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Flight from Davao (DVO) to Naga (WNP)

Flight from Davao (DVO) to Naga (WNP)

It has been well-established that the country of the Philippines is one of the well-known holiday destinations in the Southeast Asia region. Among the many tourist destinations that are popular in the Philippines is Naga or officially, the City of Naga. Established since 1575 under the Spanish colonization, Naga is now a regional center trade, business, religious, cultural, industrial, commercial, medical, educational and financial for Bicol Region. Therefore, one can expect the city to be more developed while still retaining its colonial heritage that becomes a significant part of its history.

Best time to fly from Davao to Naga

Naga, in a similar manner to other regions around Philippines and nearby countries in the Southeast Asia region, is classified as having a tropical savanna climate in which temperatures are usually warm to hot all year round. The hottest months are often around April, May and June, while the milder wet seasons around November always have a peak time to come to Naga. Meanwhile, the off-peak season is between October and May during the dry seasons where the climate during that season can be uncomfortable. While accommodation and ticket prices tend to drop this time, visitors should check the weather reports before going to the town around this period.

Main airports available in Davao and Naga

Francisco Bangoy International Airport - Francisco Bangoy International Airport or also known commonly as Davao International Airport is the primary airport that is generally serving the Davao Region and Davao city specifically. Located in Catitipan, Barangay Buhangin which is about 36 kilometers from Davao city area, it is the third busiest airport in the country. It is a public airport operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. Francisco Bangoy International Airport has begun operating since the 1940s and has been modernized ever since, to the point that the airport is now able to accommodate up around four million passengers annually. The recently built terminal has a Malay architecture design that is located just across the old terminal and is four times larger too. It is the hub for Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Philippines Airasia as well as catering for flights heading to and from Manila, Clark, Cebu and many more.

Naga Airport - The Naga Airport is a public major domestic airport that connects the city and metropolitan area of Naga in general with other places in the Philippines. The airport can be found in Barangay San Jose, Pili, which is just about 14 kilometers away from the city center of Naga. Just like other airports in the Philippines, this airport is operated by Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. It has a runway that is 1,402 meters in length and is made of concrete. Among the airlines that operate in this airport is Cebu Pacific with destinations heading to and from Manila. From the airport, there is no doubt that it is easy to go in and out to the city area because there are many types of transportation available in the Naga Airport that are meant for the visitors to get in to go around town.

Climate pattern in Davao and Naga

Naga’s weather is typically about being under the hot sun for most of the time. Usually, it will be warm and sunny throughout the years with two distinctive seasons, namely the wet season, which is when a consistent amount of raining occurs and the dry season. The average high temperature in Naga is around 30 and 35 degree Celsius, while the average minimum is approximately 20 and 25 degree Celsius. The typhoon season occurring around June to October is the time you may not want to come over to Naga. Meanwhile, the warm and pleasant season of the year is usually from November to February. Therefore, if you plan to visit Naga during this season, be sure to book your flight and hotel early as the reservations will run out fast during this period.

Highlights in Naga

  • Mount Isarog - Mount Isarog is a potentially active volcano that can be found in the province of Camarines Sur, with the last eruption to occur since 3,500 BCE. At the height of 2,000 meters above the sea level, its peak marks the meeting point of the five municipalities’ borders. In addition to that, Mount Isarog has been the ancestral territory of the Isarog Agta people that have been indigenous to the place for thousands of years, even before the arrival of the Spanish conquest. Besides, it has a rich diversity, with four major types of vegetation that can be found on the various altitudes of the mountain.
  • Camsur Watersports Complex - Camsur Watersports Complex or Camarines Sur Watersports Complex is a watersports park that can be found in the provincial capital of Pili, specifically at the Provincial Capitol Complex. It is specially designed for the various watersports activities such as wakeboarding, wakeskating and waterskiing and has been regarded as the best of its kind in the Philippines.
  • Peñafrancia Basilica - Peñafrancia Basilica or also known as Peñafrancia Minor Basilica or Minor Basilica of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia is a Roman Catholic Minor Basilica that can be found at the Naga city’s outskirts, being one of the largest Marian Pilgrimage sites in Asia. Built-in 1976 by the suggestion of the late Archbishop Pedro Paulo Santos y Songco in 1960, it was dedicated to Our Lady of Penafancia in 1982. In the present, this basilica with modern architecture can accommodate 1,500 sitting congregants and 2,700 standing congregants. It is the only basilica that can be found in the entirety of the Bicol Region and the whole Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Caceres.

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