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Cheap flights to Airai (ROR)

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Flight to Airai, Palau

Airai, located on the southern coast of Babeldaob island, is the second-most populous state of Palau. Airai is most notable for its bai (men's meeting house), the oldest one in existence, dating back 200 years. The intense rains of Palau did not treat ancient Palauan architecture kindly. Airai is more inland/mountainous-jungle and therefore more of a bedroom community of Koror.

Palau is an island nation comprising of one of the island groups of the Caroline Islands of the Micronesia portion of the Oceania region of the Pacific Ocean. It shares the Caroline Island groups with The Federation States of Micronesia. It is the westernmost island group of the Caroline Islands about 550 miles from the Philippines.

Airports in Airai

1. Roman Tmetuchl International Airport (ROR)

Roman Tmetuchl International Airport (IATA: ROR, ICAO: PTRO) also known as Palau International Airport is the main airport of Palau. It is located near the former capital Koror, just north of Ngetkib, Airai on Babelthuap (Babeldaob) island. The airport is 4 miles (6 km) from Koror and 15 miles (25 km) from Ngerulmud. In May 2006 they renamed Palau International Airport as the Roman Tmetuchl International Airport, in honour of the late local politician and businessman Roman Tmetuchl. It is also known as Babelthuap/Koror Airport or Airai Airport.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Airai?

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Airai?

Airai and Palau generally is an outstanding destination year round. The best diving in Palau is between November and April. These months have the highest number of pelagics and have incredible visibility. June and September bring rough sea conditions at times and the possibility of lower visibility. Outside of diving enthusiastic and, environmentalist few have heard of Palau. It is a remote country with a lifestyle that has blended modern times with its cultural roots. It offers some of the best scuba diving in the world as well as other outdoor activities.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Airai?

1. Ngarachamayong Cultural Center - Unlike most "culture" shows that tourist visit, the ones at this centre are authentic. Tourist is a mere guest as the primary target of the shows here are the youth of the country. Many in the country still practice some of the old customs which are weaved into a more modern society. Many men and women still wear traditional clothing at times. The purpose of the centre is to ensure that the youth have a place to learn the old cultures so that they can pass it along to the next generation.

2. Rock Islands of Palau - These islands were once inhabited by the original settlers of the area. Some sites can still be found. Most visitors come here to explore the beauty of these islands,

3. Peleliu - Operation Stalemate II started on 15 September 1944 and was expected to last a few days. Three days of naval bombardment and airstrikes were supposed to kill the majority of the about 11,000 Japanese soldiers stationed on the small island. Maritime authorities stopped the shelling early saying there were no targets left. They were wrong; the bombing resulted in few causalities. The Americans landed a force of 47,561 mostly marines. The battle lasted until 27 November 1944 with over 10,000 American troops killed or wounded. The Japanese fought to almost the last man, losing 10,695 with only 17 Japanese forces surviving and 183 labours. Today visitors can see the remains of the military equipment and visit a small museum about what was the worst battle in Marine history.

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