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Eid-Al Fitr Homecoming Train Ticket Information and Update 2021

Get the most updated information aboutout of town trip or homecoming tripduring Eid-Al Fitr period with KAI train in Traveloka

Latest Update Regarding Lebaran Train Ticket 2021

Based on the results of coordination meeting of Ministry for Human Development and Cultureon Friday, 26th of March 2021 the government has decided to ban homecoming activities on Lebaran in 2021. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Muhadjir Effendy, as the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture.

This homecoming ban will take effect on May 6-17, 2021. This policy aims to anticipate the spread of COVID-19 which has increased several times during the long holiday period. PT KAI has not released any official information yet regarding the mechanism of train travel in that period until now.

Currently, train tickets can be purchased for departures until April 30, 2021. You can find information on the conditions for riding a train during the COVID-19 pandemic below this section or directly go to our train COVID-19 trip regulation update here.

Eid Al-Fitr Train Ticket Information FAQ

Based on government's official announcement, the homecoming trip during Eid Al-Fitr period will be banned in order to prevent the increase of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia.

The trip banned will be applied from 6th until 17th of May 2021.

Yes, based on KAI official website, trip by train during 6th-17 May will be prohibited as well.

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KAI Train Travel Info

KAI Trains Travel Requirements During Lebaran (6 – 17 Mei 2021)

Scroll down the page to see the travel requirements outside  6 – 17 May 2021 

In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 during Eid Mubarak, the COVID-19 task force has issued a decree (SE Satgas No 13/2021) that bans exodus or mudik from6 May 2021 to 17 May 2021.

Travels that are permitted on 6 – 17 May 2021 are only for passengers with the following reasons or criteria.

  1. To do work.
  2. To visit an ill or deceased immediate family member.
  3. To seek emergency medical attention.
  4. For pregnant women, which can be accompanied by a maximum of 1 person.
  5. For childbirth purposes, which can be accompanied by a maximum of 2 people.

Please be advised that passengers meeting the criteria above must also bring the documents below during their travels:

  1. Entry and Exit Permit (SIKM) or Printed Travel Permit

  • Entry and Exit Permit (SIKM) is for people living outside Jabodetabek who are leaving or entering DKI Jakarta.

  • For passengers traveling for work, the Printed Travel Permit must be issued by their offices.

  • For passengers traveling for family emergencies, the Printed Travel Permit must be issued by their village head (kepala desa/lurah).

  1. Negative rapid antigen, GeNose or PCR test 

  • Rapid antigen or PCR test must be performed at the longest 72 hours before boarding time.

GeNose test must be performed at the longest 24 hours before boarding time.

KAI Trains COVID-19 Regulation 

In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, PT KAI has regulated the travel requirements for KAI's long distance trains passengers in Java and Sumatra. The requirements are as follows:

  • Passengers traveling in Java and Sumatra from 1 April 2021 until an unspecified date must provide a negative rapid antigen or PCR test that was performed at the longest 72 hours before boarding time, or a negative GeNose test that performed at the longest 24 hours before boarding time. 

  • Passengers under the age of 5 do not have to take a COVID-19 test.

  • Passengers must be in a healthy condition and are not suffering from the flu, cold, coughs, diarrhea, fever, and loss of smell. Their body temperature also must not exceed 37.3°C.

  • Passengers must wear 3-ply cotton face masks or surgical masks.

  • Passengers are not allowed to talk to the phone throughout the journey.

  • Passengers are not allowed to eat or drink in journeys less than 2 hours, except to take medicine. 

List of Stations That Provide Antigen Test

(Scroll down to see list of stations that provide GeNose Test)

Important to Know:

  • The test costs Rp85.000/person.
  • To take the test, passengers must show their booking code.
  • The rapid antigen test results take about 15 – 20 minutes. However, to anticipate any long queue for the tests, passengers are recommended to take the test a day before their train departs.

  1. Pasar Senen Station
  2. Yogyakarta Station
  3. Gambir Station
  4. Solo Balapan Station
  5. Bandung
  6. Surabaya Pasar Turi
  7. Cirebon
  8. Semarang Tawang
  9. Purwokerto
  10. Madiun
  11. Surabaya Gubeng
  12. Malang
  13. Jember
  14. Ketapang
  15. Bekasi
  16. Kiaracondong
  17. Cirebon Prujakan
  18. Tegal
  19. Kutoarjo
  20. Lempuyangan
  21. Semarang Poncol
  22. Jombang
  23. Sidoarjo
  24. Banjar
  25. Tasikmalaya
  26. Jatibarang
  27. Pekalongan
  28. Cepu
  29. Gomong
  30. Kebumen
  31. Sidareja
  32. Kroya
  33. Wates
  34. Klaten
  35. Purwosari
  36. Blitar
  37. Kediri
  38. Tulungagung
  39. Kertosono
  40. Nganjuk
  41. Lamongan
  42. Mojokerto
  43. Kalisetail
  44. Probolinggo

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