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Cheap flights to Bima (BMU)

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Interesting places in Bima

Bima is the name of an autonomous city located in the eastern region of Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The total area of ​​the city is around 222 km2 with the dominance of forests, plantations, rice fields and beaches.

The most interesting thing from Bima comes from its culture. The city is home to the Bima tribe or in the local language called "Dou Mbojo". Besides the native tribe, Bima is also home to a number of tribes from various regions in the archipelago, such as Java, Sunda, Flores, Bugis, Madura, Bajo, Timor, Sasak, Bali, Batak, and Minang. This difference in cultural background can truly coexist harmoniously, uphold tolerance.

Bima has Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport as a gateway that connects various regions in Indonesia to this city. Tourists can get flight tickets to Bima, especially from Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Wings Air, and Trans Nusa airlines.

Most Popular Destinations in Bima City

Bima City Tourism highlights cultural and natural charm. Natural attractions are mostly in the form of beaches, while cultural sites tell a lot about the history of the Bima Sultanate and the traditional lives of local people.

1. Pantai Lawata

Location: Kelurahan Sambinae, Kecamatan Rasanae Barat, NTB.

The beauty of various beaches is one reason that drives many people to buy flight tickets to Bima. Located just five kilometers from the city center, Lawata Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bima. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the blue sea surrounded by mountains while sitting relaxed in the lodges available on the beach. Visitors who want culinary tours can also rush to many food stalls scattered around it.

2. Museum Asi Mbojo

Location: Jalan Sultan Ibrahim 2, Kelurahan Paruga, Kecamatan Rasanae Barat, NTB.

This museum was once the Bima Sultanate Palace which was founded in 1929. The appearance of the building highlights the uniqueness of the architecture that blends Bima's distinctive style with the Netherlands. Officially, the Asi Mbojo Museum has only operated as a museum since 1986. At present, the museum has a collection of artifacts in the form of objects belonging to the Sultan, Dutch war equipment, and traditional objects of the Bima Tribe.

3. Pantai Kalaki

Location: Desa Panda, Kecamatan Palibelo, NTB.

This exotic sandy brown beach is located at the end of Bima Bay. This position is not so far from Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport so tourists can easily visit it. The most prominent charm of this beach is the beauty of the panorama, especially in the presence of rowing boats scattered in the ocean and the Donggo Mountains that surround it. Kalaki Beach also provides relaxing huts, food stalls, and parks to make recreational visitors feel more complete.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Bima City

The trip in Bima is very fun because various popular eating places are also available to pamper the needs and desires of various tourists. Some of the most popular names include:

1. Lesehan Taliwang Putri Lombok

Location: Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin, Nae, Kecamatan Rasanae Barat, NTB.

Open every Monday - Saturday, 10:00 - 22:00 WIT.

This restaurant serves the most popular Lombok cuisine, namely Ayam Taliwang. Enjoy eating grilled chicken with spinach which feels perfect because the dining room is very comfortable. The large relaxing hall is perfect for eating large group meals.

2. Bakso Sum Sum Depot 76

Location: Jalan Adipura, Panggi, Mpunda, NTB.

Open every day, 10:00 - 21:00 WIT.

Meatball lovers can find their favorite food in this shop. The main advantage of this shop is the large selection of meatballs, from Bakso Sumsum hingga Bakso Bom Urat, Bakso Babat, and Bakso Tulang. Some menus are even given unique names, such as Bakso Beranak and Bakso Selimut Janda. One serving of meatballs that are very filling is sold at an average price of only Rp. 15,000.

3. UmA iLoPETA Foodcourt

Location: Jalan Gatot Soebroto Santi, Penatoi, Mpunda, NTB.

Open every day, 9:00 - 23:30 WIT.

This food court has a unique Bima ethnic style. The dining atmosphere is very pleasant because the scenery blends with nature through wooden huts on the edge of the rice fields. Various food stalls are available to pamper various tourist tastes. Visitors can easily snack on roasted corn, fried foods, and hot dogs, or sample Bima's specialties while drinking soy coffee.

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