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Cheap flights to Dumaguete (DGT)

Flight to Dumaguete

Dumaguete is a capital city of Negros Oriental which located in the region of Central Visayas, Philippine. It has a population of 120883 people based on the 2010’s statistics. Dumaguete is known as “The City of Gentle People”. The locals are very polite and helpful. This city is a pit stop for visitors who come from Cebu City and the transport hub for visitors who want to explore around Negros Island. There are also clear waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes and stunning coastline in this city. The visitors can do a few activities like diving at Apo Island and whale watching near Bais City.

Airport in Dumaguete

1. Sibulan Airport

Sibulan Airport or also called as Dumaguete Airport is the main airport that serves for the city of Dumaguete. It only operates for domestic flights like Philippine Airline by PAL Express, Cebu Pacific by Cebgo and Cebu Pacific. This airport is located only 3.1 kilometres from the city centre. It takes about 11 minutes of riding a taxi from this airport. By taking a taxi, the taxi fare is around PHP 165.87.

How to Get Cheap Flight Ticket to Dumaguete?

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When is The Best Time to Fly to Dumaguete?

The peak season in Dumaguete is in November and the off-peak season happens during the wet season which is from June to November. Dumaguete does not receive many visitors during the wet season because thunderstorms and heavy rainfall occur. It is difficult for visitors to visit a few attraction places and go diving during this period. November is the peak month to have a holiday in Dumaguete. It is because this city has held several festivals at that time. The visitors who choose to travel to this city during this period, the visitors will have to pay more on flight tickets and hotels. Hence, the best time to have a vacation in Dumaguete is from December to May which happens on the dry season. The visitors can a lot of outdoor activities with hot and humid weather. The climate in Dumaguete is tropical. The average temperature in this city for annually is 27.8 degrees Celsius.
Many festivals are happening in Dumaguete. One of the major festivals in Dumaguete is the Sandurot Festival. It is a celebration for the remembrance of Dumaguete’s history. The visitors can see this festival on the streets. There will be dance performances along with the drums and other musical instruments. Each dance represents different cultures of Dumaguete. Another main festival in this city is the Buglasan Festival. There are many activities has organized by this festival. The visitors can drop by to a few stalls and booths selling local products. The visitors can also watch cultural performances, street dance competition, band performances and fireworks competition.

What are The Top 3 Things to Do in Dumaguete?

Dumaguete is known for its beautiful nature and peaceful city. Here are a few attraction places in Dumaguete that you can visit.
1. Rizal Boulevard -Rizal Boulevard is one of the popular destinations among the locals and foreign visitors in Dumaguete. The visitors can stroll along the seaside and relax under shady trees. There are plenty of food and drink stalls at this place. The visitors can have a meal at this place while enjoying the stunning view of the sea.
2. Dumaguete Belfry -Dumaguete Belfry is a well-known landmark in Dumaguete. It is a bell tower. From the outside of the building, the stone walls had already worn out. This tower was built more than 200 years ago. The purpose of building this tower is to protect the city from pirates. The visitors can see the Virgin Mary statue by climbing up the stairs. The visitors can also enjoy a sunset view behind the tower.
3. Quezon Park -Quezon Park is a nice place to have a walk other than Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete. It is located near the Dumaguete Belfry. The visitors can see this place is surrounded by green bushes and different types of plants. The visitors can also find a few statues such as Rizal and Maia Clara statues, a cannon and fire truck. Besides that, there is a children playground in this area.

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Top Things to Do in Dumaguete

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