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Cheap flights to Singapore (SIN)

Flights to Singapore

Singapore is a marvel of modern architecture and a symbol of advanced technology. Famous for being the "Lion City," there is no wonder why millions of international tourists are eager to explore the country. There is so much to explore in this vibrant melting pot of culture - from majestic skyscrapers to the most luxurious hotels, there is more to Singapore than the iconic Merlion! 
Get ready for one of the most unforgettable getaways in your life, only here in Singapore! 

What can I do in Singapore?

  • Enjoy the Changi Airport
Once you first step into Singapore, you're already in a world-famous landmark. Singapore's Changi Airport is widely regarded as the world's top airport, and it's not hard to see why. From its state-of-the-art facilities to its stunning architecture, it is evident how it earned the title "World's Best Airport" and "World's Cleanest Airport" multiple times. As one of the biggest economic hubs in Southeast Asia, Changi Airport receives over 20 million passengers a year. You might as well consider the airport the crossroads of all nations, ethnicities, and cultures.  Some attractions within Changi Airport include the stunning arrival garden and calming cactus garden in Terminal 1. But the real star is the breathtaking Butterfly Garden, home to thousands of colorful butterfly species in Terminal 3! 
  • Explore Singapore’s Botanical Garden and Zoo
When thinking of Singapore, many would imagine its tall structures and skyscrapers. But did you know the country also boasts natural attractions and thriving wildlife in its "rainforest zoo?" With over 28 hectares of lush forestry and well-maintained reserves, Singapore Zoo is home to over 300 species from different regions! Some of its most unique tenants include the Nubian ibex, which hails from the deserts of Ethiopia. On the tamer side, the zoo also features an animal exhibit for kids with the most adorable animals - from charming donkeys to the fluffiest bunnies!  Another unmissable Singapore attraction is its 49-hectare Botanical Garden. Dating back to 1859, the garden has over 160 years of experience in keeping and cultivating the world's best flora. Singapore Botanical Garden is open from 5 AM to 12 midnight daily, so you can choose between a relaxing morning walk or winding down with nature after a long day.
  • Reach new heights in Singapore’s Cable Car and Flyer
If you're looking for the best way to witness the urban sprawl of Singapore to a whole new height, look no further than Singapore Flyer. This 165-meter observation wheel sits in the heart of Singapore's busiest district.  You know you couldn't miss a ride at the tallest observation wheel in Asia! The Singapore Flyer lets you admire Sentosa Island, Marina Bay, and the Singapore River. The ride takes around 30 minutes, and a ticket costs 25 USD (33 SGD) for adults and 16 USD (21 SGD) for those younger than 13.  Another exciting and visually stunning ride in Singapore is the Cable Car. You can enjoy the picturesque views around the country while in the comfort of a glass gondola. A Singapore ticket for unlimited rides on a Singapore Cable Car costs 34 USD (45 SGD). 
  • Take a pose by the iconic Merlion and Marina Bay
No Singapore holiday is complete without a picture of the iconic Merlion with the glistening Marina Bay in the background. The national icon takes the shape of a half-lion, half-fish mythical creature. Revealed in 1972, locals believe that the Merlion "guards the prosperity" and growth of the country.  Another popular Singapore tour landmark is the towering resort and casino, Marina Bay Sands. Considered a quintessential view for everyone visiting Singapore, there are plenty of activities and dining options surrounding the hotel.  You could also visit one of the best vantage points in Singapore - the Skypark in Marina Bay Sands! Located on the 57th floor of the building, the Skypark grants you an unobstructed view of Singapore and the Singapore Strait!
  • Explore Singapore’s famous theme parks
More than its modern tourist hotspots, Singapore is also a city of fun and thrill! The state boasts some of the best amusement parks in Southeast Asia. If you're traveling to Singapore with your family, make sure to include one of these parks in your itinerary!  Relive your favorite movies in Universal Studios Singapore! As the first theme park in Southeast Asia inspired by Hollywood movies, this park sets the atmosphere to make you feel like the main character. The park also boasts six rollercoasters and a fairytale-themed area!  At the southern shores of Singapore lies another fun-filled destination in Singapore - Sentosa Island! The park dedicates its 5 square kilometer area to providing the most unforgettable experiences for tourists.  One of its more popular amenities is Madame Tussaud's Singapore. Who wouldn't love taking selfies with the world's most famous stars? Sentosa Island's latest attraction is Scentopia Singapore, a unique attraction featuring an in-depth experience dedicated to perfume-making. 
  • Immerse in Singapore’s culture
Singapore is famous for its technology and modernity, but Singapore is as rich and flourishing as its economy. One of the best attractions to visit for Singapore's history and traditions is Chinatown.  There are plenty of Chinatown tours for tourists coming to Singapore. This district is home to cultural relics, religious buildings, and traditional Chinese architecture. Fun tip, you will also find the best noodles and dumplings in this district!  More than its ties with Chinese culture, another prominent presence in Singapore is the influence of Indian culture. You can witness ornate sculptures and decorations in Little India along Serangoon Road. 
  • Shop ‘til you drop in Singapore’s shopping districts
One of the best parts of a vacation is shopping! The good news is Singapore is a haven for shopaholics. Whether you're looking for budget-friendly clothes or want the most fashion-forward luxury brands, Singapore has something in store for you.  Orchard Road is Singapore's most famous shopping district. Lined with the world's most popular brands, the biggest shopping malls, and the most unique fashion boutiques, you'll find something that suits your taste in Orchard Road.  If you're looking for a luxurious shopping experience in Singapore, look no further than Marina Bay. High-end brands fill the shopping spaces in this intricately decorated mall. The best part is you will also find the best restaurants in Singapore in this mall!

