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Cheap flights to Solo (SOC)
Interesting Places in SoloThe atmosphere of Solo city is so friendly. The people of this city still practice the traditions of their ancestors in their daily lives. Therefore, several cultural ceremonies and festivals are the main attraction of Solo tourism.

From an administrative point, Solo is an autonomous region within the Central Java Province. This city is a tourist alternative for people who want to recognize Javanese culture, but do not want the crowded atmosphere like in Yogya. Therefore, it is not surprise if the flight ticket to Solo is in high demand when the holiday season arrives.

To serve the flow of migrants from various cities in Indonesia, Solo City has an international airport. The airport is named Adi Sumarmo International Airport, which is located about 14 kilometers north of Solo City. In addition to domestic flights, Adi Sumarmo International Airport also connects flights to / from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Saudi Arabia.

The Most Popular Destinations in Solo CityEvery day, there are always people who buy flight tickets to Solo for various reasons. Whatever the reason is, a visit to Solo should be completed by visiting this places.

1. Karaton SurakartaLocation: Baluwarti, Pasar Kliwon.Officially named the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace, this is the Surakarta Kasunanan palace. This palace, which was founded in 1746, is a substitute for the Kartasura Palace, which was once the center of the Mataram Kingdom. Currently, Surakarta Palace is open to the public as a museum for tourist attraction. This destination invites tourists to see the firsthand of the grandeur of Javanese architecture, also can learn about local history and culture, and able to see objects of private royal collections, and experience traditional events and cultural arts performances.

2. Taman BalekambangJalan Depok nomor 1, Manahan, Banjarsari.Taman Balekambang is the perfect place to refresh yourself while learning to recognize nature. Visitors can spend their time in the 9.8 hectare city forest, especially when the Solo weather is hot. Inside, people can walk around the forest while recognizing a variety of rare flora until trying paddle boat at Partini Tuin Pool. Exciting rides, reptile parks, to the arts building and the stage are also available at Taman Balekambang.

3. Kampung Batik KaumanLocation: Desa Kauman, Pasar Kliwon.Visiting Solo will be perfect after getting acquainted with batik art directly from the inheritance village of the tradition of batik-making of the Ndalem Surakarta Hadiningrat Sunan Palace. Located not far from the main streets of Slamet Riyadi and Jalan Rajiman, the Kauman Batik Village was once a residential area of ​​the palace. This village is synonymous with the beauty of classical batik pattern. Watch the first hand the process of creating batik from the skilled hands of the native people of Solo who live in more than 60 home-based batik galleries in this beautiful village.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Solo CitySolo City has a lot of good food. However, below are the list of the most-favorited and most-crowded restaurants.

1. Warung Selat Mbak LiesLocation: Jalan Veteran, Gang 11 nomor 42, Serengan.Open every day, 08:00 - 18:00 WIB.The location is hidden from the main road. However, this simple food stall is the most crowded with Solo City tourists. Many people ranging from government officials to celebrities of the country, often visit his stall just to taste the Selat Solo Mbak Lilies which is famous for being fresh with its stew sauce. The atmosphere of a small but artistic stall makes the dining experience here both fun and intimate. Moreover, the price of food is very cheap, only Rp.28,000 for a big portion.

2. Serabi NotosumanLocation: Jalan Moh. Yamin nomor 28, Jayengan, Serengan.Open every day, 05:00 - 16:00 WIB.Open since dawn time, Serabi Notosuman is used to be a breakfast food by local residents and tourist who are diligent in getting up early. Established since 1923, Serabi Notosuman has indulged many tongues that are curious about the sweet, savory sensation of this snack. While enjoying pancakes, visitors can also notice the way the seller mixes the dough to produce food that is also often used as a mandatory souvenir of Solo.

3. Tahok Pak CitroLocation: Jalan Suryopranoto nomor 21, Kepatihan Wetan, Jebres.Open every day, 06:00 - 10:15 WIB.Another fun meal for breakfast in Solo City is Tahok. This food is a form of culinary acculturation processed by soybeans that the Chinese people brought into Solo in a long time ago. One of the remaining tahok sellers is Tahok Pak Citro. The cart stalls hang out every day near Pasar Gede Solo to serve tofu porridge with Javanese sugar and spices. Although it is simple food, a bowl of Tahok can fill and refresh anyone's body.

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