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Eid-Al Fitr Homecoming Train Ticket Information and Update 2022

Get the most updated information aboutout of town trip or homecoming tripduring Eid-Al Fitr 2022 period with KAI train in Traveloka


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Mar 28, 2023
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Latest Update Regarding Lebaran Train Ticket 2022

Eid Al-Fitri is coming soon, and as our tradition goes, it is very common for us to come back home during the Lebaran period to spend it with our family and beloved ones. To make sure you don’t miss out on the ticket later, please stay tuned on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp and websites to obtain the latest information about travel rules and regulation later. While waiting for the information for the 2022 Eid homecoming from the Indonesian government, you can start looking for 2022 Eid tickets too. If you like land travel, there are many types of transportation that you can choose from. One of the modes of land transportation that many people rely on when going home is the train. The train is one of the most comfortable transportation that can make your long trip feel more relaxed and you can have a happy holiday later on with your family. 


Homecoming or we use to call it “mudik” is indeed an annual tradition that many Indonesians do, you are no exception. In order to avoid running out of tickets on the day, make sure you prepare all the equipment needed to make your booking process faster, for example, stay updated on our promo page to know which coupon code can be used later, or, make sure your PayLater account is ready to make your payment process faster, so your seats would not be taken by someone else! Also, make sure which type of train you are going to take, either its economy, business, executive or luxury. Traveloka provides many choices that you can take.

Starting from the 1st of April, train ticket reservation is available until D+45. You can start to search and plan your trip for homecoming lebaran day.

Additional KAI Lebaran Train 2022

In order to make the trip more convenient and safe during mudik lebaran period, KAI has added additional train trip. See the schedule of additional train 2022 below.

Schedule for Ordering Lebaran Train Tickets and Additional Trains for 2022

Currently, Eid train ticket reservations can be made 45 days before your departure date. Therefore, for departure a few days before Eid, you can order tickets for Eid now. Don't forget to use various promotions for Eid tickets from Traveloka, so that your homecoming trip will be more efficient and enjoyable. You can schedule a look at the 2022 homecoming calendar to determine the time of your reservation.

Eid Al-Fitr 2022 Train Ticket Information FAQ

The holiday of Eid Al Fitr will be on Monday, 2nd of May 2022 and Tuesday, 3rd of May 2022.

You can search and book for train lebaran ticket 45 days before your departure.

There is stil no official statement from government regarding the trip for Eid Al Fitr. Stay tuned on our page for the latest information later.

There is still no official information as well regarding the homecoming prohibition this year. So far, train trip will be following the train regulation here.

So far, the train trip regulation is referring to SE No.11 Tahun 2022, which you can find the detail here as well.

Faster and More Comfortable Book a Seat with the Following Features

Features to Make your Trip Safe and Comfortable

KAI Train Lebaran Travel Info & Requirement

To support the government’s public activity restriction enforcement (PPKM) regulation, PT KAI has regulated the travel requirements for KAI's long distance trains passengers in Java and Sumatra. Please see below for more information. 

  • Passengers must show a COVID-19 vaccine card/certificate (from PeduliLindungi App) confirming the administration of at least one vaccine dose.

  • Passengers who have been fully vaccinated in 2 doses or 3 doses (booster), are not required to present a negative result of the PCR or rapid antigen test when traveling.

  • Passengers who have just vaccinated in 1 dose, must present a negative rapid antigen test result with sample taken maximum of 1x24 hours before departure or PCR test result with sample taken maximum of 3x24 hours before departure.

  • For children under the age of 6: not required to show vaccine card, not required to show a certificate of negative results from the RT-PCR or antigen rapid test, and accompanied by their parents.

  • Passengers with special health conditions or comorbid diseases that prevents from receiving mandatory vaccinations must show a negative result of the RT-PCR test whose samples were taken in a maximum period of 3 x 24 hours or a rapid antigen test whose sample is taken within a maximum of 1 x 24 hours before departure, and doctor's statement from the Government Hospital which states that the person concerned has not and/or cannot participate in the vaccination COVID-19.

  • Passengers must use the Identification Number (NIK) when booking train tickets. Passengers who do not have an Identity Card (KTP) can use the NIK from the Family Card (KK).

  • If the passenger's Antigen test result is negative, yet they show symptoms of COVID-19, the passenger is then subjected to the RT-PCR Diagnostic Test. The passenger is allowed to board the train after showing a negative result of the RT-PCR Diagnostic test.

  • Passengers are expected to be in good health, which means they do not suffer from the flu, cold, cough, diarrhea, fever, nor experience loss of smell.

  • Passengers must be in a healthy condition and are not suffering from the flu, cold, coughs, diarrhea, fever, and loss of smell. Their body temperature also must not exceed 37.3°C.

  • Passengers must wear a three-layered cloth mask or a medical mask covering their nose and mouth.

  • Passengers are recommended to wear modest clothing (e.g. a jacket or long-sleeve shirts).

  • It is not allowed to speak during the trip, either one-way over the phone or having a conversation with another person.

  • Passengers should stay away from the crowds and reduce mobility. 

  • Passengers should wash their hands with water or use hand sanitizer.

  • Passengers are not allowed to eat or drink in journeys less than 2 hours, except to take medicine

"For more information about the Antigen Rapid Test at the station and the requirements for taking the train trip, you can contact the KAI Contact Center by phone at (021)121, WhatsApp 08111-2111-121, email, or KAI121 social media."

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