What are the visa requirements?

Some countries need to apply for a pre-departure tourist visa from the valid issuing government entity in their respective countries. The countries that need pre-departure visas are (but are not limited to) India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Hong Kong, and the Republic of China. 
Meanwhile, some countries are eligible for visa-free entry for tourists in Singapore. These countries include the United Kingdom, the United States of America, South Korea, European Union members, and many others. Travelers from these countries can enjoy a 30-day visa-free entry to Singapore for tourism.
Here are some of the entry requirements for Singapore tourists: 
  1. Passport (or other valid travel documents) valid for six months from the date of arrival. 
  2. Exit transport tickets
  3. Proof of sufficient funds for Singapore travel
  4. Yellow Fever vaccination (if applicable)

When is the best time to visit Singapore?

Singapore sits near the equator and offers pleasant tropical weather throughout the year. The best time for a Singapore vacation depends on your purpose of travel. 
If you're looking forward to touring Singapore and experiencing the best attractions in the city, the ideal schedule would be June to August. These months offer the best weather to enjoy some of Singapore's summer attractions and theme parks. 
There are certain events and months in Singapore that could attract tourists. For example, the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, typically held around September or October, attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists to the country. If you're a shopaholic looking for the optimal time for great deals and sales in Singapore's best shops, you could plan your visit around the Chinese New Year.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Singapore?

You can find affordable flights to Singapore during the months of September to October. These months are the lean season for Singapore's tourism, so you'll also find smaller crowds in the most popular attractions of the city. However, keep in mind that there is a great likelihood that the weather will be unpredictable in these months. Expect light rain showers on some days of your vacation.

What are the average costs in Singapore?

Compared to other tropical destinations in Southeast Asia, the cost of living in Singapore is significantly higher. As the economic center and the heart of trading in the region, the economy of Singapore is significantly better than its neighboring countries, hence the high costs. 
A meal from a decent diner in the busy streets of Singapore costs around 9 USD (12 SGD). Meanwhile, a full meal at Mcdonald's (including a drink) starts at 7 USD (10 SGD). 
If you're one of the people who cannot go on with their day without the dose of caffeine, a cup of cappuccino costs a little more than 5 USD (7 SGD). 
While the notion of Singapore being an expensive city is a story often told, the missing piece of the story is the affordable transportation costs in the city. Most destinations in Singapore are accessible by their budget-friendly public transportation lines. 

How to get from the airport to town?

