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Cheap flights to Sorong (SOQ)

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Interesting Places in Sorong

Recorded as the largest city in West Papua Province, Sorong is also the second largest city in Papua, after Jayapura. The strategic location makes the development of Sorong City quite significant. This city is known as the City of Oil, City of Industry, and City of Commerce, although its superior commodities come from the agricultural sector. The potential of Sorong's natural resources is also very good and so many foreign investors investors.

To support the mobility of people from and to Sorong City, Domine Eduard Osok Airport operates in the Remu Selatan area, Sorong, West Papua. This airport is listed as one of the largest and busiest airports on Kepala Burung Peninsula.

The central airport of Sorong City is also the main gateway for tourists who want to travel to Raja Ampat. Some of the major airlines providing flight tickets to Sorong are coming from Jakarta, Ambon, Jayapura, Makassar, Manado, Manokwari, Timika, Fak-fak, Waisai, and Babo.

The Most Popular Destinations in Sorong City

The tourist attraction of Sorong City highlights the natural beauty that is well-maintained. Tourists who visit this city generally invade the following places:

1. Kepulauan Raja Ampat

Location: Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Papua Barat.

More than half the number of people who buy flight tickets to Sorong definitely aims to see the paradise of the world. Hiding from the city hustle and bustle, Raja Ampat offers the beauty of nature with an amazing and untouched sea. Located on the southwestern tip of the Kepala Burung Papua, Raja Ampat spreads the charm of 1,500 small islands with immeasurable forests and underwater worlds. Exploring the island and diving are the main activities in this world-class destination.

2.  Pantai Tanjung Kasuari

Location: Kelurahan Tanjung Kasuari, Sorong Barat, Papua Barat.

Beautifully located not far from the city center, Tanjung Kasuari Beach seems to be an intoxicating natural oasis. This golden brown sandy beach is very calm, with almost no big waves near the coastline. This makes it very safe to be enjoyed by all ages. Boat rental and small shops selling grilled fish and young coconut ice also make the excitement at Tanjung Kasuari Beach more complete.

3.  Pulau Um

Location: Distrik Makbon, Malaumkarta, Makbon, Sorong, Papua Barat.

This destination at the northern tip of West Papua offers the charm of a charming tropical nature. The condition was untouched by many humans, making the underwater world of Pulau Um still very rich and tempting to be enjoyed in various ways. Even though you can surround the entire island in just 15 minutes, the beauty of Pulau Um certainly makes you feel at home.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Sorong City

In between exploring the City of Sorong, take the time to taste a variety of delicious culinary offered in the following popular places:

1. Kitong Papua Resto

Location: Jalan Ahmad Yani 1 nomor 12, Klademak, Klakublik Barat, Papua Barat.

Open every day, 9:00 - 22:00 WIT.

TripAdvisor inaugurates Kitong Papua Resto as the number one restaurant in Sorong. This restaurant offers a variety of Papuan specialties and fresh seafood. Papeda Kuah Kuning, Kepiting Saus Padang, Ikan Bakar, Tumis Jantung Pisang Daun Kasbi, Sambal Colo-colo, and Sambal Dabu-dabu are some of the mandatory menus here.

2. Tembok Berlin

Location: Jalan Yos Sudarso, Kampung Baru, Papua Barat.

Open every day, 24 hours.

This 1.5 meter high wall stretches 1 kilometer on Dofior Beach, Sorong. This unique tourist area not only offers public recreation, but also a cheap culinary center that is open all day. At night, the atmosphere of the Berlin Wall was increasingly crowded with food vendors that were increasingly complete. Excellent food from this place is certainly a variety of processed seafood typical of Sorong. Pisang Epe and Ikan Bakar are the most crowded choices ordered at the Berlin Wall.

3. Misool Filling Station

Location:  Jalan Basuki Rahmat Ruko nomor 8, Remu Selatan, Sorong Manoi, Papua Barat.

Open every day, 07:00 - 19:00 WIT.

You can find this two-storey cafe at the opposite of the airport entrance, about 50 meters from the Je Meridien Hotel. This café and boutique offers a variety of delicious coffee, fresh juices and healthy snacks in tropical rooms. Interestingly, by dining here, visitors contribute 3% of the value of their purchases to protect coral reefs in various waters of Sorong.

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