Perhaps one obvious visual evidence you can capture to show everyone you made it to Boracay is your selfie or groufie in the area. But don’t miss your chance to do it on top or within the shot of Willy’s Rock, a man-made rock formation in front of Willy’s Beach Hotel.

And with the entire beach strip of Boracay peppered with bars, doing a pub crawl with your group is a fun and great experience.

Where to Eat

Go to Jonah’s Fruitshake and Snacks Bar to try on some of the island’s best fruit shakes. Located in Station 1, try the Chocolate Banana Peanut shake, a signature offering that has been popular among tourists and locals for many years.

Staying near the beach means having access to scrumptious seafood delights. The Sababi D’Talipapa is your go-to place to buy fresh and live seafood. Since you can have your food cooked on the spot, you’ll literally enjoy fresh food.

Craving for pastries and sweets? Go to the Real Coffee & Tea Cafe for your sweet tooth fix. You can have the legendary Calamansi Muffin, which is moist and sweet and tastes more like a cupcake than a muffin.


Looking to enjoy Boracay’s legendary nightlife? You may want to take it easy (or nap) during the afternoon. This is because nightlife in Boracay happens at midnight onwards. If you’re looking to rave, try the Epic resto-bar. But if you want to stay cool while still enjoying the hot lights of the nightlife, you can head out to Boracay Stars at Station 3. It is the only bar in Boracay with air-conditioning. Entrance is free too, so you can start partying away until the wee hours of the morning.

Where to Stay

There are several luxury hotels in Boracay, such as Shangri-La’s Boracay & Resort Spa and Discovery Shores Boracay, if you want the ultimate comfort. But for indiscriminate travelers or those who want to live more like a local, there are many hostels, guesthouses, and budget accommodations available.

Travel Tips  

  • Choose your accommodation base on your itinerary.

  • Bring your water bottle with you, especially if you’re out the whole day. Save money on bottled water and just request for a refill when you’re out on a restaurant to eat.

  • Choose clothes and footwear that can be mix and matched many ways.