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Cheap flights to Ambon (AMQ)

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About Ambon

Familiarly called "Ambon Manise", this beautiful city is the capital of Maluku Province. This city is located on the southern side of Ambon Island and is also the center of the port, education and tourism of the Maluku Island.

Seeing from its tourism, Ambon City is excellent due to its natural, culinary and cultural charm. Their best destinations mostly offer the charm of maritime nature due to the influence of the area which divided by the Gulf of Ambon.

During the former colonial period, Ambon was the belle of which many countries in the world contested because of its rich spices. Up until now, Ambon is still the target of many people because of its role as the center of Ambon Island development.

Flight tickets to Ambon are mostly bought by people who have business and work matters, as well as traveling. Pattimura International Airport, which resides in Laha-Teluk Ambon, is the link between Ambon and various major cities in the country, such as Jakarta, Makassar and Surabaya.

The Most Popular Destinations in Ambon City

Although it is a small city, Ambon saves the beauty of nature and culture that makes world tourists approach it. Most of the flight tickets to Ambon runs out because people want to visit the following popular places:

1. Natsepa Beach

Location: Suli, Salahutu, Maluku Tengah.

The white sand beach is one of the legends in Ambon City. This beach has been very popular to foreign countries since decades ago. Anyone would be happy to play at the clean and beautiful sea. Its extensive coastline also allows visitors to play the beach sand all day long . After refreshing with sea water, visitors usually refresh fulfill their throat by eating a salad fruit Natsepa style.

2. Pemandian Wailatu

Location: Desa Tulehu, Salahutu, Maluku Tengah.

Although Wailatu has a simple looks by its first glance, the meaning behind its name is actually means "King's Bathing Place". The pool in the middle of the village is made of cement stone. However, the water is very clean and clear because it comes from the Mount Waihalawan spring and the pool is always drained every day. The most unique thing that people are looking for from this place is swimming with Morea, the giant eel with a size of an adult calf. Besides swimming together, visitors are allowed to feed that special fish.

3. Benteng Ferangi Ambon

Location: 300 meters from the Ambon City center.

The fortress, which has been established since the Portuguese colonial era, is always crowded with tourists because it is not legitimate to visit Ambon without witnessing the history of the city. In the past, this fort was the center of Portuguese administration as well as an East Indonesian spice warehouse. Currently, this fort is a museum that holds various colonial relics and the story of Ambon City's development from time to time.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Ambon City

The culinaries that Ambon City has are very interesting to explore. Find it in this popular places.

1. Sibu-sibu Coffee House

Location: Said Perintah, Sirimau, Kelurahan Ahusen.

Open daily, 08:00 - 22:00 WIT (Sunday only, open at 13:00).

This casual shop features a cool atmosphere that brings people to recognize the taste of the Moluccas as well as their culture. The store display combines ethnic themes with vintage 80s. Visitors here can try the deliciousness of Rarobang Coffee accompanied by traditional Ambonese cakes such as Pulut Siram, Kasbi Tone, Koyabu, Pulut Unti, and Bruder Sageru.

2. Imperial Resto

Location: Jalan Diponegoro nomor 53, Sirimau, Kelurahan Ahusen.

Open every Monday - Saturday, 10:00 - 22:30 WIT.

Although selling the main menu of Chinese cuisine, Imperial Resto is the main reference for people who want to try some of Ambon's unique culinary delights. Special menu Papeda Ikan Kuah Kuning always manages to invite people back here again. In addition, the Imperial Resto is also famous as one of the best fresh seafood restaurants in Ambon City.

3. Amplaz (Ambon Plaza)

Location: Jalan Sam Ratulangi, Honipopu, Sirimau.

Open every night.

This evening culinary center offers the concept of a street meal with a fresh seafood menu. Many people call it "The paradise of grilled fish in Ambon". With a concept of a fish market, visitors can directly choose fish, squid, and fresh shrimp in each seller's tent. After that, visitors just need to tell the desired type of cook process, whether it's fried or burned. Eating here must be accompanied by a typical Moluccan sambal named colo-colo.

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