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Cheap flights to Macau (MFM)

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Macau is a unique tourist destination where visitors will find the fusion between Portuguese and Chinese culture in the city. Macau was once invaded by Portuguese and considered an overseas territory of Portugal, before handed back to the People's Republic of China in the year 1999. Tourists will be fascinated with the different architectural styles across the city as well as local cuisines, which are influenced by both Chinese and Portuguese. Since the modernization of the city, Macau is also known to be the Las Vegas of Asia.

Airports in MacauMacau International AirportLocated at the east end of Taipa Island, Macau International Airport is the only airport serving this city. Macau Airport is often a transit airport to reach Taiwan and China mainland from other countries. The airport was designed to have a capacity of 6 million passengers a year. However, it can cater to more than 7 million passengers in the year 2017. There are almost 30 airlines currently operating in Macau Airport for scheduled and charter flights. Passengers traveling from Kuala Lumpur do not need to worry as AirAsia offers direct flight to Macau. Duty-free shops, airport lounge, free Wi-Fi, restaurants and other services are available at the airport terminal. From the airport, passengers can reach the city center easily with the local transportation available at the terminal. Buses are available for Transmac and T.C.M. routes which direct passengers to Macau Peninsula. Alternatively, passengers can also take a taxi to reach your destination.

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Macau?Typical of a southern China climate, Macau experiences a humid subtropical climate. The city is a four-seasonal city with long summer and winter seasons. Summer is between May to September, with a temperature between 25 to 29 degrees centigrade. Hottest day in summer could reach 32 degrees celsius. Summer also coincides with the monsoon season which brings heaviest rainfall and typhoon to the city. Winter season is significantly drier with low chances of rainfall with temperature about 16 degrees centigrade on average. If you want a better experience while visiting Macau, visitors should travel to Macau during the winter season.

If you are traveling in Macau in early of the year, you may not want to miss watching some local annual festivities. The most important celebration in Macau is the Lunar Chinese New Year, which often occurs end of January or early February. Also in February is the Feast of Tou Tei, the earth god, which is held at the Pou Tai Un Temple. A Christian procession of Passion of Our Lord is also held in the same month. Other traditional celebrations in Macau include the A-Ma Festival in April, Feast of the Drunken Dragon in May, Dragon Boat Festival in June, Hungry Ghost Festival at the end of August or early September, and the Winter Solstice in December. The celebrations are all according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Modern festivals are also held in Macau such as the Macau Arts Festival in March, the International Fireworks Display Contest in September and International Music Festival around October or November. Now you must be wondering when to travel to Macau as there is so much excitement awaits you!

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Macau?Macau is one of the most visited cities in the world. Many attractions can be found in Macau.

Taipa Village - Taipa Village is one of the best locations for you to learn the history of Macau. Visitors can experience the combination of Chinese and Portuguese cultural heritage in this village. Among the attractions that you can visit are Vila de Taipa, Museum of Taipa and Coloane History, Our Lady of Carmo Church, Taipa Houses-Museum and Carmo Garden. Along the walk, you can also find Tin Hau Temple, Pak Tai Temple, I Leng Temple and Sam Po Temple. Visitors should also not miss trying out local delicacies and shop at the local outlets within the village.

Ruins of the Church of St Paul - One of the most significant and treasured icons of Macau is the Ruins of the Church of St Paul. Initially built by Japanese Christian exiles and China artisans in the 1600s, the church was destroyed by fire in the year 1835 leaving only a towering façade and stairway as what is seen today. Visitors can see the carvings of Biblical and Oriental details as well as Japanese kanji writings. The Historic Center of Macau, where the Ruins of the Church of St Paul is situated, is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A-Ma Temple - A-Ma Temple is one of the oldest temples in Macau and was suggested as the origin of Macau's name. The temple was built to worship Mazu, a Chinese sea-goddess. The temple has six main parts including the oldest part of the temple, Hall of Benevolence. A-Ma Temple is also located within the Historic Center of Macau.

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