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Cheap flights to Batulicin (BTW)

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Flights to Batulicin, Indonesia

Batu Licin or Batulicin, is a sub-district of Tanah Bumbu regency and its capital, in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Batulicin is situated on the banks of the Batulicin River and is 265 km east of the city of Banjarmasin, capital of the province in South Kalimantan. Batulicin is an essential centre for coal shipping from South Kalimantan to various parts of Indonesia as well as other countries. Batulicin is located at the edge of a strait that connects the Java Sea to the Straits of Makassar. Although Batulicin was once the capital district, the centre of government activities is now the Simpang Empat. After the creation of the District, became Tanah Bumbu district, the county seat is located in Simpang Empat, which was increased from village status into districts. Batulicin never became the official capital of Tanah Bumbu Regency. Several years after the expansion, the county seat was moved to the Village Mountain High (Gunung Tinggi) namely that previously existed village cottage village Butun included in the District of Batulicin. Regarding the naming of Mountain High (Gunung Tinggi) is performed by former Regent of Tanah Bumbu, dr. HM Zairullah Azhar. Batulicin is served by Batu Licin Airport or now known as Bersujud Airport.

Airports in Batulicin, Indonesia

1. The Bersujud Airport

The Bersujud Airport is an airport located in Batulicin, South Kalimantan. This airport is located approximately 2 km from the town area. Formerly this airport was known as Batulicin Airport.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Batulicin?

Traveloka is a traveller flight ticket website where it eases the travellers to find the cheapest flights to Batulicin. All you have to do is to insert the information in the box that says origin and destination, and the website will list out the best result for you. Now they have developed the application for this website where it's mean that you can access it through your mobile phone. Just put the information and click search after that choose which packages that offer you the best price.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Batulicin?

Kalimantan is a large island and weather conditions vary slightly across the island, with the southern regions being the driest and the rainforest-covered interior predictably the wettest. The island experiences a light rainy season from March to May, with heavier rains falling between November and January. However, overall the rains on Kalimantan tend to be lower than neighbouring parts of Indonesia, such as the island of Java. Dry season spans from June until September, with August and September being the driest months of the year. Orang-utans can be spotted in the Tanjung Puting National Park throughout the year, although during the rainy season they tend to be more elusive, preferring to shelter. The temperature ranges from a warm 23°C at night to a hot 33°C during the day, with the hottest months typically May and August.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Batulicin?

1. Pagatan Beach - It is one of the beaches in South Kalimantan, exactly in Pagatan, Tanah Bumbu Regency. The beach is known to the public primarily because party beach festival (Festival Pesta Pantai) or feast sea (Pesta Laut), known as Mappanresati typically this ritual is also enlivened by the attractions of music and traditional dances from the local area. The ritual held in this place every year in April. Pagatan Beach has a panoramic sea with blue sky too blue background, a relatively small waves, palm trees waving, and the sea breeze blowing breeze. Picnic with family or colleagues here would be much more exciting again. The white sand beach that extends from west to east about 1.5 miles, and breadth of up to 1.5 hectares, giving enough space to tourists to do various activities. Making sculptures from the sand, sun, down the coast, and do some watersports such as; beach soccer, beach volleyball, are among the activities that can be done by tourists on this beach.

2. Angsana Beach - It is a tourist attraction located in South Kalimantan stores beauty marine life to be enjoyed. Angsana Becah has a very clear sea water and white sandy beach with calm waves as a destination worth visiting in South Kalimantan. But, the beach is not popular even though for the citizens of South Kalimantan. Angsana Beach has a gently sloping and length sand. The waves are very beautiful. On the waterfront, there are many lush trees which were relatively clean and organised. For visitors who want to stay overnight, there now stands a medium-sized hotel with cost about 400,000 IDR/night. Here are also available a piece of rental complete snorkelling equipment. To get to spot the reef that is 3.5 km from the beach, visitors can rent a boat which can be loaded with ten people.

3. Gedambaan beach - It is known as Sarang Tiung beach, is located 14 km from downtown of Kotabaru. Along the path to the beach, there will be exotic sightseeing like mountains view at the right side and ocean, beach and fisherman village on the left side. There are Bugis and Mandar Village community that coming from South Sulawesi as the immigrant.

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