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Cheap flights to Osaka (KIX)

Flight to Osaka

Osaka is the second largest metropolitan area in Japan and one of the largest population in the world. According to the statistics in 2015, it has a population of 2.7 million people. Osaka is known for its famous local cuisines such as takoyaki, kushikatsu and okonomiyaki. Besides that, it also surrounded by historical sites, religious sites and beautiful nature. The visitors can also find famous landmarks and shopping malls in this city.

Airports in Osaka1. Osaka International AirportOsaka International Airport or the locals also called as Itami Airport is a primary airport that serves for big cities like Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka as well as Kansai region. It has been awarded as the first class airport. This airport handles domestic airlines such as Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Amakusa Airlines and many more. The distance between this airport and the city is about 14.7 kilometres. By taking a taxi, the taxi fare is around 7081 Yen which is about PHP 3317.52.

2. Kansai International AirportKansai International Airport handles for international and domestic airlines which include AirAsia X, Air France, All Nippon Airways and Emirates. This airport consists of 2 terminals: one is for international and domestic flights and another is for the low-cost airlines. This airport also operates for international cargo airlines. This airport is situated about 51.3 kilometres from the city. The taxi fare will be around 19630 Yen which is about PHP 9196.86.

How to Get Cheap Flight Ticket to Osaka?Traveloka is a travel website and an application that makes it convenient for travellers to search for the most affordable flights to Osaka. All you need to do is key in the information in the search box, and the application will recommend the best trip according to your budget. It compares flight costs across some trustworthy airlines to assist you to urge the simplest doable deal. Use Traveloka's price alert feature to be notified of flights in your desired price range to get the best flight cost to Osaka.

When is The Best Time to Fly to Osaka?The peak season in Osaka is during the spring season which is from March to May and autumn season which happens from October to November. The off-peak season occurs during the winter season which is from December to February. Cherry blossom season is the reason that leads to many people visiting the city. The weather is also mild for both seasons which makes the visitors feel more comfortable during their tour. However, this is the peak period where the price of accommodation and flight tickets at a higher rate. Lesser visitors come to Osaka during the winter season because of cold weather. The visitors can still tour around the city during the day, but the weather will be much colder during at night. Hence, the best time to visit Osaka is all year round. The weather in Osaka still can be tolerate compared to other cities in Japan.

Many festivals are happening in Osaka. Firstly, Tenjin Matsuri. The visitors can join this festival with the locals in Osaka. There will be a parade and boats loaded with temples along the Okawa River. The visitors can also see a display of traditional fireworks and "Hanabi" at the end of this festival. Another festival is Aizen Matsuri. Back then, this festival is about a girl that went to a temple and prayed for a good match for her. The visitors can enjoy playing catching crabs and turtles in a paper bag.

What are The Top 3 Things to do in Osaka?There are a many interesting places in Osaka that you can visit.

1. DotonboriDotonburi is a famous spot among locals and foreign visitors. This place can easily found since it has many eye-catching billboards and signage. The most popular billboard in this area is the Gligo running man. The visitors can also find many restaurants serving the best local cuisines within this area. Moreover, it is a famous place to snap some great picture for the visitors.

2. Osaka CastleOsaka Castle houses a museum where the visitors can know more about the history of the castle and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The visitors can also find collections of artifacts, paintings and other historical objects being displayed in this museum. Besides that, there is an observation deck where the visitors can see the view of Osaka city.

3. Osaka Aquarium KaiyukanOsaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is one of the largest aquariums in the world. It consists of 15 zones and it has housed 30000 animals from different types of animals. Each zone represents different types of habitat. The visitors can see a 9 metres deep tank which has placed a whale shark and other animals from the Pacific Ocean.

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