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Cheap flights to Asmat (EWE)

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Interesting Places in Asmat

The name Asmat has been heard since the early 1900s, precisely when the SS Flamingo Ship stopped at one of the bays on the southwest coast of Irian Jaya. At present, Asmat is one of the districts in the southern part of the Papua Province. This district is directly adjacent to the Arafuru Sea on the east side. The Asmat capital is in Agats.

The community of Asmat Regency is known as the Asmat Tribe. This tribe is the largest and most popular tribe in Papua. The majority of these tribes live on the coast and on the banks of rivers. One of the peculiarities of the famous Asmat Tribe is traditional wood carving.

The charm of nature and Asmat culture itself become tourist attractions. People are interested in visiting this city for sightseeing. Flight tickets to Asmat are available on direct routes from Timika and Merauke. The airline that provides flight tickets to Asmat, one of which is Susi Air. The airport in this city is called the Ewer Airport.

The Most Popular Destination in Asmat District

Although not as popular as other cities in Papua, Asmat offers a distinctiveness of culture and nature that deserve to be a tourist destination. Some of the mandatory objectives to visit in this district include:

1. Museum Kebudayaan dan Kemajuan Asmat

Location: Jalan Museum, Agats, Kabupaten Asmat, Papua.

This cultural museum was officially opened on October 10, 2016. This cultural heritage displays and protects the cultural wealth of the Asmat people. In addition of storing art collections and cultural objects, the museum is also a place for exhibitions. One of the most special collections here is of course the Asmat wood carvings. When visit this place, tourists can find out the ins and outs of the Asmat culture from the story of John Ohoiwirin, the museum manager.

2. Rawa Baki

Location:  Kabupaten Asmat, Papua.

Rawa Baki is one of the nature conservation areas in Asmat Regency. The protected forest area of ​​123,281 hectares is a place for the preservation of more than 400 species of wild animals, 107 species of wood plants, and 37 species of orchids with 13 of them protected. Visitors here admire the biodiversity of Asmat and learn to recognize and preserve it. One of the superior animals is the Pig Snout Tortoise, Yellow Crested Cockatoo, Mambruk Bird, and Black Head Parrot.

3. Pantai Bokap

Location: Distrik Agats, Kabupaten Asmat, Papua.

Besides forests and cultural houses, Asmat also invites tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach. This Bokap Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. The beauty of Bokap Beach is maintained because it has not been visited by many people. To enter the area, tourists must pay a fee of IDR 20,000 / person.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Asmat Regency

There are several restaurants or cafes that can be a reference when traveling to Asmat. The following of two names are pretty much recommended by city travelers.

1. Cafe Promontory Jaya

Location: Bis Agats, Kabupaten Asmat, Papua.

Open every day, 07:00 - 20:00 WIT.

This cafe offers a cool place to relax, complete with drinks and snacks. Its presence in the suburb of Asmat is an oasis for tourists. One of the popular drinks in Cafe Promontory Jaya is of course a glass of Papuan coffee.

2. Kedai Sruput

Location: Jalan Dermaga Baru, Bis Agats, Kabupaten Asmat, Papua.

Open daily, 17:00 - 01:00 WIT.

If you want to fill the night at Asmat with casual activities, Kedai Sruput is the number one choice. This shop looks simple, offering delicious drinks with its popular drinks are Kopi Hitam, Kopi Tubruk, dan Kopi Sabar. At first glance, this shop is a cheap coffee shop. However, it looks quite unique with wood shades and the facilities are completed with wi-fi rental.

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