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El Nido - Palawan

Cheap flights to El Nido - Palawan (ENI)

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Price from

Coron - Palawan (USU) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Monday, 18 Dec 2023
₱ 4,661.48
Clark - Pampanga (CRK) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Tuesday, 05 Dec 2023
₱ 5,749.50
Caticlan - Boracay (MPH) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Tuesday, 12 Dec 2023
₱ 5,809.30
Manila (MNL) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Sunday, 10 Dec 2023
₱ 6,353.50
Cebu (CEB) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Wednesday, 20 Dec 2023
₱ 8,189.89
Bohol (TAG) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Wednesday, 20 Dec 2023
₱ 8,896.71
Puerto Princesa - Palawan (PPS) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Wednesday, 06 Dec 2023
₱ 9,288.26
Iloilo (ILO) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Saturday, 09 Dec 2023
₱ 10,283.35
Dipolog (DPL) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Tuesday, 19 Dec 2023
₱ 10,591.07
Cagayan de Oro (CGY) → El Nido - Palawan (ENI)
Sunday, 03 Dec 2023
₱ 11,435.78

Flights to El Nido Palawan

Covering a total area of 923 square kilometres, El Nido is a first class Philippine municipality on Palawan Island. It is about 420 kilometres (260 mi) south-west of Manila and about 238 kilometres north-east of Puerto Princesa, Palawan's capital. It was founded in 1916 and renamed as El Nido Palawan on 17th June 1954. This area is well known for its white-sand beaches and coral reefs. The beautiful beaches ranked in Conde Nast Traveler's list of "20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World." Moreover, due to its extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem, CNNGo has called it the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines.
It is composed of 45 islands and islets and acts as the main getaway to the Bacuit archipelago, a group of islands with steep karst cliffs. The highest peak is at Cadlao Island with a height of 640 metres above sea level. In the 2015 census, the population of El Nido was 41,606 people with a density of 45 inhabitants per square kilometre or 120 inhabitants per square mile.

Airports in El Nido Palawan

1. El Nido Airport

El Nido Airport, also referred to as Lio Airport is an airport serving the general area of El Nido. Lio is the name for the river that runs nearby. It is located in the barangay of Villa Libertad about 4 kilometres from the poblacion (town proper) of El Nido. This airport is owned and operated by AirSWIFT, previously known as Island Transvoyager, Inc. (ITI Air), which specializes in domestic flights between islands in the Philippines. This airport features a unique atmosphere with two huts, each for departures and arrivals. The patchwork of areas are covered in gravel with areas coated with a tarmac

How to Get Cheap Flights to El Nido Palawan?

Traveloka is a convenient travel internet site for travellers to find the low-priced flights to El Nido Palawan. The simple step needed is to input the information in the search box and the application will propose the best trip according to your budget. It also compares flight prices given by trusted airlines to help you to get the best deal. To get your preferred price range, you can use Traveloka’s price alert feature to be notified of flights in order to get the best flight price to El Nido Palawan.

When is the best time to fly to El Nido Palawan?

The best time to go to El Nido is during the dry season as there is less rainfall and suitable for outdoor activities. The climate in El Nido is distinguished by two seasons which are generally dry, from December to May, and wet, from June to November. April and May are typically the driest months, while the heaviest rainfall occurs around August. The interchange of winds also occurs occasionally from the north from December to March and the Southwest wind is felt from June to October while the East wind, the mildest of all breezes, blows during April and May.
El Nido Palawan has an average surface temperature ranges from a low of 22 °C to a high of 33 °C. The coolest temperatures are usually experienced during January, while the hottest temperatures are felt in April and May.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in El Nido Palawan?

1. Nagkalit-kalit Falls -For those who want to enjoy hiking activity, a perfect destination to visit is Nagkali-kalit Falls. There is a path where it will lead you to the waterfall. It is advisable for the visitors to wear only slippers during their hiking because their feet will eventually get wet. As you go through the path, you can see palm trees within the area. You can see the waterfall has large vertical steam which can form a smaller waterfall and a deep swimming pool.
2. Las Cabanas Beach -Las Cabanas Beach offers a beautiful zip line. It has clear water and white sands. You can see the palm lining along the beach. Some stairs can reach the landing point from the beach. The zipline has 750 metres long. You can enjoy the wind while watching the beautiful scenery of the sea by the beach. You can also visit Las Cabanas Beach in the evening to catch the sunset view.
3. Cathedral Cave -Cathedral Cave is a cave that looked like a cathedral with high ceilings that are meant for Adele tunes. To enter the cave, you will see cliffs and jagged rocks which make the entrance is more narrow. You can see sunlight from the ceiling and a sandy beach while going through the cave. You can climb at a few smooth ledges and take some good pictures of the surrounding area.

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