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Cheap flights to Chennai (MAA)

Flight to Chennai, India

Chennai is the capital state of Tamil Nadu, India. This city was discovered back in 1639 when the British East India Company represents were granted the land to build a trading settlement and it was known with the name "Madras" until it the year 1996, later then changed to Chennai. Having its metropolitan area, it is India's 6th most populous city and ranked 43rd for the most visited city in the year 2015. Among many other cities and states in India, Chennai is known as India's health capital and the city managed to be labeled as the safest city in the country.

Airport in Chennai, India

1. Chennai International Airport (MAA)

This airport is India’s 3rd busiest airport and it is looked forward to being renowned as a world-class airport. It is situated only 40 minutes away from central Chennai. MAA welcomes the arrival of its local passengers through the Kamraj Terminal while Anna Terminal would be for international arrival. Over the previous year, this airport had been handling over 22.5 million passengers and managed over 500 aircraft movements every day.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Chennai?

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Chennai?

The climate of Chennai, India has always been tropical (wet and dry climates) as it is located in the zone of the thermal equator or the heat equator which means the city will have the highest mean of annual temperature. The off-peak season would be the hottest time of the year that would hit the city with a range of temperature of 35ͦC to 40ͦC in late May to early of June. The peak season would be around December to March where the evenings are delightful and the temperature hardly exceeds 30ͦC.
Chennai faces mainly these two seasons; summer and monsoon. Summer possesses the temperature ranges of 35ͦC to 42ͦC from April to June and monsoon occurs around October to December with an annual rainfall average of 140 cm. The rainfalls help blooms the land of the country. Chennai is the coolest with the range of temperature 19ͦC to 25ͦC around January. Since Chennai is situated at the coast of India, the weather there is quite humid so to those that plan to visit the city, be sure to pack light for the trip.
This city is one of the cities in India that is home to those of a diverse ethnic and religions. The Hindus are among the major religions there thus resulting in a various number of cultural events and festivals. Chennai happens to be India's center of music, culture and art and it is well known for its traditional and classical dance performances. Chennai Music Festival, held in December to mid- January, is classical music and dance celebration. This festival will be held in well-known temples as the venues. Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated on 13th to 16th of January. This festival is when the locals would conduct prayers to show grace to the Sun God for the well-harvested plantations. Pongal is also the name of a dish and it is often cooked for most of the festivals celebrated in the country.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Chennai?

There are plenty of beautiful places to visit while being in Chennai.
1. Kapaleeshwarar Temple -This temple is one of Chennai's oldest temples said to date back to the 7th century and it is built as a dedication to Lord Shiva, one of the supreme beings within Shaivism. Kapaleeshwarar Temple consists of many shrines and it conducts six rituals daily beginning from 5.30AM to 10.00PM and four annual festivals. This temple is situated in Mylapore and its street is the soul of the city as it has witnessed a lot of Chennai's historical events and it is full of culture.
2. Marina Beach -The 12 km long beach; the longest urban beach of India, is very famous among both locals and foreign tourists. Although the beach is not permitted for swimming due to its strong tides, many enjoy their times taking a stroll along with it or even watching the sunset from the lighthouse located at the southern end to the beach. Marina Beach is the place to see the locals' ways of hanging out; cooling off their days by taking a long walk, munching on their Marukus and watching the sunset.
3. Cholamandal Artists’ Village -This village is situated about 21 km from the center of Chennai and here is where a group of self-funded artists would gather to portray their creativity. This village was set up back in 1966 and now the artists had built their own houses, studios, art gallery, workshops et cetera. In this village too, visitors get to see such remarkable collections of art in the Museum of Madras Movement where the entry fee per person is SGD 0.39 from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM.

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