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Cheap flights to Kuantan (KUA)

Flights to Kuantan, Malaysia

Kuantan is a city in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. It is located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and faces the South China Sea. It is the capital of Pahang. In Malaysia, Kuantan is listed as the 17th largest state and the biggest city in the East Coast of Malaysia. Since 1995, all the administrative offices were relocated to this city from Kuala Lipis. Kuantan was founded in the 1850s and was named by Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir. Kuantan consists of multi-racial demographics. Kuantan sourced their economy mainly from tourism. They are also very active in producing local handicrafts such as batik, dried fish crackers and salted fish.

Airports in Kuantan

1. Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA)

Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport is the main airport that serves Kuantan and the vicinity of this city. It is located 15 kilometers from the city center. This airport once collaborated with Taiwan tourism and opened 23 chartered flights directly from Taipei. It is the first airport in East Coast Malaysia that receives international flights. Passengers who land at this airport will need to walk from the aircraft to the main building. Some of the airlines that operate here are Air Asia, Firefly, Malaysia Airlines and also Scoot. For those who fly from Manila will need to land in KLIA 1 or 2 first then take a domestic flight here.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Kuantan?

The best way to get cheap flight tickets to Kuantan is by using Traveloka. It is a search engine that will be able to pull out some of the best deals. Travelers will need to key in the desired destination and the site will pull out the information from known airlines and compare the prices. Travelers will be able to see the best deals and make their way to Istanbul. Travelers who feel the rate are slightly higher may use the price alert feature where travelers will be notified if there is a better deal for flights to Kuantan.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Istanbul?

Kuantan experiences a tropical rainforest climate. It only has two seasons which are the dry season and wet season. The dry season usually occurs between April to September. The wind would blow from Sumatra to the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. During this time the temperature of the city may increase up to 40 degrees Celsius. The wet season usually occurs between October to March. This season is also influenced by the monsoon season. The northeast winds would bring rain to Kuantan. Due to this and even the monsoon season, there will be more rain during the day. It is also very common for the city to be flooded. Therefore the best time to visit the city would be between June to July. This is the transition between the two seasons where the temperature is not too extreme. It will be sunny which allows tourists to explore the city, but the temperature is still manageable that it will not cause heat strokes.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Istanbul?

Kuantan is one of the largest and famous cities in Malaysia. Many come here and enjoy the attractions that they have to offer there. Some of the attractions are:
1. Sultan Abu Bakar Museum – Sultan Abu Bakar Museum is a museum dedicated to preserve the history of the Sultanate of Pahang. It has a very rich and varied collection of artifacts that used to belong to the Sultans in Pahang. There are photos, clothes and several more. There are also facts about a local tribe that lived in Kuantan, Pahang.
2. Teluk Chempedak – Teluk Chempedak is the famous beach in Kuantan. It is only 5 kilometers away from the city center. There are rows of pine trees and a white sandy beach here. The air is also very blue and clear. Many come here to have a picnic. The locals also would go out to sea to fish.
3. Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque – Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque was inspired by the Ottoman – Moorish style. It is the main mosque in Kuantan. The mosque has a very big dome in the center and 4 minarets. The mosque may accommodate up to 8000 people at once. Tourists may enter the praying area. However, they do need to adhere to the dress code.

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