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Penerbangan murah ke Yogyakarta (JOG)

Flights to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta is a city on the island of Java in Indonesia. It is regarded as a place that is rich and important as a cultural and center place for the classical Javanese fine arts such as the batik textiles, ballet, poetry, music, drama, wayang puppetry and literature. Yogyakarta is also known as the center of education for Indonesian; it is home to many students ranging from schools to university. Yogyakarta is also home to the country’s largest and most prestigious university, the Gadjah Mada University.

Airports in Yogyakarta

1. Adisutjipto International Airport (JOG)

The Adisutjipto International Airport serves as the main and only airport in Yogyakarta. It is placed in a special region in Yogyakarta, the Sleman Regency. It is placed near the Prambanan historic temple site, on the northeast outskirts of the city. The airport only has a single runway and is about 6 km away from the city center. It is considered as the 4th busiest airport in the region of Java. The airport has an increase in the number of passengers throughout the year.

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Yogyakarta?

The peak season to visit Yogyakarta is in between the middle of July towards the middle of October because during this time the weather is ideal based on the average temperature and humidity there. The best time to visit is during that month where it is the dry season. When you arrive at Yogyakarta, the weather is always warm and welcoming. The wet season is usually around December until January as it rains the most during that time and the sun only shines for 3 hours a day.

The temperature in Yogyakarta barely changes, considering the humidity, the temperatures felt hot all your round with a fair chance of precipitation. If you are looking for the warmest weather to visit Yogyakarta, the ideal time would be in September, October and May. The warmest weather is usually in October where it is regularly around 34.7c, and the temperature rarely drops below 24.6c at night.

Yogyakarta also holds a lot of event and festival as it is very rich in culture. One of the largest festivals in Yogyakarta is the Jogja Heboh Festival, during the festival a lot of event and sub-festival will be held such as the Kopi festival where farmers and coffee products will be featured. There is also the Art Fair that is held every year in the month on June or July where is show-cast a lot of fresh, contemporary Indonesian art. The Art Fair features work from a new artist to popular artist and showcases their talent at the fair. It is the perfect time to get in-touch with the Indonesian artistic culture.

What is the Top 3 Thing to Do in Yogyakarta?

1. Fort Vredeburg Museum - it was a former colonial fortress. This military complex has been converted into an independent Struggle Museum, opened in 1992. The museum holds and collects old photograph, historical objects and also replicas. It is a very interesting place for you to visit and also it encourages you to learn of the citizen's past struggle against the colonials.

2. Taman Sari - it is also known as the garden for the Sultan of Yogyakarta. Although it was built for multiple purposes such as a place to rest, work, meditate and defend the Sultan's family, now only a few building remains. The underground tunnels, mosque, bathing and resting space are the only place accessible to tourist. Most of the other buildings have turned into homes for the residents.

3. Jalan Malioboro - is an iconic street in Yogyakarta. It has also become one of the main tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. It is best to explore it by walking and looking around the street. The street is alive for 24 hours, and it is also the busiest district in the area.

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