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Cebu (CEB) → Naga (WNP)
Monday, 26 Feb 2024
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Wednesday, 20 Mar 2024
₱ 3,935.54

Cheap Flight to Naga, Philippines

When one mentions of taking a short holiday, the usual places that come to mind are often the long white sandy beaches and clear blue waters of Cebu and Boracay. However, the Philippines has more to offer than just sun, sand and sea. Naga City or officially known as The City of Naga is a 2nd class independent component city in the region of Bicol and was one of the major cities during the Spanish rule in the Philippines. Surrounded on all four sides by forests, rich agricultural and fishing areas, Naga offers its visitors a different experience, away from the sand and the sea.

Airports in Naga

1. Naga Airport (WNP)

The small airport located in the neighbouring town of Pili in Barangay San Jose, the Naga Airport is a major domestic airport servicing the city and metropolitan area of Naga. The Airport is located around 15 mins drive from Naga city itself. Guests can also go to the main road outside of the airport and take a Jeepney to Naga city for only p15 per ride. Cebu Pacific Airlines operate flights to and from Manila while the Philippine Airlines operate flights to and from Clark.

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When is the Best Time to visit Naga?

Naga City is surrounded by lush forests and agricultural land, visitors to can flock to Naga at any time of the year without having to worry about currents, waves or rain as most of the activities done here will be inland. Making Naga a perfect destination to visit all year round.
Being in the Philippines, Naga City also experiences a tropical climate with sun throughout the year with the occasional rainfall. The average temperature in Naga is 27.8 degrees Celsius, with April being its hottest month and January being its lowest at 26.5 degrees Celsius.
However, the peak season for visitors to Naga would be in September which is when the Penafrancia Festival is held in Naga City. The Penafrancia Festival is a territorial religious festival that celebrates Nuestra Senora de Penafrancia, also considered the biggest religious festival in the Philippines. During the one week event, Bicolanos from all walks of life gather in Naga City to meet their relatives, friends and fellow devotees to share drinks, food and prayers with them, and most importantly to pay homage to the Virgin of Penafrancia.

What are The Top 3 Things to Do in Naga?

Naga is not only known for the Penafrancia festival. Here are some other places that you could visit when in Masbate.
1. Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia – Being in the city that holds the largest religious festival in the Philippines, wouldn't it be even more perfect to drop by the beautiful Basilica where the image of Lady of Penafrancia is kept? This Basilica is one of the biggest Marian Pilgrim sites in Asia and is beautifully made up with intricate and colourful stained glass art which will take your breath away.
2. Panicuason Hot Spring Resort – Being away from the sea doesn’t mean you can enjoy any water activities. Located just 20 minutes away from the city centre, Panicuason Hot Springs is the place to be to melt away all the stress and replenish your travelling energy. Offering four pools, the first being cold springs is suitable for young kids. The other three pools are hot water springs with each pool progressively hotter than the other. If you're done up to a bit of adventure before you take a dip, you can also past the hanging bridge which will lead you to a short trekking path. Perfect for a short sweat session before you relax your muscles.
3. Hammock in the Sky – Thrill seekers, don't worry, Naga has just what you need. Others may hang their hammocks underneath a coconut tree on the beach, but why don't you try lying down in a hammock over a ravine, 80 feet above the ground. Be warned that getting to the hammocking area is no breeze. Adventure seekers will need to climb around 350 steps to get to the zip line and Tarzan swing area. Once there, guests will have to haul themselves to the middle of the zip line, stretch out the hammocks and secure the points before getting in the hammock, but don’t worry, the view will instantly make you forget of all the trouble you went through.

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