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Penerbangan murah ke Punjab (ATQ)

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Flights to Punjab, India

Punjab is a city located in northern India. It is the city that established the Punjab district in India. Punjab is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir to the north, Himachal Pradesh to the east, Haryana to the south and Pakistan to the west of Pakistan. Punjab has an area of 50,362 square kilometres. It is equivalent to 1.53% of the total area in India. Punjab is India's 20th largest city. The people in Punjab speak Punjabi and are the main languages there. As the name of the city, the main inhabitants of the city are Punjabi and Sikhs. The capital of Punjab is Chandigarh. Punjab's economic resources are agriculture because it has plenty of water resources as well as fertile soil. Other industry sources are electrical goods, financial services, sports goods, tourism, fertilizer and oil and sugar processing.

Airports in Punjab

1. Amritsar International Airport (ATQ)

Amritsar International Airport is also known as the Amritsar King Sansi International Airport. Before earning this name, it was named Guru Ram Das who was the founder of Amritsar town. The airport is for the Amritsar area and also Punjab in the Indian city. Apart from that, it is also for the Himachal Pradesh area as well as Jammu and Kashmir. It is located 11 kilometres from the centre of Punjab and also King Sansi. In 2016, Amritsar airport was able to accommodate over 1,566,407 passengers at a time. Among the airlines operating here are Malindo Air, AirAsia X, Qatar Airways and Scoot.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Punjab?

The best way to get cheap flight tickets to Punjab is by using Traveloka. It is a search engine that will be able to pull out some of the best deals. Travellers will need to key in the desired destination, and the site will pull out the information from known airlines and compare the prices. Travellers will be able to see the best deals and make their way to Istanbul. Travellers who feel the rate are slightly higher may use the price alert feature where travellers will be notified if there is a better deal for flights to Punjab.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Punjab?

Punjab is a city with five rivers. It is ideal to be visited in October and March. This month it is winter and spring. Temperatures in this season are cool but still suitable for outdoor activities. It provides space for tourists to explore the city of Punjab without worrying about hot weather. Temperatures in winter are between 26 ° C and can be reduced to 0 ° C. It is the most popular season for travellers.

April to June is summer in Punjab. This is the season where the weather and temperature in Punjab are very hot. The minimum temperature is 29 ° C and can reach up to 45 ° C. Many tourists are trying to avoid this season when it comes to Punjab.

In April there is a festival called Baisakhi Festival. It is a great festival celebrated where there are many Sikhs. The Baisakhi Festival is to welcome the harvest season. At this festival, there will be dance bhangra and gidda. Another festival that was celebrated was the Lohri Festival celebrated in January. It was to offer the Lord of the Sun to help them during the growing of vegetation that year.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Punjab?

1. The Golden Temple,Amritsar - Amritsar is a prime place for those who want to learn more about their spirituality. Many travellers from all over the world come here to visit this Golden Temple. It is beautiful at night because the lights will be mounted to illuminate the golden domes.

2. Anandpur Sahib - Anandpur Sahib is located 2 hours from Chandigarh near the border of Himachal Pradesh. During the Baisakhi celebration, he was like a carnival here. Also, Anandpur Sahib is also known as a holy city. So many Sikhs will come here to worship their god.

3. Patiala - Patiala is a place where people can learn more about the history of Punjab since the 18th and 19th centuries. There are many parks, monuments and important buildings such as the Moti Bagh Palace. Tourists can see the artwork of Sikh architects.

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Getting To and From the Airport
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