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Cheap flights to Kuching (KCH)

Flights to Kuching, Malaysia

Sarawak is well known for its rainforests, culture, friendly locals and its legacy of adventure. The city of Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and the usual entry point into Borneo for travelers coming from mainland Malaysia. Despite being the largest city in Borneo and the fourth largest city in Malaysia, the locals take pride in keeping their city clean and maintaining the small town feel in the city.

Airports in Kuching

1. Kuching International Airport (KCH)

KCH is an international airport serving the entire southwestern region of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is located 11 km south of Kuching city centre. The airport is a secondary hub for Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, which operate some domestic and international flights. Kuching city is about a 20 minutes’ drive away. For those requiring a taxi can purchase a fixed fare rate, RM 26, from the taxi coupon stand just outside the Arrivals hall. Your pre-paid taxi can take you directly to your hotel or intended destination in Kuching city. There is free Wi-fi at the airport for those intending to use a ride-hailing service such as Grab. A ride to or from the airport costs between RM 9-RM 23 depending on the time of day and traffic.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Kuching?

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Kuching?

Kuching, located close to the equator, experiences a tropical climate which means it is never too hot, humid and with the occasional rainy season. The temperatures remain almost constant throughout the year with the temperature hovering between 27-32°C year-round. However, the best time to visit Kuching will be undoubted during its driest months of June to August. The temperature, albeit a bit humid, is pleasant enough for a whole day of sight-seeing and fun without having to be worried about incessant rains. Travelers are advised to avoid visiting Sarawak during the monsoon season which is from November to February. Travelers may also want to consider visiting Sarawak during June and July as several festivals will be happening at this time such as the Gawai Dayak Festival (1st & 2nd June} and the Padawan Fair (end of June to early July).

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Kuching?

1. Kuching Waterfront – One of the most peaceful yet refreshing areas in Kuching is the fascinating Waterfront. This waterfront previously was just a riverbank with old warehouses and dilapidated buildings but was later beautified by the decision of the city council. The waterfront is now a paved pathway of 1km to facilitate leisure walking and to make it so popular for both locals and tourists. Lit with innumerable light bulbs, cool refreshing air and some refreshments café the waterfront has transformed into one of the most preferred romantic destinations in Kuching. Apart from the nighttime scenery, travelers can wander at gigantic heritage buildings like The Sarawak Steamship Company and the Square tower which also adds to the charm of the location.
2. Sarawak Cultural Village – The cultural village is located around 40 minutes outside of Kuching and stretches over 17 acres of the foot of Mount Santubong. The village is considered as a living museum with a fascinating cultural display. There are displays of multiple cultural styles of the region along with a showcase of their houses and living style and conditions. One can experience the essence of each culture and explore the style of the interiors at their leisure. There are also cultural dance shows performed by various races showcasing their talents and giving a glimpse of their rich heritage. Apart from that, there’s a variety of handicrafts collection available here ranging from Kain Songket (cloth of Malay with gold inlay), Iban machete, Bidayuh basket, Melanau sunhat, Pua Kumbu (housewives’ textiles), Orang Ulu wood carving and many others.
3. Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – The center is located pproximately 21 kilometres south of Kuching. It is mainly an Orangutan rehabilitation centre that takes care of the baby and orphaned orangutans ever since its opening in 1975. Orange-haired primates roam semi-wild inside the protected area. The center is only open for 4 hours daily from 8-10am and 2-4pm. However, guests wishing to see the primates’ feeding time can visit the center either between 9-10am or in the afternoon at 3-4pm. You can also work as a volunteer and spend 2 to 4 weeks aiding in the conservation project of Orangutans in the beautiful Kubah National Park.

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