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Lahad Datu
Cheap flights to Lahad Datu (LDU)

Flights to Lahad Datu, Malaysia

Lahad Datu is located strategically in the Tawau division of the East coast of Sabah. Situated mid-way between Tawau and Sandakan, Lahad Datu can be reached by road from any major town in Sabah, including Kota Kinabalu. Surrounded by stretches of cocoa and oil palm plantations, Lahad Datu is a small remote town located at the eastern part of Sabah, Malaysia. Over 100,000 people are living in this area with the majority of Malay, Chinese, and other ethnic groups. However, in early 2013, Lahad Datu became a site of standoffs between Malaysian security forces and suspected members of a known rebel group. Subsequently, it has become a-place-to-avoid mentioned in many travel websites and labeled as ‘a dangerous place to go’ in many people’s minds.

Airports in Lahad Datu, Malaysia1. Lahad Datu Airport (IATA: LDU, ICAO: WBKD)Is an airport located in the southeastern part of the Malaysian state of Sabah. The airport, which is situated approximately 1 km from downtown Lahad Datu, serves the town of Lahad Datu and its neighboring districts such as Kinabatangan, FELDA Sahabat and Kunak.

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Lahad Datu?Lahad Datu experiences a warm and tropical climate all through the year. Its presence near the equator is what primarily gives it an equatorial climate. The temperatures are constant and the locals get to experience rainforest most of the time. Lahad Datu has two kinds of seasons, and they are dry season and wet season.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Lahad Datu?1. Tabin Wildlife Reserve - is home to various endangered wildlife such as the Borneo Pygmy elephants, Tembadau and exotic birdlife. Covered in euryspecies lowland rainforest, Tabin nurtures a large number of tropical plants; some of which are rich in medicinal and therapeutic values. Wildlife photography aficionados and bird watching enthusiasts will find their visit to Tabin a truly priceless experience! Whether you’re a wild adventure seeker, an environmentalist earth mother, a photography lover, an animal activist, or simply just someone looking out for something fun; Tabin extends her arms in welcome. Here, you’ll get a taste of nature like nowhere else.

Being remote from human habitation and almost alien to modern civilization makes the Danum Valley Conservation Area is a naturalists’ paradise. Recognized as one of the world’s most complex ecosystem, this forest serves as a natural home for endangered wildlife species such as banteng, Asian elephant, clouded leopard, orangutan, proboscis monkey, as well as a vast range of Sabah’s lowland fauna. Here, visitors also get the chance to visit an ancient Kadazandusun burial site, complete with belian coffins and ceramic spirit jars. Three burial sites have been discovered in Danum Valley—two near the field center and one below the cliff, overlooking Borneo Rainforest Lodge. and lay their eggs. Piebald Colored Rock is a huge rock formation set back 55 yards from the coastline. The Wild Animal Zoo has various lovely animals that tourists enjoy seeing. The entrance fee is CNY 150 per adult. Kindly be reminded that there are dangerous riptides in this area so you shouldn't swim here.

2. Mount Silam - is a mountain located in the Old Village of Lahad Datu in Sabah, Malaysia. Mount Silam has an altitude of 884 meters. Mount Silam is the third tallest mountain in Lahad Datu. There are many unique and interesting plants and animals here in the tropical rain forest. The 698 acres of Sapagaya Forest Reserve is at the foot of this mountain and is a place of refuge for unique local animals and animals in Sabah.

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