If your priority is convenience, the best way to get from Changi Airport to the city center is by taxi. All terminals in the airport have a taxi stand in the arrivals area. A taxi ride from Changi Airport to the tourist districts of Singapore costs around 18 USD (25 SGD). 
One thing to keep in mind about Singapore is the accessibility and the low costs of public transport. For the most affordable way to reach the city center, you can take the train (MRT) from the airport. Hop in the Changi Station, and you will need to change lines at Tanah Merah Station. From Tanah Merah Station, you can access most of the districts in Singapore. 
Another option for airport transfer is taking the Changi Airport Shuttle. Ideal for solo travelers, these shared vans will drop you off directly or near your accommodation. The cost of an Airport Shuttle transfer starts at 7 USD (10 SGD) for adults. 

How to get around Singapore?

  • Taxi
For travelers whose priorities are comfort and on-demand transportation, taxis are the best choice for getting around Singapore. The most popular online taxi-hailing app in Singapore as of 2023 is Grab. The benefit of choosing online booking is the set fare for your destination. 
You can also book directly on the ground or hail a cab the traditional way. There are many taxi stands around Singapore's busiest districts.
The good thing about Singapore taxis is that you can ask the drivers for a receipt. While taxis are more expensive than public transportation, they are still relatively affordable in Singapore, especially when compared to other major cities around the world.
  • Train
The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), Singapore's subway system, is the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to get around the city. The MRT network connects you to almost every nook and cranny of the city, including popular tourist destinations and even residential areas. 
Make sure to get a Singapore Tourist Pass (available through kiosks at the Changi Airport) that allows you to have unlimited trips in MRT and Bus lines around Singapore for a day. The value of a tourist pass varies depending on the length of validity, with a three-day tourist pass costing around 25 USD (34 SGD). 
  • Bus
Singapore has an extensive bus network covering most parts of the island. While buses may not be as fast as the MRT, they offer a more scenic route, allowing you to see more of the city and its neighborhoods. There are plenty of bus stops around the city, so you'll surely find your way no matter your destination. 
The Singapore Tourist Pass are accepted in all buses around Singapore. If you wish to pay in cash, make sure to carry the exact amount, as buses in Singapore do not give change.

Where is the best area to stay in Singapore?

  • Orchard Road - the best for tourists
If you're a shopaholic or your idea of a workout is hitting the mall and window shopping, you'll love staying in Orchard Road. This street is one of Singapore's busiest areas, all for a good reason - shopping. From the best upscale brands to the best fashion bargains in  Singapore, you'll find it all here along Orchard Road. Another good reason for staying in this district is the abundance of transport terminals and good restaurants in the area! 
  • Great for: Shopping and variety of food options
  • Downside: Lack of affordable accommodations in the area ; big crowd
  • Lloyd's Inn
This charming property is the perfect mix of accessibility to Orchard Road's best attraction and being tucked in a quiet residential area. One look at Lloyd's Inn, and you'll be captivated by its uniquely modern architecture. If you're a fan of clean and minimalist spaces, look no further than this accommodation for your trip to Singapore
  • Marina Area - for the most luxurious
Marina Bay is the epitome of Singaporean luxury. With some of the best hotels, skyscrapers, and the majestic view of the bay right at your doorstep, you wouldn't ask for more when you stay in this district. Some of Singapore's most luxurious hotels and award-winning restaurants are in this neighborhood. The best part of staying in Marina Bay is that you're only a stone's throw away from the most popular attractions of the city! 
  • Great for: Having the best view in Singapore; within walking distance of the best attractions
  • Downside: Expensive rates in the area
  • The Westin Singapore
Sitting at the heart of Singapore's business district is a 46-story hotel that speaks nothing short of luxury. This five-star hotel is a mainstay in the list of the best hotels in Singapore. Who wouldn't dream of swimming in an outdoor infinity pool that overlooks one of the liveliest cities in the world? Other amenities to enjoy include a fully-stacked fitness gym, a sauna, and a restaurant and cafe on the 32nd and 33rd floors, respectively. 
  • Colonial Area - for the a peaceful environment
This district owes its name to its history with British forces inhabiting its spaces. The charm of the Colonial District is its relatively more serene atmosphere. Compared to the big crowds of the Marina and the lively streets of Sentosa, the Colonial District lets you enjoy the more laid-back side of Singapore.  You can take a walk in the area and appreciate the well-kept relics of what Singapore used to be under British rule. Some notable landmarks include the Singapore Art Museum and Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall.
  • Great for: Culture and history enthusiasts; a peaceful environment
  • Downside: Lack of attractions and small crowds
  • Raffles' Hotel
Live like the royal in the elegant spaces of Raffles Singapore! This five-star hotel is one of the earliest and most famous luxury hotels in the city. The Palladian facade acts as a reminder of Singapore's British roots. But more than its exterior, the hotel also boasts amenities that will make your vacation unforgettable! This hotel hosts a fitness center, a vast outdoor swimming pool, multilingual staff, and free WiFi throughout the property. 
  • Sentosa Area - for the tropical tourist
This resort island is your dream destination with the whole family! Sentosa Island is the perfect package for family tourists - round-the-clock entertainment, fun theme parks, and the best restaurants. If you want to enjoy Singapore attractions but want to live a little far from the usual crowd, you'll love staying in Sentosa. Think of the cable car ride to Sentosa as an escape from reality. This island is a haven for tourists and where the best vacation to Singapore memories are made!
  • Great for: Enjoying the theme parks, keeping the children entertained
  • Downside: A bit further away from the city center, limited accommodation options
  • Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore
This five-star resort hotel is as fancy as it gets! The property sits on a secluded cove on Sentosa Island, giving you a private access to Singapore's best beach. Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa prides itself as the only beachfront hotel in Singapore - what a good thing to brag about! Some of the amenities include an all-day gym, recreational facilities, outdoor swimming pools, and activity centers for children. 

