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Cheap flights to Luwuk (LUW)

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Interesting Places in Luwuk

Aside from being a sub-district, Luwuk is the center of government of Banggai District in Central Sulawesi Province. Before it was named Luwuk, this sub-district of 72.82 square kilometers was the port area of ​​the Keleke, Asama Jawa, Soho, and Dongkalan communities.

Luwuk location is about 610 kilometers from Palu, which is the capital of Central Sulawesi Province. Geographically, Luwuk is directly adjacent to the sea and surrounded by hills reaching 170 meters above sea level.

Even though this is a small city, people from outside the area can reach Luwuk by using air transportation. The Syukuran Aminuddin Amir Airport is located in Bubung Village, Luwuk District, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi. Flight tickets to Luwuk are also available from several major airlines, such as Garuda Indonesia, Nam Air, Sriwijaya Air, Xpress Air, Wings Air, and Aviastar.

The Most Popular Destinations in Luwuk City

The entrance to Luwuk via air transportation can be accessed through Ampana, Gorontalo, Toli-toli, Manado, Palu, and Makassar cities. Start your flight ticket hunting to Luwuk, then visit these charming tourist destinations.

1. Air Terjun Salodik

Location: Jalan Trans Sulawesi, Salodik, Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah.

Salodik Waterfall is famous for its photogenic charm. This waterfall is located in the middle of a tropical forest looks charming with lots of stairs around. This tourist destination is in the nature reserve area, about 20 kilometers on the north side of the city center, equivalent to 30-45 minutes drive. Located on the edge of the road so its access is very easy, including for car lanes.

2. Bukit Keles

Location: Jalan Batu Gunung, Bungin, Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah.

People can see the widest panorama of Luwuk City from the height of this hill. Enjoying the view from above feels very romantic, especially when night falls and the city starts to glow with light. There is a modern cafe that ready to invite tourists to see the charm of Luwuk while dining or just drinking warm drinks. The popularity that began to spread among young couples made it famous by the nickname Bukit Kasih Sayang (Compassionate Hill).

3. Pantai Kilo Lima

Location: Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 129, Pantai KM 5, Luwuk Selatan, Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah.

To find this iconic beach, you can just reach the city center. Pantai Kilo Lima specifically invites people to enjoy the freshness of the sea and find coral reefs in the middle of Luwuk City. Tourists usually visit this beautiful beach for snorkeling, swimming, or just sightseeing while having snacks on the beach.

The Most Popular Places to Dine in Luwuk City

The charm of Luwuk tourism does not only originate from the natural beauty of the sea and hills. The city is also able to pamper the tongue and stomach of tourists. Especially if tourists visit the following places:

1. RM Surabaya Luwuk

Location: Jalan Danau Poso 2, Soho, Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah.

Open every day, 9:00 - 23:00 WITA.

This legendary restaurant offers very tasty fresh seafood. Many tourist reviews RM Surabaya Luwuk as the best seafood restaurant in Luwuk. Ikan Bakar and Ikan Kuah Asam are visitors' favorites. It also accompanied by the fresh, Sambal Dabu-dabu.

2. Cafe Bukit Kasih Sayang

Location: Jalan Batu Gunung, Bungin, Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah.

Open every day, 17:15 - 01:15 WITA.

This cafe invites tourists to enjoy a romantic dinner accompanied by an open view of Luwuk City from Bukit Keles. Open until early morning, Cafe Bukit Kasih Sayang is also a pleasant place for young people. Food and beverage choices are also very diverse. Ranging from fried foods, coffee, to seafood. When arrived here, do not forget to warm yourself up with a glass of Saraba, a typical Sulawesi ginger drink.

3. Nyuk Nyang & Mie Garing Koko

Location: Jalan Urip Sumoharjo 63, Simpong, Jole, Banggai, Sulawesi Tengah.

Open every day, 11:00 - 23:00 WITA.

This restaurant offers a menu of Chinese specialties in Makassar. The main dishes are Nyuk Nyang (complete selection of Makassar meatballs) and Mie Garing. Aside from it, there are also complementary foods such as Buras, Jalangkote, Lumpia, and otak-otak. When eating here, complete the meal by ordering a refreshing Es Pisang Ijo or Es Markisa. Moreover, this restaurant is famous for serving large and inexpensive portions.

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