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Cheap flights to Rome (FCO)

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Barcelona (BCN) → Rome (FCO)
Friday, 13 Oct 2023
RM 115.42
Budapest (BUD) → Rome (FCO)
Wizz Air
Thursday, 28 Sep 2023
RM 142.38
Paris (ORY) → Rome (FCO)
Monday, 16 Oct 2023
RM 181.51
Málaga (AGP) → Rome (FCO)
Monday, 23 Oct 2023
RM 188.68
Warsaw (WAW) → Rome (FCO)
Wizz Air
Friday, 13 Oct 2023
RM 231.44
London (LGW) → Rome (FCO)
Monday, 16 Oct 2023
RM 252.64
Athens (ATH) → Rome (FCO)
Aegean Airlines
Thursday, 28 Sep 2023
RM 535.34
Vienna (VIE) → Rome (FCO)
Wednesday, 04 Oct 2023
RM 555.25
Paris (CDG) → Rome (FCO)
Wednesday, 18 Oct 2023
RM 669.76
Lyon (LYS) → Rome (FCO)
Sunday, 24 Sep 2023
RM 682.58

Flights to Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is the largest city with an estimated area of 1285.3 square kilometres and has a population of over 2.7 million people. Thus, it is ranked as the fourth most populous city in Europe based on its population. Rome is also listed as the third most visited tourist destination in Europe. Rome is often visited by tourists due to the uniqueness of the architecture of its buildings which each has its history. Rome is among the cities that survived from World War II, so that explains why the unique buildings have survived until now. Rome is listed UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. Roman civilisation is also one of the greatest civilizations in human history, therefore, by visiting this city, a lot of knowledge and history can be learned.

Airports in Rome

1. Fiumicino International Airport, Rome.

Fiumicino International Airport, Rome is Rome's main airport and also serves as the main airport in Italy. It is located in the town of Fiumicino which is about 30 kilometres from Rome City. It is rumoured to be among the busiest airports in Europe. This is referring to the number of flight traffic operated and based on the number of passengers served by this airport, which is a total of 43 million passengers in 2018. It is a hub for the Alitalia, the largest Italian carrier and Vueling, the Spanish low-cost airline owned by International Airlines Group. Fiumicino International Airport is also known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport as he designed a flying machine with wings and a prototype of a helicopter in 1480.

2. Ciampino International Airport - "G.B.Pastine", Rome.

Ciampino International Airport - "G.B.Pastine" operates as a secondary international airport, where the main is the Fiumicino International Airport, for Italy. It is a joint civilian, commercial and military public airport, located about 12 kilometres southeast of Rome City. It is also a hub for many low-cost airline companies. The name was placed in conjunction with the name of Govian Battista Pastine, an Italian pilot who served World War I.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Rome?

Traveloka, whether it's an official website or an app installed to your mobile phone, is a search engine that makes it easy for travellers to find the cheapest flight tickets to any country, including Rome. It compares ticket prices between several airlines for you to choose based on your capabilities and interests. Furthermore, you can use Traveloka's price notification feature for you always to be informed of flight prices from time to time. If there is a fairly low price, you can continue to book the flight ticket.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Rome?

The time that is most appropriate to fly to Rome is around October until April when tourists from neighbouring countries are beginning to decline. Immediately, the rates of lodging are coming down and cheaper. But temperatures around these months are getting colder, and you may need more warm clothes to make you comfortable and easy to walk out of the buildings. It is good for you to plan to visit Rome in May. May will be moderately cold and still fewer tourists so you can still find affordable accommodation. In June until August, it is the peak season due to summertime. If you wish to pay a visit in summer, you are advised to book your stay six months earlier.
Rome has a Mediterranean climate where moderately cold in winter and moderately hot in summer. The month that regularly records the warmest temperatures in Rome in July, 26 degrees Celsius. The coldest month in Rome in January, which is 8 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in Rome is around 15 degrees Celsius. Rome also experiences more rain in winter than in summer.
In Rome, there always has something going on. Events or festivals celebrated in almost every month. But the most interesting is in mid-April where the Romans welcome the Week of Culture. National Museum and some archaeological sites will not be charged entrance fees. Not only that, some places not opened for public visits may be opened during this season.

What are The Top 3 Things to Do in Rome?

1. Trevi Fountain - Trevi Fountain is an artificial water fountain located in Trevi. Although the water fountain is human-made, the source of the water is natural from the ground. The beautiful landscape was designed by an Italian architect named Nicola Salvi and finished by Giuseppe Pannini and a few more architects in 1762. To maintain its architectural and elegant structure, some refurbishments and restorations are carried out such as installing LED lights to further enhance its landscape, especially at night. The structure stands as high as 26.3 meters and extends 49.15 meters wide. It is the largest water fountain in the heart of the city and the most popular water fountain in the world. Tourists visiting Rome will stop at this water fountain to enjoy the beauty of architecture and capture memorable pictures. Trevi Fountain can be visited at any time. No entrance fees charged.
2. Colosseum - Colosseum or Coliseum is the largest amphitheatre in the world. It is estimated that 50,000 up to 80000 viewers can be loaded at a time. It was built in the emperor of Vespasian, AD 72 and was completed during the reign of Titus in AD 80. Not stopping there, modifications were made during the reign of Domitian. Among the performances featured here are gladiators, animal hunt and some of which are considered entertainment during that time. Standing strong up to these days, the Colosseum is listed in the New 7 Wonders of the World, although some parts of the amphitheatre were damaged by the natural disasters. Entrance fees are charged for citizens and foreigners.
3. The Pantheon - The Pantheon was originally a temple commissioned by Marcus Agrippa in the reign of Augustus. Then, it suffered damage from the fire and undergone a restoration during the emperor of Hadrian. Since then, the Pantheon building has stood up till today and is one of the most well-preserved Ancient Rome buildings. This is probably because it is being used continuously from the very beginning to the present. Previously it was a temple, since the 7th century, the Pantheon has been used as a church. It has also become a tomb of selected Roman figures once and has become a museum now as it receives many tourist trips because of the beauty of its interior and exterior architecture. No entry fee is charged for entering the Pantheon.

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