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Flight from Tacloban (TAC) to Xiamen (XMN)

Flight from Tacloban (TAC) to Xiamen (XMN)

China is one of the famous holiday destinations among tourists. There are many popular tourist destinations in China. One of the most popular tourist destinations in China is the city of Xiamen. It is located in the province of Fujian. Famously known for being the “the most romantic leisure city”, Xiamen is a perfect getaway for those who want a little bit of nature coexisting with modern civilization in their holiday.

Best time to fly from Tacloban to Xiamen

The climate in Xiamen consists of four seasons which the average temperature of the season would differ greatly with one another. During the summer, Xiamen is noted to have high humidity and heat, which is the strongest during July and August. During the winter, Xiamen is noted to have little sunlight and heavy fog with an average temperature of roughly 5 Celsius. The best time to visit Xiamen would be during the spring, which is between March to May. This is when the weather is warmer with the occasional showers and many of the flora's in Xiamen is in full blossom. During this season, the sun shines bright, resulting in clear skies with the winds blow gently, making it suitable for outdoor activities. The off-peak season is between September to December where the climate during that season is unpredictable and typhoons can sometimes occur at any point in time. Visitors should check the weather reports before going to this town. During this season, you will find better flight tickets and hotel deals, so this is perfect for those who wanted to travel with a limited budget.

Main airports available in Tacloban and Xiamen

Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport – Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport is an airport located in the city of Tacloban. It is classified as a Class 1 principal (major domestic) airport. It was named from a former speaker in the Philippine House of Representatives, Daniel Z. Romualdez. It is also known as Tacloban City Airport. It is located around 12 kilometres from the city’s centre. It is the main gateway from Manila and Cebu to the Eastern Visayas Region in central east Philippines. It also connects the city of Tacloban to other cities in the Philippines and around the world. It is the third rapid growing airport in the Philippines. It was rebuilt back after the tragedy of Typhoon Haiyan that hit this city in 2013. It is a single-story airport that makes it more comfortable and quicker for passengers to move. It has many facilities like restaurants, money changer counter, free Wi-Fi and shops inside the airport. Besides, there are many public transportations available in this airport for everyone to use here daily. 

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport – The Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is an airport that connects the city of Xiamen with the outside world. The airport is located almost 6 kilometres from the city of Xiamen. The airlines that operate in this airport are Air Guilin, Air China, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, West Air and more. It only has one terminal. It has many facilities like restaurants, money changer counter, free Wi-Fi and shops inside the airport. Besides, there are many public transportations available in this airport for everyone to use here daily.

Climate pattern in Tacloban and Xiamen

Xiamen's climate is usually consisting of four seasons which are spring, summer, autumn and winter. Generally speaking, it will be warm and sunny throughout the spring. However, there will be bouts of torrential rain during the summer, so it is advised to travellers to pack an umbrella with them if they decided to travel during this period. Autumn and winter mark the coldest season in Xiamen. Therefore, travellers will have to pack warm clothes to protect them from the cold winds. The average maximum temperature in Xiamen would differ from season to season, where the average temperature would be around 22 Celsius during spring and summer and 18 Celsius during autumn and winter. The month of March to May will be the peak season for Xiamen due to warm and pleasant climate compared to the rest of the year. 

Highlights attractions in Xiamen

Shuzhuang Garden – The Shuzhuang Garden is a beautiful and amazing public garden that is located in Xiamen. Touted by the locals as "the epitome of the natural beauty in China", the garden has everything that nature has to offer ranging from beautiful hills and ocean hills to the picturesque waterfalls and walkway beside the sea cliffs. For a fun and relaxing time with the family, this is the best place for you.

Hulishan Fortress – The Hulishan Fortress is a sizable ancient fortress that is part of a key national heritage of China. The fort has a set of cannons where one of the cannons was even listed in the Guinness World Records. The fortress was first built as the last line of defence from foreign invasion. For all the history lovers out there, who are interested to learn more on China's history in general, this is the place for you.

South Putuo Temple – The South Putuo Temple is an interesting and majestic ancient temple that is located in the heart of Xiamen. The temple covered an area of around 26 hectares and all of the sculptures and buildings around the temple are painstakingly conserved so that they will not be damaged by time or human actions so that the future generation could see them for themselves. South Putuo Temple is a must-visit if you are visiting Xiamen.

Airport in Tacloban

Airport in Xiamen

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