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Cheap flights to Copenhagen (CPH)

Flights to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. As for July 2018, it has recorded almost 777,218 citizens that makes it the most populous city in Denmark. Copenhagen is the financial center of Denmark, which focuses on services and commerce. Copenhagen also strengthens the economy by its focus and specialty on tourism. Holds many spots of attraction, Copenhagen's tourism sectors have attracted millions of tourists until it has become the fastest growing metropolitan destinations in Europe. Copenhagen also has been ranked high in the international survey for the quality of life for quite a number of years. The stability between economy, educations, social safety also is a factor for tourist to visit Copenhagen.

Airports in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup is the main international airport in Copenhagen. It also serves Denmark, the rest of Zealand and the Øresund Region, and most of southern Sweden including Scania. It has been known as the largest airport in the Nordic countries with the capacity to serve 30 million passengers in a year. Copenhagen Airport is the third busiest airport in the whole of Northern Europe. It is located on the island of Amager which about 8 kilometers from the heart of Copenhagen city.

How to get a cheap flight to Copenhagen?

Traveloka is a search engine that will help you travel easily. You can find the cheapest flight by just key in information in the search box. Traveloka will compare the cheapest ticket flight available to Copenhagen and you can choose according to your budget. The search engine will compare numerous aviation company and provide the best result. You can also be notified by the price range of the flight tickets by Traveloka's price alert feature.

When is the best time to fly to Copenhagen?

The best time to visit Copenhagen is from June to August, where the summer season is a pleasant warm with a cool breeze from the Baltic Sea. Most of the tourist would travel in June and August as the weather is nice and few festivals can be enjoyed. In June itself, Copenhagen holds Red Bull Copenhagen, Roskilde Festival while in August there are Strøm, Copenhagen Pride, Copenhagen Fashion Week and Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival. However, if you decide to visit in August, be prepared for the rain because August is the wettest month of the year. Also, make sure you book a few months early before the festival to avoid the high rates. Copenhagen is also famous for its autumn season where gardens and trees turn to yellow and orange creating a scenic view that cannot be enjoyed in Malaysia. September to November can be a good time as during autumn the accommodations are cheaper because the peak prices will be during summer. If you are looking up to festivals, autumn also has few festivals such as the Copenhagen Blues Festival.

What are the top 3 things to do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen surely will be a remarkable place as it can attract various type of people from the history geek to the social youth. There few places and activities that you can do in Copenhagen.Tivoli Garden - is a theme park that will awaken the child side inside you. This theme park did bring the romantic 19th-century vibe as the decoration and architecture of the park is the representation of the Orient. This is the oldest world theme park. You will surely be amazed by the Star Flyer, a carousel that goes up 80 meters above and goes down in speed.Little Mermaid Statue - is the most visited place in Copenhagen. The bronze statue built by Edvard Eriksen which sculpt a mermaid becoming human, it is located at the Langelinie. The statue was build based on the fairy tales of a mermaid that fall in love with a human. Although the statue has been damaged and defaced so many times, it has always been restored by the government of Copenhagen.Nyhavn - or the New Harbor is the iconic and historic waterfront area that has been given a little bit modern touch by the various colors of painted houses dating from the 1600s and 1700s. Now it has become the most enjoyable place to enjoy brunch and coffee while enjoying the cold breeze from the Baltic Sea. Originally Nyhavn was a busy port where ships and sailors from all over the world gather, but now it has been dominated by restaurants and pubs which allows tourist to enjoy their leisure time.

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