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Cheap flights to Merauke (MKQ)

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Interesting Places in Merauke

Merauke is a city on the eastern tip of Indonesia which is directly adjacent to the State of Papua New Guinea. This city is the capital of Merauke Regency and its natural conditions are similar to the Australian Continent because it has many habitat for deer and kangaroos.

Merauke was established in February 1902. The city originated from the Dutch military post area. The city of Merauke was also once an air base area of ​​the Allied Forces during World War II. So, do not be surprised if this city holds many historical stories.

Flight tickets to Merauke are now increasingly available from a variety of popular airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Susi Air, and Trigana Air. Some cities connected with Merauke by air are Jayapura, Makassar and Tanah Merah. The main airport is Mopah International Airport which is listed as the second most eastern airport in the country, after Sentani International Airport in Jayapura.

The Most Popular Destinations in Merauke City

Merauke has a tourist charm that accentuates the beauty of nature. Most people buy flight tickets to Merauke to be able to visit the following places:

1. Tugu 0 KM Sabang - Merauke

Location: Jalan Poros, Sota, Kabupaten Merauke, Papua.

When going to Merauke, it is mandatory for everyone to take pictures in front of this monument as proof that they have reached the easternmost point of Indonesia. The Tugu, located in a modest city park, is about 75 kilometers, equivalent to driving for 1.5 hours from the airport of Merauke City to the east. This monument is also a direct barrier to the State of Indonesia with Papua New Guinea. In addition to taking pictures, tourists can get around Sota Village and buy various typical Merauke trinkets here.

2. Pulau Habe

Location: Kampung Wambi, Distrik Okaba, Kecamatan Tubang, Merauke.

This tropical island is one of the warmest spiritual tourist destinations in Merauke. The beauty of white sand beaches along the island is ready to invite people to be pampered by perfect freshness. Besides the beach, the second largest Kristus Raja statue in the world that stands proudly surrounded by tropical beauty becomes the magnet of Habe Island. This magical charm always manages to convince tourists to be willing to travel 7.5 hours from the city center to set foot on Habe Island.

3. Taman Nasional Wasur

Location: Distrik Sota, Kabupaten Merauke, Papua.

The park which has an area of more than 400,000 hectares is a place for nature conservation, animals, and Papuan social and cultural life. This national park holds more than 30 endemic animal species and 74 endemic Papuan bird species. About 70% of the Wasur National Park area is in the form of savannas, so that certainly reminds people on the continent of Africa.

One of the unique sights that await here is the ant house and the house of 5 meter high termites spread over several points.

The Most Popular Places to Dine in Merauke City

Merauke offers a unique culinary experience. You can prove it in the best-selling places to eat:

1.Warung Makan Segeri

Location: Jalan Irian Seringgu, Seringgu Jaya, Papua.

Open every day, 10:00 - 22:00 WIT.

This food stall is located in front of Hotel Nirmala offers varied meals, ranging from Chinese dishes to Manado dishes. People like this place because there are plenty choices of food, the place is comfortable, and the price is friendly. The most popular menu ordered by visitors at Warung Makan Segeri is Daging Rusa Lada Hitam.

2. Sentra Jagung Merauke

Location: Semangga II, Kabupaten Merauke, Papua.

Open every day.

The city of Merauke is famous for having excellent corn quality. This city even has a corn center that lives on the edge of the protocol road. The corn center is enlivened by dozens of simple stalls that sell roasted corn, boiled corn, and ice coconut. While eating corn, visitors can also enjoy a bowl of meatballs or a tasty plate of gado-gado at a very affordable price.

3. Taman Festival Kuliner PMI

Location: Jalan Raya Mandala, Belakang Kantor PMI Kota Merauke.

Open every day, 16:30 - 22:00 WIT.

If you want to enjoy a popular culinary festival in Merauke, then this food court is the best destination. This place provides a variety of food stalls selling food, snacks and drinks. One of the things that must be tested is of course various processed Merauke meat, such as Sate Rusa and Bakso Rusa. Abon and Dendeng Rusa are also available in packs as typical Merauke souvenirs.

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