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Citilink Office

Gedung Garuda Indonesia
Jl.Gunung Sahari Raya No.52
Jakarta Pusat,10720

How to Book Online

To book Citilink ticket online, do as follows:
  1. Select route in the search box (see How to Use).
  2. Fill in passenger's requested information.
  3. Select Payment Method.
  4. Finish transaction and Citilink e-ticket will be sent to your email.

Citilink E-ticket

Citilink e-ticket is an eligible proof from booking a regular or promo ticket and you can use it for Citilink flight. The next thing you do after receiving e-ticket is to print it out and show it during check-in.
airline rating:
4.5 5 based on 1245 reviews

Standard Service: Full LCC

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Citilink Profile

Citilink (QG/CTV) is a subsidiary of Indonesia’s flag carrier Garuda Indonesia, serving the segment of low budget and cheap, founded in 2001. It initially operated using Fokker aircrafts, serving the flight from Surabaya (SUB) - Balikpapan (BPN) - Tarakan (TRK). New Boeing 737-300s then substituted Fokker F28s in 2005.

The initial brand name of Citilink is Citilink Garuda Indonesia, and it lasted until 2012. The flight code also used the same code as Garuda: GA/GIA, then changed to its own QG/CTV. The airline went through a major rebranding in 2008 and stopped operating temporarily in 2008. After a while, it then introduced a new slogan “Enjoy Simplicity”.

Operating independently, Citilink upgraded its service standard and strengthened its fleet. It placed new order of Airbus A320s from Hamburg, Germany. These aircrafts will begin to operate to support the network expansion in 2014.

It aims to set the standard of modern LCC. Through online booking system, Citilink offers promo and low-fare flights. As other LCCs, Citilink allows free checked baggage up to 20 kg and cabin baggage up to 7 kg. In-flight meal is available for purchase on-board.

Citilink Fleet

Airbus A320 Airbus A320
49 aircrafts

Citilink Changes/Cancellation/Refund Policies

Refund Procedure

For more information, please refer to Refund Terms and Procedure FAQ page.

Citilink History

Citilink was established in 2001 as the subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia. Among competitive industry, Citilink as LCC started to operate using Fokker F28s. The airline was distinguished from the other airlines for its colorful flowery-patterned airplanes.

New units of Boeing 737-300 began to replace the Fokker F28s 3 years later. Operating the Boeing 737s, the airline upgraded its capacity to serve 130 passengers per flight. Citilink continually extended its network and opened a new hub Juanda Airport, Surabaya.

It started to offer promo fares, responding to tighter competition in LCC segment. New routes were opened as well. Direct flights began to be served from the main hubs in Jakarta and Surabaya.

During the process of total rebranding and restructuring, Citilink paused its operation for 5 months in 2008. It introduced a new slogan “Enjoy Simplicity” at its comeback. It took around USD 10 million for this campaign. The new headquarter in Surabaya marked Citilink’s independent operation separated from its mother airline. The brand name also changed from Citilink Garuda Indonesia to Citilink.

In 2012, Citilink officially became an independent airline, and certified by the issue of AOC for scheduled commercial airline (AOC121). No longer using Garuda’s flight code, Citilink has its own flight code QG/CTV and "Supergreen" Callsign. Nowadays, Citilink tightly competes with the other LCCs, namely Tigerair Mandala, AirAsia and Lion Air.

Citilink Passengers Policy

  • Children: between 2-12 years old is subject to special price.
  • One adult passenger may only carry maximum one child.
  • Infant’s flight fare in domestic flight ranges from Rp 50.000 - Rp 200.000, depending on routes.

Citilink Flight Attendant Uniform

Citilink Flight Attendant Uniform

As part of the rebranding in 2011, Citilink held a uniform design contest. The new official uniform was then introduced with the dominant green. As the corporate colour, green reflects the image of being smart and modern. The type of green should be ostentatious so the flight attendant can be easily spotted at the airport and on the plane.

Citilink In-Flight Meal

Citilink does not offer free in-flight meal. However, a variety of snacks and beverages is available for purchase on board.