How much is the accommodation in Singapore?

  • Hotels:
Are you the type of traveler who loves to make the most of the accommodation amenities? If so, a hotel is the accommodation that suits you the most.  Hotels are the most popular type of accommodation in Singapore, as most of the skyscrapers in the city center are world-class hotels. From luxury 5-star hotels to budget-friendly options, you can find the perfect hotel for your needs in Singapore's tourist districts.  The price range for hotels in Singapore varies depending on the room type, the quality, and if the name of the hotel. (Hotels managed by international hospitality brands tend to charge far more expensive rates than other hotels).  On average, a mid-range hotel room in Singapore starts at 200 USD per night, while a luxury hotel can cost upwards of 450 USD per night.
  • Villas
If you're willing to spend the extra buck for the most luxurious accommodation, look no further than a private villa. Villas are popular for those who prefer a more secluded and relaxing vacation. A private villa can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 10 guests, depending on size.  Villas in Singapore are typically located in more exclusive areas, such as Sentosa Island. The range of amenities include private swimming pools, gardens, and breathtaking views. The average price range for a villa in Singapore can range from SGD 500-1000 per night, depending on the location and the package inclusions (food, transportation, and services).
  • Hostels:
Hostels are a popular option for budget-conscious travelers looking for affordable accommodation options. Hostels in Singapore offer a range of options, from dormitory-style rooms to private rooms. You can find hostels in the city center near popular attractions. While more affordable hostels may take you a short walk from the nearest transportation station. The average price range for a hostel in Singapore depends on location. In the busy streets of Orchard Road, a night at a decent hostel starts at 100 USD. While in the more secluded neighborhoods such as Geylang, you can find a hostel for as low as 60 USD per night.

How much is the average cost of a SIM Card in Singapore?

Singapore has a reliable and fast connection, both Wi-Fi and mobile data. You can buy a 4G Sim Card at the airport arrivals area. The price for tourist SIM cards depends on the data allocation for your preferred package.  A 30-day data pass with 3GB data allocation starts at 8 USD (10 SGD). Meanwhile, a 30-day unlimited data plan costs 50 USD (66 SGD). If you're a heavy data user and you have the need for video calls, downloads, or internet surfing during your vacation, an unlimited data plan is your best option. 

