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Cheap flights to Samarinda (SRI)

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Interesting Places in Samarinda

With an area of ​​718 km2 and a population of 812,597, Samarinda is the largest city on the island of Borneo. The city acts as the capital of East Kalimantan Province, as well as the gateway to the rural area of the province, both through water, land, and air.

For air lines, Samarinda opens a new airport as a liaison between East Kalimantan and the outside world. Aji Pangeran Tumenggung Pranoto International Airport is located in the Siring River area and acts as the main air base of Samarinda City, replacing Temindung Airport. The airlines that provide flight tickets to Samarinda are Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Susi Air, Wings Air, and Xpress Air.

Samarinda City holds a rich tourism potential in the form of natural objects, cultural sites, and religious historical sites. The results of the material culture that are the pride of the city are Sarung Samarinda and Ampiek Batik with Dayak motifs.

The Most Popular Destinations in Samarinda City

Generally, people who buy flight tickets to Samarinda will definitely take time to stop by at the following top destinations:

1. Air Terjun Tanah Merah

Location: Jalan Muara Badak, Dusun Purwosari, Kecamatan Samarinda Utara.

The name of this 15-meter-high waterfall comes from the condition of the peat soil type. Under these conditions, the clear waterfall can turn reddish when it reaches the pond. As one of the busiest destinations, Tanah Merah Waterfall has adequate facilities in the form of a relaxing gazebo, children's play area and food stalls. The strategic location makes it very easy to reach by tourists.

2. Desa Budaya Pampang

Location: Jalan Dahlia nomor 69, Sungai Siring, Samarinda Ulu, Samarinda Utara.

This tourist village is the main place for tourists who want to get to know Samarinda culture close up. The village which is home to the Dayak Kenyah tribe is always crowded with tourists on weekends. Make a visit on Sunday afternoon to watch an art performance at the village hall. In addition, tourists are allowed to rent traditional clothes and take pictures with the background of the Dayak traditional house. If you want to bring home souvenirs, there is also a souvenir shop owned by local residents.

3. Kampung Tenun Samarinda

Location: Jalan Pertenunan, Rapak Dalam, Kelurahan Masjid Al-Baqa, Samarinda Seberang District.

Samarinda weaving has a special beauty. Therefore, this tourist village is always crowded with tourists who want to recognize the Tenun Samarinda perfectly. In this village, tourists can directly see the process of making Samarinda Weaving manually using the "Gedokan" tool. Tourists are also allowed to learn how to weave these traditional fabrics. After learn deeply about it, tourists can continue with weaving shopping in this village.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Samarinda City

Visiting a special city as Samarinda certainly should be accompanied with tasting its unique cuisines. Find the pleasure here.

1. Warong Selera Acil Inun's

Location: Jalan Kadrie Oening nomor 100, Air Hitam, Samarinda Ulu.

Open every day, 11:00 - 22:00 WITA.

The loyal customers of this popular restaurants come from various circles, including officials. This simple restaurant offers speciality of East Kalimantan cuisines. Some of the popular menus are Pindang Kepala Ikan, Rojak Singkil, Gangan Tungkul, Sayur Asam Tangkar, Nasi Bekepor, and Gangan Labu Besantan. Eating here is best when it is come with a bunch of people.

2. RM Akmal

Location: Jalan A. Wahab Syahranie nomor 48, Gunung Kelua, Samarinda Ulu.

Open every Monday - Sunday, 24 hours (Monday only open 10:00 - 00:00).

RM Akmal is popular due to its menu of grilled fish and fish soup. The favourited menu is Pallumara Head of Red Snapper which is actually a South Sulawesi specialty. Uniquely, Pallumara in RM Akmal has a more watery sauce that is similar to Palembang's pindang food. Other menu that must be ordered here are various grilled fish, especially catfish.

3. Kampung Nasi Kuning

Location: Jalan Lambung Mangkurat, Pelita, Samarinda Utara.

Open every day, 24 hours.

Samarinda people really like Yellow Rice. The Government of Samarinda City specifically inaugurated the Yellow Rice Village as a leading culinary tourist destination. This village sell yellow rice from Samarinda which generally uses red spices of cooked cork fish. For those who don't like yellow rice, they can order other foods such as fried rice, fruit soup, and sanggar cempedak (fried cempedak).

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