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Flights from Manila to Davao

Flights from Manila to Davao

Home to the tallest mountain peak of Philippines that looms majestically in the distance, Davao City is also recognized to be a first class highly urbanized city in the whole island of Mindanao. Well, Davao City isn't merely your ordinary Philippines' capitals. Due to its abundance of tropical fruits like mangosteen, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, pameloes, papayas, coconut and the most amazingly of all, the king of fruits, Durians! Hence, the city was nicknamed as the "Durian Capital". This city has also become a dear home to the country's national bird, the Philippines eagles and the Queen of Philippines Flowers, the waling-waling orchids. Indeed, Davao is genuinely one of the nation's most valuable treasure trove!

Best time to fly from Manila to Davao

Greatly blessed with a tropical rainforest climate, giving Davao or Philippines itself to experience two main seasons which are wet and dry seasons with the seasonal monsoon and occasional downpour despite the hot months. Davao, particularly, has an all-year-round average temperature ranging between 26 to 32oC. The warmest months of May, April and October recorded the highest temperature of just 33.3oC. If you enjoy a lovely sunny month to travel, then these are just the perfect months for you! A rule of thumb when you are about to travel to Davao, considering that you aren't a people person that is, do avoid the peak tourism season from June to August. Unsurprisingly, flights, lodgings and accommodations will definitely increase during this season! So the best time recommended to avoid crowds and poor weather with good money value will be from the beginning to the middle of January.

Main airports available in Manila and Davao

1. Francisco Bangoy International Airport

Mindanao's busiest airport, Francisco Bangoy International Airport is located north of the city center. This airport serves as the main hub for both domestic and international flights to and from the city. A few of the airlines that operate here are Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Philippines Air Asia, SilkAir and Cathay Dragon, flying to over 13 destinations across the nation along with other international countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Quanzhou. Plus, this airport is complemented by the latest navigational, security and baggage handling equipment to ease your mobility. Getting to this airport is really simple. You can easily access to public transportation like taxis and Philippines' jeepneys! With no or least traffic, you will be able to make it to the airport within 15 to 30 minutes from Davao's downtown.

Climate pattern in Manila and Davao

Davao experience warm and sunny days throughout the year, despite the occasional shower. The city’s temperature was recorded the highest at 37oC and the lowest of 23.3oC. The warmest months are definitely in April, May and October. Nonetheless, don't sweat yourself. Its occasional downpour and gentle breeze will help to soothe the heat away. The most pleasant weather arrives in Davao around June to August of the year. The days are just splendidly nice, neither they are too hot nor too wet, for a perfect tour around the city. Hence, making it the busiest season for tourism in Davao.

Highlights attractions in Davao

1. Mount Apo Natural Park - Be surprised to be greeted by the spellbinding beauty of none other than the majestic Mount Apo. With the height of 2, 954 meters above sea level, Mount Apo was recognized to be the nation's tallest mountain. It is also a large solfataric and potentially an active volcano. However, don't be disheartened! Just breathe in the refreshing humid mountain breeze, feast your eyes with the rich lush of greeneries covering the hills and indulge in the tranquil atmosphere it possesses. This will be a great experience unlike any other!

2. Davao Crocodile Park - To inspire public to respect, appreciate and love nature, especially wildlife in their case, Davao Crocodile Park was a kick start to share their enthusiasm or a state of the art of crocodile farming system in the Philippines. You'll be amazed by the latest crocodile farm design that is fully equipped with modern facilities! Oh and not just that, this park is also home to many more exotic animal species like raptors, snakes, monkeys, bearcats and birds. Isn't it just the right edutainment for your kids?

3. People’s Park - Frequently barraged by its local from all walks of life, indeed suits its given name of People's Park. This beautiful park was designed with scenic landscapes of a waterfall, breathtaking gardens, fun playground and naturally vibrant sculptures that speak volume of the great local indigenous people. Markedly distinguishable by its gigantic spiky, durian-like domed-roof, you will walk-through a mesmerizing view by both the man-made architecture and nature alike. This park is also dotted with many dining places surrounding it. What are you waiting for? Mark this park down in your itinerary!

Airport in Davao

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