Guide to Bangkok

  • Airport name: Singapore Changi Airport
  • Airport code: SIN
  • Currency: Singaporean Dollar (SGD)
  • Exchange rate: 1 SGD = 0.75 USD & 1 USD = 1.33 USD
  • Language: Mandarin, English 
  • Time difference: GMT +8
  • Weather(C/F): 23-25ºC during the night and maximum not rising above 31-33ºC during the day
  • Popular airline: Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Emirates


  • How many airports are there in Singapore? 
Singapore has only one airport, the world-famous Singapore Changi Airport. This multi-awarded airport has received the title "World's Best Airport" for 12 years. More than just a hub of transportation, Changi Airport features several entertainment and activity attractions within the complex!  Over 100 airlines from all over the world fly to Changi Airport. With a record of almost 20 million passengers served in 2018, Singapore Changi Airport is the busiest airport in Southeast Asia. 
  • How can I find the best flight deal to Singapore?
Flight rates tend to be cheaper when you book your flight at least four weeks prior to your departure. Make sure to book ahead of time to score the best rates for your Singapore flight.  Another way to find affordable flights to Singapore is through Traveloka. Traveloka lets you compare hundreds of flights from over a thousand partnered airlines. For the best rates online, travel with Traveloka. 
  • Which is the cheapest airport in Singapore?
There is only one airport in Singapore, the Singapore Changi Airport. However, over 100 airlines fly to the Changi Airport - from the world's most luxurious fleets to the most budget-friendly airlines. You can visit the Traveloka promo page for the best deals and discounts for flights to Singapore. 
  • Can I get free Wi-Fi in Singapore airport?
Yes. In fact, Singapore Changi Airport has one of the fastest airport Wi-Fi connections, with a speed of up to 45 Mbps. You can connect to #WiFi@Changi for three hours, with the possibility of another three-hour extension. 
  • Can I find a prayer room at Singapore airport?
There are multiple prayer rooms at Singapore Changi Airport. All terminals in the airport have a prayer room in their departure areas. 
  • Are there shopping places in Singapore Airport?
Yes. There are plenty of shopping options at Singapore Changi Airport. The official website of the airport even features a shopping directory for the 136 shopping stalls in the area. World-class footwear, clothing, perfume, and confectionary brands can all be found in Singapore Changi Airport. 
  • Do hotels near Singapore Airport offer free transport to the airport?
The availability of free hotel transport depends on your hotel accommodation package. Some hotels near Changi Airport such as Shangri-La Singapore and Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore include the hotel pick-up and drop off in the amenities for their guests. 
  • Where are the ATMs located in Singapore Changi International Airport?
You will find plenty of ATM terminals at Singapore Changi Airport. All ATMs in the airport support Master Cards and VISA Cards, so you wouldn't have issues finding a machine that accommodates your card. Some of the bank ATMs in Changi Airport include HSBC, Citibank, and Bank of China. 
  • Can I smoke at Singapore Changi International Airport?
Yes. There are designated smoking areas at Singapore Changi Airport. Make sure to only smoke in these designated areas as the fine for illegal smoking (underage smoking, and possession of tobacco, and smoking in No Smoking Zones) incur a high fee in Singapore. 
  • What is there to do while in Changi Airport?
There are plenty of activities and entertainment options at Singapore Changi Airport! If you love gaming, you can visit the entertainment corner in Terminal 4, which features arcade consoles, an Xbox, and plenty of other indoor sports.  Another fun activity in Changi Airport is visiting the captivating Butterfly Garden that hosts up to 1000 colorful butterflies. If you have a considerable amount of time before your flight, you can also watch a movie in the in-house theatre at the airport. 
  • Tips for finding cheap flights to Singapore?
Flights to Singapore tend to be cheaper during its lean season for tourism during the months of July to September. Another option to find cheap rates for Singapore flights is by booking your trip ahead of time.  With Traveloka, you can ensure that you're getting the best rates for your budget. Traveloka partners with the most-trusted airways worldwide and lets you compare the rates of different flights to Singapore. For the best rates to the world's leading destinations, travel with Traveloka. 
  • What are the travel & COVID regulations in Singapore?
As of February 2023, Singapore has waived all COVID-19 restrictions including pre-departure COVID testing and requiring proof of vaccination for incoming tourists. However, safety precautions and several health protocols are still in place in Singapore's most crowded districts. 

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